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  1. I measured my original bumper and it measures the same as @jfa.series1. I also drew a line on the new bumper that traced the rear of the car. When the line was complete, they also matched your measurements. That said, I have a relative that can trim the excess off the inside of the bumper and everything should line up. It may take a week or two, so I'll report back when it's done. Thanks to all for your inputs.
  2. @jfa.series1one last question (I hope). What is the width of the bumper on each end and in the middle? Mine is about 2.5” on each end where it joins the corner piece. and about 2.75” in the middle.
  3. My bumpers are from Vietnam too. Although I did need to add shims, I think I've got it looking pretty good. I must say that there is more gap on each side than there is in the middle, but it's not real noticeable. After I get it tightened up tomorrow, I'll take some pics. @jfa.series1Does yours have more gap between on the ends than in the middle, OR is it even all the way across? I can put my finger tip between the bumper and car on each side, and about half that in the middle.
  4. I don't have any pics from that angle. I have the bumper off the car.
  5. The reason for my question is mainly that the bumper, when installed, slightly touches the body in the middle (dead center) of the car. I thought before I add shims, I'd like to be sure it's installed correctly.
  6. Looking at the pic again, it appears the bottom is tilting outward. Meaning the bottom is further away from the body than the top is. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks @SteveJ! Is there any sense of tilt to the bracket? There doesn't seam to be any in your pic.
  8. I tried both directions, but neither was obvious. I'll look more closely as @jpc3006 stated. I'll report back tomorrow.
  9. Does anyone know how the rear bumper brackets are mounted? I have two sets and both sets have one side taller that the other. There's also a slight tilt from front to back. The pic shows the taller side clearly, but the tilt is a bit harder to see. The tilt is from section just below the DATSUN letters touching the manual toward the front of the pic. I guess an answer could be stated something like - when mounted, the taller side outward (Or inward) and the bottom of the bracket tilted inward (Or outward).
  10. I'll try tweaking the heat shield a bit and report back. Regarding the return springs, I have them rigged with a piece of wire to put tension on them. It would definitely make my life easier if I can get the heat shield corrected.
  11. I have headers on mine. I must say that I haven't tried to hard to put in place yet. When I bought the header, I really didn't put much thought into which one to buy. I wish I would have don'e a bit more homework. Is it safe to assume that I don't want the heat shield touching the header after it's installed?
  12. @jfa.series1what header is that on the motor pic you posted above? My header won't let me install my carb heat shield.
  13. Thanks everyone...I'll keep the hose
  14. Do most owners plug the PCV valve and put a breather on the crankcase, OR keep it original with the hose?
  15. @siteunseen what is MSA? I've seen it many times, but never asked.
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