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    • jcb  »  Patcon

      Patcon, I am in need of a rear side marker lens and lens holder. Please let me know how much and how to pay you.
      I have a 77 280z but I assume they are all the same. Thanks. JCB
      · 0 replies
    • jcb  »  EuroDat

      Hi EuroDat, Just wanted to say hello and ask how everything  is going with you and yours. I hope all is well.
      I thank you for the reply to my battery issue. I have company now so I had to put that away for the time being.
      I wanted to also fill you in on my wife's condition. She received a stem cell transplant in Oct of 2015 and is doing very well as we speak. It was a hard road to get where she is now but worth the pain. Easy  for me to say as I did not have to endure it.
      Anyway , so nice to be back on the Z site and to hear from friends like you.
      By the way, the 78 Z I have now, has an unmolested spare, air bottle, jack and tool pouch. Looks like it has never been touched.
      Please keep in touch, John Butcher
      · 2 replies
    • 882993md  »  SteveJ

      Hi Steve,
      Any suggestions on where these two parts go? They came out when I removed the a/c and heater to replace the heater valve. Thank you.

      · 4 replies
    • Redwing

      Dirty word...dirty word...dirty word...  Life sucks hard!  I've lost my status of NEVER having an accident.
      Due to steering wheel being tough to turn at zero speed, and stress about semi, Redbird met a sign pole by mistake.
      My insurance will cover 100% of the repairs because I have met the deductible.  No $ will come out of my pocket for repair.  I guess that is the best part.  What I need from you my friends, is places the parts needed can be found.  I'd  like to hand that info to the repair shop.  I'm  going to see if I can get them to have the parts on hand before I turn her in.     
      To say I am severely depressed is putting it mildly. I hate to see my pride and joy in this condition.  Know that feeling???

      · 4 replies
    • ramsesosirus  »  rcb280z

      Did you ever get your white gauge face situation figured out?  Here's a pic of mine finished with some blue LEDs on them (the stock bulbs were still too dim, so I used an external 4 LED setup that plugs into the cig lighter).
      · 0 replies
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