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  1. I suspect that It would take a lot to damage it by dropping it on a rubber mat, but I agree that your problem could be located at the countershaft. Also, if you installed gears from different transmissions, this could easily cause a whine due to wear patterns not being the same. Could the gears "wear in" with more use? It's difficult to judge just how loud your whine is from the video due to not having the console in place, etc. I have a G-force gear box in one of my cars that really whines and sings all the time so I'm kind of numb to the noise. How much have you driven your car and has
  2. QUOTE: " I am trying to figure out if these are things I could fix myself." Working with springs and struts on these cars requires, knowledge, and the correct tools. The springs can really hurt you if you don't know what you are doing! Tread carefully! If you are not equiped, find someone who is and has the experience to help you or do it for you. Your pictures indicate to me that your front end needs work and I suspect that your car doesn't handle as it should.
  3. I can't imagine not replacing all the clutch parts, including the slave cyl. and the pilot shaft bushing while you are in there. I always buy a "clutch kit" so that it all works together as it should. Mixing parts from different models/years can get you in trouble. Lot's of info here about what to avoid.
  4. I used zcardepot's replacement antenna on a 77 280 last year. I fit and worked like new. As I remember, I had to trace the wiring to get it working correctly.
  5. QUOTE: "I do have a FSM but have no clue where to start". I understand your lack of experience, but there is hope. Again, the FSM is your friend. Go to the Engine Tune-Up section, trouble diagnoses and corrections, ET14. Just follow the probable causes for the condition you told us about earlier. Work through some of that and repost. It's difficult to offer advice without more information from you. These engines are somewhat simple compaired to today's engines that need to be "plugged" in to diagnose problems. Hang in there. Many of us where exactly where you are at a point in the
  6. Your problem could be a number of things. A good battery is a place to start. Check your fuel pressure with a gauge installed in the gas line before it enters the fuel filter. The cold start system is more complacated and I would suggest down loading a factory service manual to learn about it. Guessing with new parts is not a good idea and can become expensive. The FSM has all the answers. Do you have a friend close by who knows more than you do? Keep us posted.
  7. QUOTE "Im installing the JDM taillights so I removed the brake switch from the turn signal circuit. Also I installed another 1157 socket on the top row of taillights of the JDM lights. This gives a much better brake light." Please explain how you removed the brake switch from turn signsl circut.
  8. Yes, That is my typo. My 240 is a 1973. Opps!
  9. During the past months I have replaced the clutch assembly in a 74 240z, 78 280z, and a 79 280zx. I ordered and received all three clutch kits from Zcardepot and all three worked just fine!
  10. I have used this method many times. Not when building a new engine, but when working with oil pump or distributor. I remove all 6 spark plugs then use a remote starter button/switch, place my finger in #1 hole and when piston comes up on compression stroke you will feel it. Then I manually turn the engine over to move piston to the top of cylinder by watching it and the TDC timing mark. When the piston is at the top and TDC marks align you are where you need to be to insert pump or distributor. No need to remove valve cover. Works for me!
  11. What are you working on? What year is your car?
  12. I like it and will purchase whenever!
  13. I reused mine with no problems. Be sure to use snap ring pliars when removing and reinstalling them. Best not to "dig" them out with a screw driver or other tools because you could bend and deform them.
  14. Blue's collection of tech tips I used this link when rebuilding my 5 spped a few monts ago. Lot's of good advice that, along with the FSM, walked me through it.
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