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  1. So how do you go about troubleshooting? Loosen the pressure plate? Mate the transmission, pull it back slightly to tighten the pressure plate back?
  2. It does. New pilot bearing was same size as the old oneZ
  3. Good morning, I’ve been trying to mate my 5 speed transmission onto the engine. This should be pretty straightforward. I used the clutch alignment tool when lining up the clutch to the flywheel and removed it after tightening down the pressure plate. But the transmission still not go all the way in. The input shaft seems to get hung up. How can I rectify this? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. No I haven’t. I’ll get that knocked out
  5. I wasn’t greasing the bolt holes, I was trying to get the pilot bearing out by packing grease. it was a mess… I cleaned the grease out.
  6. A lot of advice the past few days. Had the flywheel and clutch installed…. Then realized they may be different sizes. figured or they are both 225mm. Then I realized I didn’t swap out the pilot bushing. Everything came off and had that fixed. Thanks to autozone for having a puller for rent. moved into the the transmission. Replaced the throw out bearing and reinstalled the fork and bearing. I’ve heard the flywheel and pressure plate doesn’t need to be balanced because the L28 is internally balanced? What’s the verdict?
  7. Just measured both the pressure plate and friction plate off the flywheel. Both are in the ballpark of 226mm-228mm
  8. 280ZX. I hate having parts order 10-15 years ago and finally doing the build. I believe my flywheel is 225mm and clutch is 240mm. are there any issues with mating them togethe?
  9. Good evening, trying to install this XTD clutch. 6 of 9 bolts line up. Is this normal for after market pressure plates or is this a part that needs all 9 bolts. I’ve tried researching the part number and haven’t found anything relating to it or if it is for Datsun Zs.
  10. I appreciate the input over the years siteunseen!
  11. Greetings, I am getting closer to dropping a rebello with SU carbs into my 77’ 280Z. I removed the EFI cables and EFI computer out of the vehicle. Will removing the EFI computer and cables affect any other operation of the vehicle or am I good to go since I’m using carburetors? any insight would be appreciated!.
  12. The rebello has been moved from Dad’s house to my house for prep to be dropped in. currently working on mating the transmission to the engine. More fun to be had.
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