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  1. I'd say you'd be better off making them yourself as it's not too hard if you've got the right tools and some old lines to copy, which you do. You'll save some money doing it yourself, too. From my understanding, there are prefabricated kits though if you wanted to go that route. Also the lines are 3/16 with 10x1.00 fittings, but it's a double flare - I don't know if inverted flare and double flare are the same. You can get a flaring and bending tool at your local autoparts store, but get good tools as they'll make your job a lot easier. For a flaring tool, I highly highly recommend this: https
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4JVwqu8dgo&t=343s&ab_channel=LivingWithAClassic and https://zcarguide.com/tuning-adjusting-datsun-240z-su-carburetors/ The video and guide are how I learned. I was running in circles for a while on my first tune, then everything kinda clicked.
  3. Might be the carbs - have you tuned them? They might not be balanced, or the mixture could be off. I had similar issues, and a good tune helped a lot. Though I never had sputters from hills and hills alone - it was more a rpm/throttle input thing in general. My mixture was off, I reckon. Sputters are much rarer now that I've gotten things pretty dialed in.
  4. I used a hammer and a wrench - a bit more primitive.
  5. On top of everyone's useful information, once you've got the car on jack stands - give the car a nice hard shake on all four corners before you go under if you wanna be safe. Worst case, the car falls down with a crash, but that's better than dying or being in a wheelchair! On top of that, throw the wheels down under the car if you've got them off to be extra safe. And, to answer one of your questions, the switch for the reverse lights mount to the transmission, but I don't know why someone would put the transmission fluid in there since there's a fill plug. Maybe you could do that if th
  6. How much was it after shipping, if you don't mind my asking?
  7. They do look like some quality reproductions. However, the company is based in Vietnam and they don't have their prices listed on the website. I'm not sure then if it would be cheaper in the end to buy an OEM bumper or one from this company after shipping costs and all that. It'd be nice to hear from someone who's bought from the company before. My plan was to keep and eye out for a bumper at a reasonable price on something like Ebay or Craigslist so I can keep my original intact.
  8. @DC871F I agree - the Monte Carlo bumper lends such a nice look to the Z. Shoot me a PM - I'd love to come help you put it all together, and it'd be a good way to prepare myself for making my own. Plus, I'd finally get to meet another Z enthusiast in person! I live about an hour out of Jacksonville.
  9. I've found it's fun to try and find very similar 240's (same year, condition, and, ideally, colour as well) and look at their trends in relation to one another over the past few years, then to compare those to another z. Like, how's a '71 price been going compared to a '72 - both in good, but not excellent condition?
  10. I read somewhere (before the reveal), that down the line there ought to be both a Nismo 'Z', and a 'Z' that comes in "heritage" colours, which I imagine will harken back to the 240. The colour options the article says the 'Z' will come in are, in my opinion, a strange choice by Nissan. They just seem too restrictive. Want a red or blue car? Hope you like a black roof. Otherwise, take this deep, muted red colour. P.S. It'll be hard for me to call this z the 'Z'. Maybe 'the new Z', but not just z.
  11. Yeah, I agree. They didn't even pop the hood! Right when they started giving us some specifics, they said goodbye and thanks. I was prepared for it to go a lot longer. Besides, they didn't reveal too much that wasn't know already known, more just confirmed things. Oh well, seems to be a pretty neat car all the same. Wish the whole instrument cluster was analog, but the voltage, boost and temp. (I think were the three) are better than nothing. Maybe that'll be a dealer option.
  12. @Patcon They might have kissed the corner just before the picture was taken since - would be some real tight driving if so. Could also be some dips in the road we can't see. Even so, it would take some power to keep those wheels off the ground for long.
  13. Listed for sale about 7 weeks ago in the southern half of Florida, says Facebook.
  14. Maybe he was real small. Even as a tall guy, I can ball up and get in the trunk, and that's already pretty close to some positions. Maybe it was owned by a contortionist couple with a kink for claustrophobic sex. Ha! What an image!
  15. If that's the case then, all things considered, they did a pretty good job of it. I'm more understanding if they did it out of necessity, not aesthetics.
  16. @HS30-H A clever and simple alternative. I'll keep this route in mind whenever the day comes to make one - thanks!
  17. I really can't wrap my head around why someone would do do such a thing. No visibility, and no practicality. I think they might have been trying to make the z look like something it wasn't seeing as they changed the taillights, too. Or maybe they wanted privacy in the trunk for... sins. Sex or bootlegging, maybe.
  18. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/207830024528348/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A0f775f97-ae3f-4ab3-847a-ae39c33c5061 "Pretty much complete original car" might be an overstatement, but at least he admitted it has rust! Got a kick outta this one!
  19. Right on, thanks again! Where you get these great pictures is beyond me!
  20. @HS30-H Great info, thanks! You seem to be an expert on these bumpers. Those pictures are extremely useful - amongst all the wishy-washy things I've read or seen, your pictures are by far the most concrete. The replica car even has some of the old rally rims, too! Nice touch! I was kinda unclear when I originally said something about 'where could I get one' because I said that meaning 'where could I get a replica' as finding an original would be, as you pointed out, very difficult (not to mention expensive if it was intact). That being said, from my understanding, to make a replica I'd be
  21. @psdenno Probably garage kept, climate controlled its whole life, too.
  22. Some of the coolest looking z's I've ever seen are the old Rally z's, and the coolest among these was the one from Monte Carlo, in my opinion. I've been looking into getting some driving lights if not now, then somewhere down the road. However, there is one big problem - fitment. I've seen two other ways of fitting driving lights: A.) Putting them on the hood of the car like from the Safari Rally. B.) Similar to Monte Carlo by fitting them past the radiator, except mounting them on or behind what is best described as a brush guard. (I've also seen a third way where
  23. https://zcardepot.com/collections/front-suspension/products/coil-spring-set-stock-and-lowered-240z-260z-280z?variant=21384265269361 Could be something. Don't know much about the springs, but I'm sure you could give the boys at zcardepot a call to find out.
  24. Can't make it. I'm in the same boat as SteveJ - Colorado is real far away. What a shame, I don't like to think about it. It'd be nice to meet everybody in person, and also lose my mind over all the z's. Gosh! Why'd you have to bring it up?! Just when I'd started to move on, this thread got brought back! Oh well, maybe next year... Somebody let it loose going up Pikes Peak for me (but don't get too crazy)!
  25. @siteunseen I recognize those rotors - you get them from MSA? I got a set, with the ceramic pads as well. Stops on a dime and only squeaks once a day! Looks sexy too...
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