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  1. I think that’s great for those that are trying to maintain the stock appearance of their cars, but have a 21st century car radio. I might have gone this way, but, being unaware of this possibility a few years ago when I replaced my Z’s interior, I ended up getting a vintage looking, modern radio made by Retro Manufacturing. Thanks for sharing this info with us, z3beemer! 😀
  2. We have a small dog that just turned 13yo. She’s down quite a few teeth, her eyes don’t work so well (hardly can see rabbits or squirrels), her top speed is way down, and her range is quite a bit less. She’s probably got a few years left in her, but the quality of life isn’t what it used to be. It’s sad to see these signs of her aging, and it’s real sad hearing about some of you folks losing your best friends. 🥲
  3. Hello hmg42. What kind of Z do you have?
  4. My ‘75Z has been languishing for the last two years, but, now I’m on a mission to finish refurbishing it. Well, it’s more accurate to say that I’m now willing to pay to have the remaining work done. I’m getting old. Yesterday, my mechanic finished installing set of Koni struts to replace the original struts from ‘75. Huge improvement over those old struts. My mechanic is currently going through the used 5-speed I picked up a few years ago and hopefully, it’ll be installed in a couple of weeks, along with a lightened flywheel and a new clutch kit. We’re also talking about a new exhaust system. And then there’s that used 3.90:1 diff I picked up with the 5-speed…
  5. I have the stock alternator in my ‘75. I only have a pair of itty bitty speakers in the headrests of each seat. My seats are from an early Miata, made to house headrest speakers. One thing’s for sure, they really don’t get LOUD. 🥴
  6. After letting my '75 Z collect dust in my garage for much of the past year, I took it to a local specialist for new brakes & suspension work. I'm finally heading into the checkbook mechanic camp. ☺️
  7. How about this? https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/16-7009
  8. Hey @chaseincats. This info is probably too out-of-date for you, but back in July, 2018, I purchased a new radiator from Rockauto.com. The brand was APDI/PRO, part number 8010634. This was for my ‘75 280Z. If I recall correctly, it bolted right up.
  9. Hahaha! Russia needs more rubles.
  10. Sorry you missed, out on that Z, siteunseen. I, myself, am rarely in the right place at the right time. 😕
  11. This is the configuration that I’m planning on for my ‘75 280Z. Well, once I free up some time to put my close ratio ZX 5-speed back together. I’m still trying to decide if I want to spring for a LSD upgrade to my stock diff.
  12. I kept the 280Z lower valence when I switched to early bumpers. I built a new lower grill out of a couple of spare grills. I drilled out the old rivets, stacked the extra bars, and pop riveted it all back together. Here's how it looks.
  13. SoCalJim

    Duals do-over

    Yes, that’s right (slaps own head)! ☹️
  14. SoCalJim

    Duals do-over

    "performance cat" sure got my attention, madcaw! What brand/part # are you using? Thanks!
  15. SoCal is huge. I know I guy in southern Orange County (Mission Viejo). Is that too far, JggyZ?
  16. adivin, I think your tires have a smaller diameter than stock, which probably accounts for the larger fender gap you see as compared to the blue Z in the pictures. I have 205/55s also, but they’re on 16” wheels. I think the overall diameter of my current tires is close to the original tires that came on my Z.
  17. Hi John. I run 205/55/16 Conti Extreme Contacts on 16x7 Panasports on my 280Z. I like them a lot.
  18. I installed Miata seats (in think maybe 1995) in my ‘75 Z. They have speakers in the headrests so I don’t have to hack any panels for speakers.
  19. I’d love to see that with a body-color roof.
  20. Great PSA, Dave. After sitting for a bit, my Z developed a fuel injection line leak. Everything was previously tight, so, I’m a bit mystified by why one of the claps loosened. Perhaps it’s the lines themselves, as I haven’t used any additives.
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