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  1. Tried to repair the lock cylinders. Removed the driver door panel and trim to work on it. It’s trashed. The uninstalled passenger cylinder was functional. in a move of genius I reversed the latches and installed the functional cylinder on the drivers door. Additionally installed the new handle for the passenger door with the seized cylinder. It ideal reinstalling the seized cylinder but whatever. It be like that sometimes.
  2. I just noticed a small “bugsplat” crack forming on my original dash. what can I do to prevent further damage to this dash? The rest of the dash is pristine.
  3. Quick review of what’s been accomplished so far from when I started on this 280Z: Remove and clean fuel tank-Completed remove rear end/install R200-Completed new fuel filter/fuel pump-Completed New fuel line (possibly)-Rubber parts/Completed new tires/wheels-Completed brake job-Completed To Do: bushings- (heard I need to replace and not necessary) drop in Rebello w/5 speed transmission additional to do not anticipated: Repair passenger door handle install new motor mounts repair locks fresh paint install HVAC minor odds/ends new exhaust new radiator I still have the old OEM radiator… debating if I want to keep it and pair it with the rebello. I guess it be that way sometimes.
  4. Had a mechanic friend stop by yesterday to help with the brakes. Brake hoses, which I didn’t swap out, were trashed. We ended up replacing them and we were able to bleed the brakes. in addtion, the clutch slave cylinder was installed while I turned my back. I advised my friend “you don’t know what you are getting into” but he figured it out once the cursing started. so now I’ll focus on lubing the locks on the car, then onto assembling the engine, clutch, and transmission
  5. Took the time and used Vice grips to help remove the exhaust. I’m keeping these two clamp/connectors so I can put the new exhaust onto the car.
  6. Focused on installing the interior door panels today. Parts came in! The door panels needed a bit of TLC so I used plastic glue to secure the peeling leather trim. I tried to tape the interior trim due to peeling chrome…. But wasn’t working with the masking tape. I soft sanded the chrome trim down and hand painted the chrome silver. I think it came out ok. Passenger door handle is broken. Waiting for a new handle and lock to come in to do the repair. I’ll do some more research to see if the linkage is salvageable.
  7. Minor setback: brakes are being a bugger. im guessing I didn’t tighten the brake lines to the BMC so it leaked into the engine bay. I’ll have to repaint. Not a big issue. as for the bleeding, I’ll have a mechanic friend come over with his tools to help bleed the brakes… this car is DRY. moving onto installing portions of the interior. I have door panel assemblies coming in for the driver door. I’ll need to repair the passenger door handle, the linkage is broke and I’ll need to hunt down the part. I did find a bra lol
  8. New seat installed, I plan on parking in the sun to buff out the wrinkles. tried working on the master cylinder again. Now I can’t even bench bleed it in the car.
  9. It’s new. I heard from a mechanic I may not have properly bled it first
  10. Replaced the drivers seat, or at least tried to. did try to bleed the brakes today. I am getting no break fluid to the rear drums and while pressing the brake pedal I hear a loud “whooshing” sound from the engine bay. im guessing there is a leak somewhere? If so how would I troubleshoot?
  11. Much appreciated! I’m getting close to dropping the engine. Going to remove all the emissions parts and clean out the engine bay.
  12. You can’t tell by the e-brake picture but the rod is slightly bent…. Made it more of a chore adjusting the handbrake.
  13. I went with Mr Gasket. I bought it in 2018 when they weren’t available (oem) and installed it. I’ll give it a try. It’s 4.5 psi so it should work with the carbureted engine that’s going in.
  14. Wired the aftermarket fuel pump. I had to adjust the crimp connector to take the wire from the positive connector. I used electrical tape to insulate…. I will probably use a better method later.
  15. Adjusted the e-brake this morning. Less play now in the handle.
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