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  1. After looking at my Body Electrical System diagrams in my FSM for ever and a day, I haven't found what fusible link protects what circuit. These are the ones on the left front fender under the hood and have white plastic covers. Look like the black one position outside/front was in the worst condition. I sure would like to find this in my FSM or have some advice.
  2. I believe my new alternator may have been one of the new parts I received with the car because I don't have a purchase reciept in my file. I did compare it with the old one and all terminals were in the same location, etc. Hopefully my new links will arrive so that I can carefully go about tracing some wires before giving it another try.
  3. Quote. "All 4 were smoking? They are on different systems so that is odd." It looks like the black wire was the hot one due to the discoloration on the white plastic cover. I ordered a set of new fusible links from Zcardepot. I used the original battery cable that were in good condition. I suspect that I may have wired the new alternator wrong. Thanks for the advice. To be continued.
  4. I'm back to work on my 78 280Z. It's from an estate and many items were removed under the hood by previous owner who wanted th "clean up" some things. I do have some history of the car having helped the owner in the past. Although it ran and passed a leak down and compression test withflying colors it had a number of things that needed attention. The major things i've done so far are installing new starter, alternator, distributor with fast xr3000 ignition module with distributor internals and matching Fast coil along with new plug wires, etc., new water pump and radiator, hoses, belts, r
  5. Yes, I've been around here for many years but never needed to post a picture and can't find a thread about doing so. I need a little help.
  6. Quote From Sed Head (above) "I've never had a spark plug get stuck or stripped a head thread. Seems like a solution with no problem. Anyway, many plugmakers and automakers recommend keeping the threads clean." https://ngksparkplugs.com/en/resources/5-things-you-should-know-about-spark-plugs Thank you. An old dog learns another new trick. I've been using anti seize, the silver stuff that always ends up where it's not wanted, on NGK spark plugs for a cazillion years. Of course I've never read what NGK had to say about not using it, but I will change my ways today!
  7. Your distributor looks like it's in rough shape and needs attention. Good luck finding that magnet. I searched from here to Japan and only found it to be "nla". I located a good 78 280z distributor along with the GM, HEI parts. It's an easy install and it all worked well. There are rebuilt 280z distributors out there, for not a bunch of dollars, if you do some digging.
  8. Flipping it was my first thought. But the male hi tension plug's height will not allow flipping it. You can flip it front to back but when doing so the pos & neg terminals are even closer to the bottom of the bracket because of the "cut out" area only being on the front of the bracket. You would think that Holly (Fast) could have put a little more thought into these parts and had come up with a better mounting bracket design. This aint no social crisis, just a little bump in the road that I can deal with.
  9. SteveJ......The orientation that you suggested is just how I will mount it. But the positive and negative terminals are so close to the bottom side and also the body (fender) area. I thought about using 1/2" spacers under the corners that will put a little distance between it and the body and be sure each terminal wire is well insulated.
  10. I've installing a FAST xr3000 ignition conversion in my distributor. Straight forward install. No big deal. Also I have a Fast 191 inductive coil. I plan to use rivnuts to mount both the module and the coil to the fender near where the original coil was located. (280Z) The inductive coil has a goofy mounting bracket that puts both + & - electrical connections very close to the mounting bracket where it will mount on my fender. It's a good looking piece and I'd rather not modify it but the those connections bother me. Any ideas for mounting it without cutting on the bracket?
  11. I may have answered my own question. I just read a post by Zed Head about my coil subject. Looks like Oreilly part # 23-0257 or Rock Auto's NGK # 48776 are my best choices. Both sellers have them in stock. I've always liked NGK stuff buy may just take a short drive to Oreilly and get what I need instead of waiting for Rock Auto's delivery. Thank you again Zed Head!
  12. I'm still putting the non running 78 280Z back together that I bought a few months ago. Many parts were missing under the hood including the distributor and coil. I located a new (re-man) distributor and still need to get a coil. I have seen a number of discussions about the better coils to use. My engine is bone stock. What coil should I use?
  13. Yep, There they are. Propably as easy to find as unicorn's teeth. Thank you for the research.
  14. zKars ouote: "I can go look if any of the rails I have contain these clips to show what they look like." I photo of a clip would be nice.
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