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  1. Any one here have the Toyota solid rotor S12+8 caliper set up on their 240Z? Do you like them? I finished the install on mine. Going to try them out. Should be back on the ground soon. Removed the backing plates instead of trimming. Need to finish the bleeding.
  2. We have all been there to some extent. 😀 https://classicmotorsports.com/articles/how-simple-upgrade-240z-turned-full-restoration/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=What+s+Next%3F+The+New+Wave+of+Collector+Cars&utm_campaign=CMS+Daily+Newsletter+Automation+Email
  3. Took a photo. They are a bit smaller diameter but work. Most buyers likely never noticed. Vogtland really did not do a good job of making them the correct OEM diameter.
  4. I got mine from jdmwerks too. They fit well on my 72. That black spring looks really big wire diameter. Is that supposed to be stock? They look heavier than the Vogtlands. To me anyway.
  5. No, mine is a L28 with MSA 6-2-1 headers.
  6. Mine has an older MSA system that I changed their turbo muffler for a stainless Magnaflow. Mounts angled like MSA shows. Muffler is Center - in/Offset - out. Nice tone and no drone at all. No center resonator needed. Still need to shorten the hangers more to tuck it up.
  7. Tent photo looks to be the 280Z tub. 280Z tail lights
  8. That looks to be the new 280Z tub he built to match after the 46 BRE car was destroyed.
  9. Find a store with this line of Rust-Oleum spray. I was looking at this one. Looked pretty good.
  10. gundee


    Things could be a lot worse IMO. Hillary the con artist herself who lies even on a good day could be at the podium. Thank God not!
  11. gundee


    We go on a State wide lock down as early as tomorrow. How long who knows. Don't know if I will be able to take the Z out until maybe Fall. $100 fine if I get caught it sounds like now. I really do feel sorry for small business owners. I do think a great many of them will not survive this. Then there are the workers that are employed by them. Even medium to larger businesses are in the same boat.
  12. gundee


    The COVID-19 stimulus was close to an agreement until Pelosi arrived back from recess and said she is now introducing her own bill. She is adding more pork such as a new more broad Obamaphone program. Also payoff of student debt of $10,000 per person, mandating stricter airline carbon emissions, etc. Who knows what else. GOOD GRIEF! This will never get passed soon.
  13. I purchased these for the dash. Have not installed yet until it warms up here. I read a post somewhere about these working really well. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/ba9s-ba7s/ba9s-led-bulb-4-led-ba9s-retrofit-car-classic-car-bulbs/6/ The size looks perfect to me. Will know later.
  14. gundee


    That would mean I would be dead man walking as its put. I am in that category. I may have to plan a Z parts selloff exit strategy. 😬
  15. gundee

    Rear Spindle Pin

    I am not concerned about a bolt falling out as I am not having a lock pin installed to keep the bolt from turning in the strut housing and galling it out to oval shape. I see the aftermarket control arms do not have theirs lock pinned like OEM was. That kind of concerns me. There was a guy selling these 5/8" bolts with a flat machined for the lock pin some time ago. A bolt like that could be used in place of the oem spindle pins I would think. In fact I for one would buy a pair. Comments and opinions?
  16. gundee

    Rear Spindle Pin

    Being a race car will you be going back to the stock control arm and new pin or an adjustable aftermarket control arm? Just curious.
  17. Well this is a very early 1972 near me. It even has the vertical rear defrost from the 71Z. And it only has 2,600 miles on it. Makes the subject 71 green Z look kind of long in the tooth. Only downside I see is that it is an automatic trans. And brown in color.
  18. If I had that sort of money, myself, I would rather order a MZR build Z from the UK. Plus what I always wanted, a 66 GT350 Mustang. And still have a few bucks left over. Or my friends Ferrari 288 GTO before he sold it.
  19. Road and Track calls it an 'absurd' price. But then admits at the end the price makes sense. Well maybe for some people it does I guess. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a30502658/1970-datsun-z432r-sold-800000-auction/?src=socialflowFBRAT&fbclid=IwAR0YG5jsXUkXpmPoQpTdFH4fMF6R1KF2gTpPdvXeMGCSMoDZf76_0XpnRXA
  20. An Obsession. https://www.gq.com/story/datsun-240z-oral-history
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