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    • Badlands

      Since shipping my 72 24ounce here to Oz ( Australia) 2 + years ago, I still have it neatly parked on jack stands in my shop , getting some needed attention to the suspension and brakes. It will be one of a few Left Hand Drive Z's over here. Over all for the $2800 I paid for it two years ago, with a new interior and red paint job ( 10 footer ) it is good value, even figuring in the $3000 shipping and 10% tax I paid. I'm looking forward to putting it on the street soon, and enjoying it. Z's are rare here, and command big $$$. Even 2+2 Family Trucksters are sought after. The next project will be a 280 maybe . I'll put up some pictures soon.  Take Care , Badlands
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    • Mike

      Man, I miss driving my Z.  She's in storage in Oregon and I'm in Washington.
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    • cremmenga

      I've spent the last 4 hours searching and reading up on wheels sizes. I'm wanting to go with 16x8.25 zero offset and 4.63" backspace.  Will that work with a stock 73 240z.   And if so what size tires would I want?? I do t want stretched tires but don't want it to rub.  PLEASE HELP! 
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    • woodman2008

      Thanks, I'm new to posting on the sight. Who is Mike and how do I get to his article. Thanks again and I look forward to your article.  Woody
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    • Namerow  »  zKars

      Hey Jim.  Have a look at the post that I just put up re choke knob designs.  Do you happen to have one of the 'mystery' knobs in your parts pile?  If you do, and if you haven't packed up the fresh air duct item yet, please let me know what you want for it.  I'll probably ask you to add it to my package. 
      FYI, I want to install a two-lever (choke and hand throttle) set-up in my car and I plan to use two these 'semi-round' knobs.  Unfortunately, one of the two that I have is in rougher shape than I'd prefer.  I'd like to substitute one that's in better condition.
      (p.s. Yes, I know that nix240 offers the correct 'early-style' pair of choke/throttle knobs -- and they are really pretty -- but even though the price is fair, I'm reluctant to be spending that kind of money).
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    • ZONC Show Nismo 370Z - 2016.pdf     Come and join us on September 10, 2016 at the Brisbane Marina for our Annual ZONC - Z Owners of Northern California Car Show.  We will be having raffles and all registered cars will be eligible to win a trophy.  Come and see the new Nissan 370Z NISMO that will be on display from 10-3pm.  All Datsun/Nissan cars are welcome.  Hope to see you there!

    • Never any rust!
    • You might ponder the leverage applied to the base of that stud when the mount lifts.