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  1. Ah! I've got a '71. It's a nice little touch - changing the settings in the dark is not too easy without being able to see what you're doing.
  2. A little off topic here - is it stock for the A/C stuff to be backlit like that? If so, mine never have been. The panel doesn't look stock to my eye - I don't recall it being so shiny, but, then again, maybe I'm not very observant. On topic - been following the thread and it's had a lot of interesting information, discussion, and graphs. Great stuff!
  3. I'm surprised that worked as well as it did. He even sharpied on a fret board! It has a very grimy sound, and I mean that in a good way.
  4. Funny, it never occurred to me there would be Soviet musical instruments. Are their guitars good? Like American, Gibson, Martin good?
  5. I think we all know what this video is about... I assure you, it isn't the guitar. She never even played a chord, just open strings. For those who don't know, playing the open strings on a guitar is of virtually no musical significance - the open strings amount to, at best, dissonance. If anything, she was playing an Em, but she skipped the two strings that would have been pressed down to make the chord anyways. Despite the flagrant disregard for musical integrity and, in turn, the guitar itself, I still enjoyed the video. Good stuff.
  6. Thanks! Coincidentally, I should be meeting up with them in a week or so - I'll run it by 'em. If they're interested, I'll send you a message.
  7. They just don't look Porsche to me. Those 928 headlights scream Lamborghini Miura, in my opinion. But, then again, Porsche is the 911 in my mind. At any rate, it seems like Porsche was having an identity crisis when making these cars! Neat cars regardless - wouldn't mind finding one in my grandpa's garage!
  8. I'm not really asking for myself - I know some Porsche guys who collect/restore them who might be interested.
  9. Nice collection! There are some nice cars under all that dust! Is that a Porsche 928? What's your asking price?
  10. Glad to hear everything went the way it did. Coulda turned out a lot worse for you, the car, or both. I can see why that corner is so fun - it's just begging you to corner it hard, and go flat out on the straight. Car sounds great by the way! Looking back on it, I had a higher tendency to lose traction when I first got my z - I'm not sure how old the tires were then, though. Never anything crazy, they'd just screech a little if I was pinning it and shifting gears. I'd imagine the same thing would have happened to me that happened to you in similar circumstances. Take my anecdote with a gr
  11. I don't get any ads because I use AdBlocker, so I think it's funny that in this thread, and only this thread, I'm seeing ads because you guys are posting pictures of them. Imagine how happy these companies would be to know you guys are unintentionally advertising for them!
  12. I take it this happened in your z? I also take it you made it out alright? Which leads me to my main question - did the car survive?
  13. Yet another reason to eat mints rather than gum.
  14. I bet that is real great! It's neat how a car brings people together just the same as music. You like CCR? I like you. You like a z? I like you, too. Looks like this year's is in Colorado which is a long way from home for me. Maybe I could make it, but there's always the next years.
  15. This forum also has a laid back, bunch of buddies hanging around talking about their favorite car sort of feeling. It's like a Z lover's watering hole. The regulars seem to know each other, and we newbies come in learning from the tried and true experts. Also, there's several informal threads such as this one, the "z's only a mother could love" one, and the "Saturday Music" one as well, to name a few. I'm not sure how many car forum websites are like this - whether it's common, or relatively rare. Either way, that's what makes this forum unique to me.
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