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Looking for threads about seat upgrades


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I've been considering doing seats on mine for a while now although I don't want anything contemporary. The old-school Nissan comp seat is a no-go unfortunately, too small for me. I'd love to find a comfortable yet supportive and period-looking seat. Something like the Recaro PP Classic but with a more '70s feel rather than the '80s vibe those put out. I haven't come across anything that meets my criteria yet but admittedly, I haven't looked very hard.

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There is no section that just deals with interior mods that I am aware of but changing the seats out for something more comfortable or with better bolsters is not uncommon.  This Hybridz thread has some ideas, https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/88301-seat-swap-list-for-s30s/ Most guys have it as part of their build thread, popular seat swaps include early Miata seats, Honda Integra seats, BMW e30 seats, Mazda RX8 seats, I put 350Z seats in my car and they are great but in all cases you have to fabricate the adapters to mount them.




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I put seats from a '90 300ZX in mine. I first saw some at the old MSA Zcar show. Asked the owner to sit in in his car. They were way more comfortable and supportive. He said it wasn't too difficult to install. He and I used the original adjusters from our S 30s and drilled a couple of new holes. Went right in and I've never regretted the swap. My old tired butt and back thank me whenever I go for a drive.

Cheers, Mike

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The Germans seem to know how to make the most perfect seats, for my body anyway.  Perfect low back support, right firmness, and side bolsters that fit just right.

I've had a few old Porches and a VW Corrado.  Don't know if the Corrado seats would work in a Z, but I'd love to find some to find out.  Loved 'em.

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