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  1. Not just gasoline for cars cars contains farm harvested content, but also jet fuel. A story on the news yesterday showed how plant based cooking oil from airport restaurant deep fryers is being converted to jet fuel.
  2. For the first time in the 51 years I've been pumping gas into the tank of my 240Z, today it got to try some $6.09 a gallon gasoline. It's got to be better than the 25¢ a gallon gas I used to give it in 1971.
  3. By "low, or no, speed" I meant when parking or maneuvering in and out of tight parking spaces at speeds under one mile per hour due to the increased size of the rubber to pavement contact patch. Once the car gets rolling, steering effort seems no different than with original width tires and acceleration is what it is with a 50 year old sports car.
  4. I have the 15" Konigs on my '71 Z with the tire size you mentioned earlier. They fill the wheel wells nicely with no rub. Steering effort at low, or no, speed is more difficult than with the original 14s and narrower tires. For me, it was a good upgrade.
  5. Do you have the '71 aftermarket AC with the old style compressor mounted by the fuel pump or a later style rotary compressor?
  6. As mentioned by w3wilkes, the cable is connected to your radio antenna. In case you want to put in an original radio at some point, be sure to identify the electrical leads for the power antenna in your wire bundle before the dash goes in. It will make hooking up the dash mounted power switch easier when the time comes.
  7. Decades ago when my dash started to crack, I drilled a small hole at the end of the crack. I was an aircraft maintenance officer in the Air Force at the time and knew that procedure worked well on C-130s when sheet metal cracked. So, I gave it a try. The dash is still in my Z. The crack eventually got bigger over the years. But, the "stop drill" procedure worked for years. Good luck with whatever you decide to do to save the dash. They all have a "Best By" date.
  8. Double faced tape isn''t going to keep the spoilers in place very long once you achieve highway speed. Both front and rear need to be bolted on and that means holes. I had a Spook on mine for decades and like the look and the downforce.
  9. Not sure if this will help, but here are two scans from the 50 year old installation booklet that came with the ARA AC setup that was installed on my Z in 1972. Scan1.pdf Scan2.pdf
  10. Today marks 15 years since I joined this forum. When I bought my brand new 1971 240Z 51 years ago I could not have imagined that I would still own it in 2022 and rely on maintenance advice and encouragement from a global community of Z owners. I would like to thank everyone who has helped and entertained me for the last 15 years, especially Cliff and Charles. Of all the car forums I follow, this one is the most friendly and helpful. I always feel that I leave with more than I bring. Thanks, Dennis
  11. I sense frustration. At this point, it may be helpful to step back, take a break, and ask the "classic auto" mechanic you've mentioned is helping set up the AC and new motor. If his help costs a few bucks, it could be money well spent. if it resolves the issue. Or, follow my philosophy which is, "No problem is so big that you can't run away from it." Leave the AC for a while and work on a more doable task before coming back to it. Be strong!
  12. The entire car appears to be held together by blue paint. Unless it has four wheel steering, that left rear wheel as seen in the original ad might indicate a problem. No cracks in the dash cover. Check that, there is no dash cover. As a "parts car", what might it be worth?
  13. The gas filler door appears to be rust and dent free. But $6K plus shipping is beyond a bit steep.
  14. Just did my '71 tail light panels in December - although not sure if it's the same color shade used on the 280s. Sanded the panels, sprayed Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Flat Gray Primer, wet sanded, sprayed Dupli-Color Perfect Match BFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray (CX) replaces T299, let sit for a day and then sprayed with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Matte Clear. I'm pleased with the results in terms of color and texture.
  15. Are the nuts (rivnuts?) on a metal or fiberglass headlight case?
  16. Nice job with the rivnuts. My '71 has the original fiberglass sugar scoop headlight surrounds and my covers came without the mounting hardware. So, they've been in the box for way too many years waiting for me to create my own mounting hardware. I do have a spare set of fiberglass scoops to practice on when the time comes. But, I anticipate the same issues you experienced with getting a tight fit on the chrome trim.
  17. Interesting question. I recently had my '71 rear bumper off to replace the rubber trim and didn't notice a tall and short leg when I reinstalled the brackets after I painted them. I wonder which way they went on. May have to look at them again.
  18. I put a layer of fiberglass cloth on the underside of mine and haven't had any more cracking issues.
  19. A google search will bring up lots of choices if you want to explore alarms and disabling devices. My guess is that you've done that already. My favorite disabling device is removal of the distributor rotor. Few casual thieves carry a rotor for a 50 year old car when they go car "shopping".
  20. Interesting tracker. Are you concerned about the car being stolen after you get it running? I'd probably go with alarms and disabling devices that don't require a monthly fee like the GPS unit you're installing. Lots of options.
  21. Details on the GPS you're installing?
  22. Actually, you can modify them yourself. Step 1: Remove from wrapper. Step 2: Insert in mouth. Step 3: Remove from mouth when desired reduced size is achieved.. Warning: Leaving in mouth too long will make them disappear. 😎
  23. If you see no holes and can't punch a screw driver through any rusted area on the interior floorboard, you're probably OK and just need to clear off the rust and put on a protective paint coating.
  24. Please excuse my lack of understanding. Am I missing something or are you just doing stream of consciousness venting? Not sure what I should be taking away from this post.
  25. Totally agree. However, he wasn't getting the kind of help he needs from the responses.
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