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  1. Diseazd

    LD28 Crankshaft

    I’ll take it! PM sent.
  2. Diseazd

    Universal Spark plug wire kit

    https://datsunspirit.com/shop/dsi-spark-plug-wires-2/ Eiji at Datsun Spirit sells some cool toys.......
  3. How long was that Z at the bottom of the ocean Jeff? I think I would “jack up the radiator cap and put a new car under it!”
  4. Diseazd

    Upper edge of driver side door

    I need the upper outside shell of a driver side door to complete my wall sculpture. I need a cut just below the line below the door handle up to the edge where the chrome trim attaches (just the outside shell). I have all the window trim and the upper chrome squeegee. If anyone has a rotten door with a good upper edge, please give me a PM. Thanks Guy
  5. Diseazd

    Upper edge of driver side door

    Thanks Zup for coming through with a door......awesome folks on this site! I’ll start a thread for this project next week. It ought to be fun! Thanks again Zup for going out of your way to help a fellow member. Guy
  6. I was at that race in Atlanta, with my favorite girl, eating leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches from Thanksgiving.....on the Esses......seeing the Z’s crushing the other competition has never left my memories. I went out and bought a Z soon after. The rest is history.......John Morton and Pete Brock should get a commission for every Nissan I’ve bought since!
  7. Diseazd

    Z31 N/A RB project

    I went with Brandon to check on his Z31 project. We dropped off the wall sculpture for his body man to work his magic on. It’ll have new trim, quarter window, mirror, door handle and Series I emblem. It’ll hang on the wall of my office......going to be fun to see what he does with it.
  8. Diseazd

    Camshaft option

    Thanks Jeff.....I don’t know why, but I always assume people dropping a performance cam in an L series Motors have carbs. How do you get power in a fuel injected Z if you can’t use duration and lift? Guy
  9. Diseazd

    Camshaft option

    Good point Charles. I’ve got zero experience with EFI. Maybe @zedhead can chime in on that.
  10. Diseazd

    Camshaft option

    I really like Isky Cams. I always send a used Datsun camshaft to them for a regrind. The new blanks that Schneider grinds just aren’t up to the metallurgy that the old Japanese steel provides. If you use Isky, you can use their springs....I have them in all 5 of my Z’s (all Stage III).... never any problems whatsoever. They send .175 lash pads with their performance grinds......that should be about right, but you still need to confirm the wipe pattern.
  11. Diseazd

    New wiper blades?

    Banzai used to have them.....not sure if they still do.
  12. Diseazd

    Camshaft option

    Any cam with more than a .460 lift will require performance springs.....stock springs will stack up at full lift. I don’t notice hardly any difference in gas mileage with a .490 lift stage III Isky cam from stock. My suggestion is go Stage III with performance springs....you won’t be sorry. Also remember that you will need to use a thicker lash pad (geometry your rocker wipe patterns), and you may need to use a shorter valve stem seal (depending on the motor head that you use) with a higher lift cam......get your machine shop to check those specs. More cam....more fun! Bigger is better!!!!
  13. Diseazd


  14. Diseazd

    [SOLD] Datsun racing jacket XXXL

    PM sent
  15. Diseazd

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    Pics from 1972. Got tailgated at a stop light....went back with black laquer.
  16. Beautiful 2000.......the right colors and wheels......perfect!
  17. Diseazd

    Worth looking at? #1

    11/70 build? 112 yellow (Lime Green) came out in 9/71 according to my records. He must mean 919 Sunshine Yellow or this is “one off” car.
  18. Diseazd

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    No problem J......I never tried them....just thought they might work for you. 2 great looking cars you’ve got.....nice work! Guy
  19. Anyone have a somewhat reliable count on approximately how many 240Zs are still left? I wonder if Carl Beck has some insight into this? There were approximately 172,000 sold........It would be curious to know how many restorable cars are left....eh? So many have been crushed....how rare are they? Guy
  20. Carl....That makes sense. Seems like with the current interest in the 240Zs, they are coming out of the wood work, but with only that few left, collectors starting to hold on to them and normal attrition, I would think that their value will continue to climb. Missed you in Atlanta....hope to see you soon. Regards Guy
  21. Diseazd

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

  22. Anyone know if the 172,000 Z’s is world wide or just in the USA? I would guess world wide.
  23. Diseazd

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Great job....great thread. BTW, regarding the chrome tape on the door panels. Someone sells the real chrome strips for door panels. Can’t remember who....maybe Zcardepot. I love seeing people getting dirty lol.......keep the pics coming.
  24. Diseazd

    Eating crow today

    You might say they were all out of whiskey!
  25. Diseazd

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    Incredible car.....my friend has one. 147EFADB-FFD9-4493-9849-FE06031898C3.MOV

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