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  1. I may have answered my own question. I just read a post by Zed Head about my coil subject. Looks like Oreilly part # 23-0257 or Rock Auto's NGK # 48776 are my best choices. Both sellers have them in stock. I've always liked NGK stuff buy may just take a short drive to Oreilly and get what I need instead of waiting for Rock Auto's delivery. Thank you again Zed Head!
  2. I'm still putting the non running 78 280Z back together that I bought a few months ago. Many parts were missing under the hood including the distributor and coil. I located a new (re-man) distributor and still need to get a coil. I have seen a number of discussions about the better coils to use. My engine is bone stock. What coil should I use?
  3. Yep, There they are. Propably as easy to find as unicorn's teeth. Thank you for the research.
  4. zKars ouote: "I can go look if any of the rails I have contain these clips to show what they look like." I photo of a clip would be nice.
  5. I stripped down another 78 280z a fews years ago in order to have it painted and there were clips on that car's trim. When I look at the underside of the uninstalled trim piece that came with this car, I see several darker areas, about an 3/4" long, where the clips originaly sat on the trim. When I try to install this trim over the drip rail, it's much too wide to hold in place, from one end to the other. Perhaps the trim could be flattened a bit to help it pinch the drip rail and stay on, but I'm reluctant to do this and end up with a wavy and dented trim piece. But if I can't source what
  6. I'm putting the 78 280z back together that I purchased from an estate. One of the stainless trim pieces for the drip rail was not installed on the car. I don't have the "clips" that fasten the trim to the body. I'm not sure what they are called because I haven't found any reference to this trim in the body section of my FSM. Any idea where I can find these clips. If I remember correctly, they are made of spring steel and each side trim piece has four or five clips.
  7. I had the same experience a few months ago. A retired friend had just started to drive for Uber so out of curiosity, I went to the uber site to see what the deal was. Within a few hours my phone had emails from Lift asking me to become a driver. A part of me also thought nah, this is crazy. How could they know!
  8. How are you trying to remove the old bushing? Do you have a pilot shaft bushing puller? It's the proffessional way to remove what's in there. EZPEEZE !
  9. zKars, You would need to hold a gun to my head in order for me to reuse any of those old head bolts. Bite the bullet and get a fresh, new set. They won't break most banks. They are about a hundred bucks for a set of OEM bolts!
  10. I have always liked "nipple" talk. Thank you for the help again.
  11. Zed Head, Thanks. Good easy idea!
  12. This 78 280z is the car I referred to with my EGR question earlier today. The fuel pump had been removed but a new Nissan pump was in the car. I checked it's part number and it is the correct one for this car. That's a score because Nissan isn't giving them away! The new pump does not have a pumping direction marked on it. I suppose I could run some water through it to determine in what direction it pumped but I'd rather not do that to a new pump. One end of it is flat and has no hose connections. The other end has an extended nipple for a hose. On top of the canister, near the flat en
  13. Zed Head, The block-off plate is shinny and new looking. The area where it sets on the intake is clean with no rust. I'm reluctant to remove it because I'm sure I will destroy the gasket. Sure I can make a new one but it all looks very neat and tidy. I have the reciept for the block-off plate. It is from Zcardepot and was dated less the two years ago. So if I understand what you have told me, just that plate and the plug installed in the exhaust header will do the trick? Thank you for your help!
  14. I purchased a non running, 78 280z from an estate. The EGR had been removed and a block-off plate had been installed. I put a solid fitting into the exhaust header to seal it off. Under the area where the block-off plate sets, there is a threaded hole. Originally it was fitted with the pipe that went to the header. Do I need fill that threaded hole with a plug?
  15. Myrtle Beach, SC area. No gas to be had. Thousands of HD riders here for Spring get-together along with many beach vacation travelers. Those who need to go home on Friday because of the new arrivals that come on Saturday along with those who are driving here from up North are all asking themselves, "where can I find gas"? Prices were starting at $2.69. What will they be soon?????
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