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  1. Check that the hood release handle is returning all the way. Mine no longer does and I have to remember to push it in or the hood pops open at random times during a drive.
  2. I get the same results as Racer X, in both Chrome and Edge on Windows 10 Pro, Version 2004.
  3. When I moved from New Jersey to Texas in 1977 my brother gave me his CB for the drive down. When I bought my Z 2 years later I installed it behind the passenger seat. The P.O. must have had one, because there was an antenna mount on the rear bumper. I was more into listening to the truckers than talking. I removed it many years ago and replaced it with a CD Changer (another obsolete item). I still have the CB in the basement somewhere. Might be useful after civilization collapses.
  4. Interesting. My 10/72 Z has the V3 modifications, but no fin or hood seal. It does have the "competition" hood scoop, that may have made the fin and seal unnecessary.
  5. Just saw the ZCON 2018 video. Here's a link: https://youtu.be/Sw7ZjJAwYkg
  6. I converted from flat tops to round tops and used the same wing nut bolts.
  7. My Uncle Bob. He passed away last week at the age of 97. Marines, Benedictine celebrate Corps’ 240th By Patrick McArdle STAFF WRITER Nov 11, 2015 0 Facebook Twitter Email Facebook Twitter Email
  8. Steve, On behalf of Patty and myself, thanks for all the hard work you put in over the last 18 months. Great job on putting together the closing show slide presentation. The Georgia Z Club and Fairlady Alliance team did a great job. I was pleased to help out where needed. It was a great pleasure to meet some of you guys - Bruce and Gary from Philadelphia, the Jims from Arkansas, Patcon and Cody, etc. Sorry about getting some of you lost temporarily in the north Georgia mountains. ? Congrats to Zup on his multiple wins! I'll post some photos later.
  9. Matsuo San was in the registration room graciously signing memorabilia this evening. After he finished signing he hung around and the 5 or 6 people left in the room were thanking him for coming and started asking him questions about the design process. He spent about 15 minutes drawing diagrams and explaining his process. Some of the same things he talked about in the Tech Talk, but others as well. We were just mesmerized. The session was recorded, so hopefully it will be shared. It was one of my highlights of the convention. Altogether an awesome day. Congratulations to the aerial photo
  10. Will do. I'll be leading one of the mountain drives tomorrow, then heading to autocross and karting to spectate.
  11. Here are a few photos from today's activities. The brief rain interrupted the Chili Party. Tomorrow is the judged car show.
  12. Followed one of the routes in the North Georgia mountains for the drives Georgia Z Club will be leading for ZCON next month. Needed to get familiar with it so I can lead one of the drives. These drives will sure to be another highlight of this years convention.
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