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  1. Looks like a perfect spot for a distributor vacuum advance hose.
  2. I've used Jauce in the past with success.
  3. Quite the blast from the past! I've just copy/pasted the Comp header test results into the link above from the original HybridZ thread. The stock cam of the L24 did not pair well with the long-primary Comp header--it's really the length that matters for tuning, width is sized to minimize pumping losses vs weight/package/cost. Not to mention that the header was run with dual pipes with no merge collector. It wasn't the most scientific experiment because I didn't isolate just the header but it gives folks an idea of what these changes caused and why. That car was sold before more engine work was done. My current 260Z runs an L28 with the MSA 6-1 header. The header came with the car along with an MSA 2.5" premium exhaust. I had it modified for an additional resonator and "the quietest muffler you have" which ended up being a Walker Quiet-Flow. I wanted to hear all the induction noises, uninterrupted by a loud exhaust. I've since converted some Z friends who wanted to quiet their car down, to the same muffler. Here's a dyno run on poorly-tuned carbs.
  4. Repost from HybridZ on 9/10/12: Dyno Testing a 260Z - Part 2 This is an analysis based on my dyno testing from yesterday (9-8-12). Test Parameters The reason behind testing was to baseline the Nissan Motorsports header/dual pipe exhaust against the stock manifold/single 2.5" that I baselined on page 2. Also tested was the same setup with advanced (from stock) timing, then with air cleaners removed, and finally with EDIS/Megajolt controlling ignition. The settings are as follows: early 260Z with 1972 L24/E88 that was installed by the previous owner stock cam and internals triple 40DCOE-18 Weber carbs with K&N-style filters (no heat shield) Cannon long-runner manifold Nissan Motorsports header with crush-bent true dual 2" pipes Mobil1 synthetic 10W-30 in engine, Redline 75W-90 in transmission (GL-4) and differential (GL-5) Stock 260Z distributor or Ford EDIS run by Megajolt for ignition Testing was done at Dito's Motors in South San Francisco on a Dynomite load-bearing dyno. Robert and David are great guys to work with! Test Settings: Same as page 2, but with a Nissan Motorsport header and 2" twice pipes Results: SOLID lines are the initial baseline DOTTED lines show the new exhaust The new setup made a peak of 130.5lb-ft @ 3350rpm and 115.8hp @ 5600 rpm, compared to the initial baseline of 136.3lb-ft @ 4100rpm and 120.8hp @ 5150rpm. Analysis The results are not unexpected, the single 2.5" did better than the separate duals. It is worth to note that the Nissan Motorsport header brought the torque peak down by about 750rpm when compared to the stock manifold and 2.5 pipe setup! This is caused by the header's very long primaries. The powerband feels like a mini-V8, gobs of torque down low, but still likes to rev. However, mid-range torque took a definite hit. Final Thoughts The twice pipe system does not have a merge collector, which would give gains across the board. Integrating a merge collector can also shift and improve the torque peak. The next iteration of the engine will be jetting the carbs (more for partial throttle cruise, WOT AFR is 11-12), putting in a more aggressive cam to take advantage of the header and to let the engine breathe better at higher rpm. I'd also like to build a single-pipe system utilizing this header. Eventually, I will build up an L28 to drop in. Other Notable Data (not exhaust related): Advancing distributor timing gave peak gains of 2.1lb-ft (132.6lb-ft) and 4.3 hp (120.1hp) Removing the dirty air cleaners gave additional gains of 3.4lb-ft (136.0lb-ft) and 4.2hp (124.3hp) Using EDIS/Megajolt to tune the spark curve gave another additional 4.4lb-ft (140.4lb-ft) and 3.6hp (127.9hp)
  5. It doesn't sound too far-fetched but I'd still be surprised if that were the reasoning behind the decision. How much are those bushings offset by? If it's a few mm's, my call would be to just machine the strut housing a tiny bit more and not worry about retooling bushings and having them become asymmetric. Perhaps the cost analysis showed otherwise. It's not uncommon to offset bushings to account for pre-load or uneven travel but I don't see that being the case here. Especially because the bushings are offset in opposite directions when installed.
  6. Did you spin the motor by the cam bolt? You shouldn't have to guess where the problem lies if you've done a leak-down test.
  7. Fresh engines should have the valve lash checked often. As the valves wear into the seats, lash will tighten and keep the valves open longer. This can cause rough-running and compression problems. Also do a leak-down check before tossing the engine out of the car. That will tell you where your problem may lie and is a fundamental step in troubleshooting compression issues.
  8. It is indeed. Unfortunately I've not had the time to drive it for over 6 months...
  9. I've had no issue with using the TC rod mounting points and the reinforced bits at the rear on a two-poster.
  10. Welcome! Nice save, love the original blue plates and flat-top carbs on a running motor are a rare sight these days. I'm on my second 260Z and have a bunch of old parts from my previous 240s and 260s, shout if you guys ever need anything. I noticed the condition of your bumpers and I know I have at least one early 260Z bumper, can't recall whether it's a front or rear. I also have brackets to convert an early 260 to 240 bumpers. My current one is also a 2/74 build, serial number 24368. ?
  11. I don't know any Z folks in Monterey, unfortunately. You'd be better off posting in the "Datsun Parts and Needs" Facebook group.
  12. Anytime, glad the combo worked out for you too. I can't complain about mine, a stock clutch with 10lb flywheel is the perfect complement for a hot street-driven Z IMO. Still holding just fine after 7 years and a few thousand miles of hard pulls and quick shifts. ?
  13. It'll be great, put it together and let her rip. ?
  14. Same. Mine has been on and off the road since 2013 with the shaved P90 @ 11:1 compression with no issues related to running California 91 pump gas.
  15. Sounds like the shift fork isn't engaging the release bearing. I'm not familiar with the S54 but sometimes this can be fixed without pulling the transmission.
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