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    • sh714  »  nismospek

      I am not sure where you set on parting this thing out but would be very interested in the below.  I am really interested in the Mikuni's if you sell the car w/o an engine.
      Aluminum 4 row radiator from Arizona Z
      Triple Mikuni 44 carburetors set up by Wolf Creek Racing (like new)
      Ground Control Coilovers with sectioned struts and camber plates on all four corners
      Aluminum engine breather and catch can
      Please do not hesitate to contact me at shyatt@summitrea.com or 812-430-4989.  Can pay asap with Paypal.
      Thank you.
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    • vjones

      Our 79 Datsun 810 is in need of a new cam.  The lifters are bad.  What would you all suggest?  We were told a 280Z would fit in here, is this true?  Where would we find the parts?  It's a 79 Datsun 810 2 Door Coupe, straight 6 engine.  Thanks. 
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    • d3c0y  »  esmit208

      Hey mate, i've tried to email you and PM you, but i have built a rally clock oscillator for you just need to sort out payment!
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    • KAMKA-Z

      Just started doing the rear brakes. The car is coming out of a six year hibernation.
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    • Mike

      Posting on my wall.. hello world!  
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