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NGK BP6ES spark plugs


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NGK BP6ES-11 plugs  are no longer available? I guess I’ve fallen behind the times .

 Nine months ago I replace my 75 280 NGK BP6ES plugs and no problems finding them. I just tried to purchase new plugs at my local parts store and all they have is the resistor version. My research indicates that NGK is no longer making this plug?

Has anyone used these in the 240/280 without problems?

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Dang. Time marches on. I see NGK lists this as a substitute: NGK 7133 BPR6ES-11 Nickel Spark Plug. I think I switched to those after seeing they were stock for the 280ZX. I have a ZX distributor in the 260Z.

Rockauto lists the NGK 7131 for the 240Z and NGK 4922 for the 280Z. They also list Denso plugs.

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10 hours ago, SteveJ said:

 NGK 7133 BPR6ES-11 Nickel Spark Plug.

I use BPR6ES (-11)  over 30 years in L28 engines (and 20+ years in L24!)  and never a problem.  (The 11 stands for 1,1mm distance between the points, but most people would know i guess.)

The R in it stands for radio interference suppressed, so it's only a better plug then the BP6ES.

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