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  1. There's a lot of information on this at HybridZ. I ran Megajolt on my previous 260Z, it's a relatively easy system to get running. The only real challenges are the trigger wheel and sensor, and those can be bought off the shelf to make it almost trivial.
  2. Stock flywheels are single mass, dual mass flywheels were not around when these cars were built. A light one won't be any more noisy than OEM.
  3. Nice project! Gotta love starting with a solid base.
  4. I don't have any issues in the hills of San Francisco with a 10lb flywheel. The stock pressure plate and disk allow for easy engagement and an L28 with a 3.9 is plenty torquey. You're overthinking it.
  5. Doubt you can discern any meaning from those numbers. The ratio will be in xx:xx format, e.g. 39:10 which means a 3.9 ratio. Take another look at the ring gear.
  6. If it wasn't clear, the piston pin is inserted into the service port and installed into the piston and rod, which must be in alignment.
  7. EJ motors (and other water cooled flat engines) have service ports on the sides of the case for piston pin install. It has to be done this way because the rod bolts are inaccessible once the case is assembled. I imagine flat-sixes are even more fun...
  8. Porterfield can provide that information. https://www.porterfield-brakes.com/
  9. One is a 27 and the other two are 18's. Someone took a matched pair and added a third.
  10. I ran the close ratio box with a 3.54 and it really fit the GT feel of the car. I've since swapped to a 3.9 LSD and while it's turned into a more spirited drive, it's definitely buzzier on the freeway. I seem to settle into a natural cruising speed closer to 70 rather than 80mph with the 3.54. There are merits to both but if you're doing a lot of cruising, the 3.54 is the way to go. I run an L28/P90 combo with a decent cam and 10lb flywheel and have no issues with hill starts with the amount of torque the motor puts out.
  11. This is not complicated, Captain Obvious is correct. The sprocket connects to the cam and the cam is free to spin. The sprocket's clocking doesn't change chain tension, outside of the fact that the valve springs can statically load the sprocket to favor a direction. When the sprocket is removed and set to various positions, it can feel as if it's altering chain tension. With the engine running, chain tension is the unchanged although cam timing would be different.
  12. Nice work, Jim! It's nice to see someone running the heritage bodies, I've been admiring them from a distance for a while. I did the same on my Z, made the exhaust as quiet as possible so that I could hear the DCOE's roar. I like your style. Now post some videos!