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  1. Mission accomplished. Lubed the inner cable as I fed it back into the transmission end of the housing. Drove it around the block, no speedo needle bouncing. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. The inner cable was extracted from the transmission end. Maybe use the silicone spray on each inch of inner cable, as I'm feeding it back in?
  3. 240z speedo needle bouncing. Read that drive cable needs to be lubed. Have pulled cable inner from transmission end, cleaned and lubed said inner with 3-In-1 light oil. Blew out the housing from the speedo end. Now, how to lube the inside of speedo cable housing and with what?
  4. The engine cranked twice then the fusible link failed. Probably doing it's job because the starter was drawing too much current. I've had the connector fail on a different z.
  5. When one of those old screw in style house fuses would blow in his house, my grandpa used to put a penny in the bottom and screw it back in. How much current can Abe Lincoln carry? In case there's an actual problem with the starter, don't want to hard-wire it. What about soldering up a 30A fuse with the appropriate terminals?
  6. 5/71 240z. Went to the market. Car cranked twice then lost all electrical power. DVM confirms the fusible link is open. AAA towed it home, but it needs to be moved. Is there an emergency hack that I can create to allow the car to move short distances, until a stock or upgraded replacement arrives? Thanks!
  7. Sat in a 240z last week, which had the Sparco R100 seats. Nice and low, mounting required drilling two holes in the seat rails, $330 each new.
  8. How was your experience in mounting it?
  9. Thank you grannyknot and jonbill, those links look very useful! Regards
  10. Would like to upgrade the stock seats in my restomod '71 240z to some nice aftermarket seats, maybe Recaro's? Is there a sub-group focused on interior upgrades? Thanks
  11. Progress has been made. Got the correct collar adjustment tools, raised the passenger side collars up to where the driver side collars are. Front cross member ground clearance has been increased from 3.5" to 4.5". I'd like it to be another inch or so higher. First tried to adjust the collars with some makeshift tools, only succeeded in marking up the aluminum collars. Getting the right tool for the right job made the task much easier. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Didn't notice that they were adjusted differently until these images. Looks like I'd have to jack it up, remove the front wheels for access, needs a special tool to loosen the collar jam nuts then turn the collars. Which way would I turn the collars in order to increase ground clearance? Towards the top of the shock or towards the ground?
  13. Yes, the red one. Selling it as soon as ground clearance issue is fixed. The green one has gotten some sweet upgrades from Rob and is a keeper. Here's some images of the QA1's with their springs and collars. Don't know how the collars could have changed over two years. Just adjust them until the clearance between the ground and the cross member is back to 6", which is what I want?
  14. January '19 acquired a 72 240z. Previous owner installed a Wilwood brake kit, 17" wheels, upgraded suspension. QA1's with chrome coil over springs, 200# in front, 350# in rear, adjustable camber plates in front. As I've been driving it, have been thinking that front suspension is too soft and rear is too stiff. Over the two years I've owned it, have been noticing that it's harder and harder to get my floor jack under the front cross member, for jacking. Initially could have a 2x6 on top of the rotating cup, then it wouldn't fit anymore, had to ditch it. Next had to ditch the rotating
  15. Vacuum system is now complete and good vacuum is measured. Thanks for all the tips! Really appreciate it! The manifold hose barbs are installed on each insulator, for my TwinMax carb balance/synch tool. https://www.amazon.com/TMX-A005-Twinmax/dp/B004K5MH5M It works great on all my vintage twin motorcycles and works great on my 240. I'd previously tried my mercury column balance/sync tools, but the 240 pulls so much more vacuum that a bike, that they're useless. IMG_7029.m4v
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