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  1. Can't make it. I'm in the same boat as SteveJ - Colorado is real far away. What a shame, I don't like to think about it. It'd be nice to meet everybody in person, and also lose my mind over all the z's. Gosh! Why'd you have to bring it up?! Just when I'd started to move on, this thread got brought back! Oh well, maybe next year... Somebody let it loose going up Pikes Peak for me (but don't get too crazy)!
  2. @siteunseen I recognize those rotors - you get them from MSA? I got a set, with the ceramic pads as well. Stops on a dime and only squeaks once a day! Looks sexy too...
  3. So, maybe they are the new 911... in a way, at least. Not too long ago, I heard someone say something to the effect of, "Wow, look at that old Porsche!" about my z. Evidently that guy thought it was a 911!
  4. Tweeds

    Duals do-over

    Sexy. Did a great job!
  5. Tweeds

    Duals do-over

    Please, make a post/comment when you get this squared away with a video of how it sounds - I'm a sucker for the twice pipes sound! Especially a custom job like this!
  6. As a Millennial/Gen-Z (born in 1998), the original draw to the s30 was it's classic look and history, but in the end, the main reason I bought it was the affordability, as Namerow said. Had the z been more expensive, it would have been unrealistically out of my price range. Buying parts for the car is relatively inexpensive, and so is the up front cost of the car itself. Slap in the ease of maintenance and repair, and it's a very practical car to buy as far as classics go. That being said, an old 911 is, coincidentally, my 'dream' car. However, to buy one and drive it with regularity would be
  7. Hey, Keb Mo - I met that guy once! I knew the owner of the restaurant that catered their gig - real good blues player, and a nice guy too. gwri8 posted Wild Horses by the Stones, figured Wild Horses by the Flying Burrito Brothers would be a good listen too:
  8. Came across this thread a while ago - hope it helps: Also, s30.org might be a resource, too. Though, I've never checked it out before.
  9. Glad the tool worked for you! Consider yourself saved from a lot frustration, far too many cuss words, and several feet of wasted brake line! Makes it worth the extra $20-30 if you ask me. Again, here's to hoping you don't have to rebuild/replace your old booster - brake fluid's way cheaper.
  10. Mike with the throwback memes! Last time I saw those, I was in middle school! Absolute classics.
  11. I'm not an expert so take what I say with a grain of salt. That being said, I'd rebleed the brakes real careful like, as grannyknot said. Also, if you completely drained the master cyclinders before fitting the new lines, you may need to do a bench bleed. I don't really know what that entails as I've never done it, but I've read before that it's good form to do a bench bleed if you completely drain the cylinders, but it's especially applicable for new master cylinders. I completely drained my cylinders last time without a bench bleed and I turned out alright, though. If you're booster is faili
  12. I don't know how that white one sold for 16 grand. Far better ones have sold for the same price.
  13. Huh, guess I shouldn't have taken the person's word for why gas is suddenly so hard to find. He made it seem like it was related to the Keystone Pipeline. Wild how this oil company basically had to shut everything down as a biproduct of the attack on their computer network. Guess it goes to show the vulnerabilities a company may have if their entire operation is, at least in varying degrees, hinged upon computers - not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a potential weakness, as we can see. I'd have thought this Colonial Pipeline would have contracted some sort of cybersecurity company to preve
  14. $2.94 for regular in Northern Florida. All the gas stations in my little town were empty, too. Ended up risking a 20ish minute drive out of town to fill up - got gas, but it was not cheap. Apparently people are buying up gas like it's about to vanish because the pipeline got cancelled. It's like the toilet paper crisis all over again! I thought people learned!
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