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  1. Or lonely shut-in living in his mother's basement and reaching out for social contact from a caring classic Japanese car enthusiasts group. We'll probably never know.
  2. Welcome! What Z do you drive?
  3. Before I painted mine earlier this year, I read all the threads on this forum by others who had painted their tail light finishers to determine opinions on a close color match. After sanding and a coat of Rust-Oleum Flat Gray primer, I used Dupli-Color Perfect Match Dark Shadow Gray BFMO360 which is listed as a Ford color and topped it with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Matte Clear. I'm very pleased with the results.
  4. Average annual income in Indonesia is $837 so labor costs are way low and they make their equipment last. The shop reminds me of one near where I lived in the Philippines a very long time ago. They hand hammered Excalibur replicas on the chassis of your choice for very little money.
  5. Any updates on how your Z project is going?
  6. Nice job of fixing your spoiler, Jim. Mine broke when I hit a snow drift and split from side to side. I was an Air Force aircraft maintenance officer at the time and took it to the shop where we fixed the fiberglass nose radomes on C-130s. The guys got it back to looking like new and painted it with flat black aircraft radome paint that it still wears almost 50 years later.
  7. I still have the BRE "Spook" front spoiler that I put on my '71 Z in 1972. It's no longer installed, but served well in holding down the front end at speed for many decades. It also worked fairly well as a an unintentional snowplow when I lived in Kansas.
  8. Those rocker panel trim pieces were a dealer, or owner, installed upgrade on more than a few Zs in the 1970s. They were silver/chrome accent pieces prior to being painted your car's body color and gave the Z a bit of a lower/longer look. You might find a few rust spots under them when you take them off.
  9. Lawn art....better than those plastic pink flamingos. 😎
  10. I think I've read a couple of those over the years.
  11. Disclaimer: While you might be tempted to use tooth powder on your windshield, don't use this https://tinyurl.com/24vedxpb on your teeth. 😎
  12. I remember tooth powder. The homemade equivalent is baking soda and a bit of salt. Shake it into the palm of your hand, rub the tooth brush on it, and brush.
  13. You can give patching a try. But, rust is a little like icebergs in that often you only see the tip of it and a lot more is hidden. Poke around and see how solid the surrounding metal feels. You may end up replacing a whole panel if you plan on keeping the car for years.
  14. Use this link: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic08f If you plan to totally rebuild the seats, you'll need new foam, new upholstery, maybe seat webbing depending on year of your Z, spray paint for side rails and seat frame & back. MSA is the source I used recently and I'm pleased with materials and results.
  15. Nice job on the clear seat protectors. Having just made, and then remade, a set for my seat reupholstery project, I can appreciate the work that went into your great looking product. They should sell well.
  16. psdenno


    48 stars and 13 stripes from a time before those off shore places became states.
  17. Or a telegram. Some of those rotary dial phones had a hard time with text messages. 😎
  18. And let's not forget that it's listed on "anything goes" CraigsList where for the $5 listing fee you could call it a custom bodied Corvette since there's no title.
  19. It does have louvers in the hood and battery and M/C lids sort of in the style of a true Scarab. But, no sign of ever having a rear spoiler or Scarab emblems.
  20. I think the only thing this Z has in common with a Scarab is a V8 motor. No Scarab emblems or other identifying markings.
  21. That's kind of how it works. Pay the asking price, make your own, or go without. We're now living in a time when the best time to buy is yesterday.
  22. Unfortunately, those parts we buy don't jump into the shipping boxes all by themselves. Rising labor costs have made everything more expensive.
  23. It must be new upholstery season. I've got the passenger seat out and have repainted the frame and side rails, rewebbed the bottom cushion support, made new clear plastic protectors to go between upholstery and metal side pieces, replaced the original foam cushion pads and upholstery and am almost ready to start putting it all back together. I discarded the jute. I also wondered about its original function and figured it was just a breathable filler that had more "give" than the actual foam cushion. Maybe part of the reason for the air vents in the seatback upholstery.
  24. You're welcome. Let us know what you end up doing with the flares.
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