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  1. I am a Saran Wrap and Tin foil guy 😀
  2. Thanks for the info. Wasn’t sure if it would be powerful enough. Guess you guys confirmed that
  3. This may be a dumb question but I will ask anyway. Always been told there are no dumb questions, just dumb people. Ha! I am looking to remove the surface rust from the engine bay. There are parts where it will be difficult to get a wire brush into ( I.e. battery tray area). Has anyone tried to use a pressure washer to get the rust off? Would that even work? Or am I going to cause too much damage to the metal.
  4. All done, just need to get it back and then my work starts!
  5. Haven't posted in a long time. But I am, proud to announce progress. Finally!!!! I choose not to do the welding as I do not have a great work space. So my guy send me these pictures today. The car has new life!!
  6. Does anyone know if someone sells tension rod mounts? I think mine are beyond repair. Thanks
  7. Making some progress...cleaning up various parts. July 8th I am bringing the car into a shop to take care of the rust and replace the frame rail, floor panel and floor support. Will update the thread once the work is completed
  8. thanks for the info. Should I use a primer or something like that now when I am removing the rust since I wont be painting it soon?
  9. I haven't been posting much but I have been working. Transmission is completely cleaned now and so is half the engine. You can even see the original blue paint now! We'll sort of, but I have two cans of the color to repaint with. Couple of questions: Is there a good paint or clear that people have used for the transmission. I got it cleaned but its spotty and doesn't look great. I started tackling the surface rust in the engine compartment. Once I am down to bear metal how can I protect it as I am not ready to paint yet. Does anyone know if someone sells Datsun color 240 in a rattle can? attached is a pick of the battery tray where I was able to get to good metal. Also, a pick of some of the rust I need to treat on the firewall
  10. thanks I appreciate the quick reply. Going to make the purchase.
  11. Guys, I am working on the refresh of the transmission and have been knee deep in wire brushes and gook! Ha! Has anyone used this kit from zcarsource. Wondering if it is worth buying as a kit instead of sourcing the individual parts https://zcarsource.com/transmission-service-kit-240z-260z-280z-72-78-new
  12. Apparently the previous owner only found salt on the drivers side since the passenger side is fine. Either that or they just aimed a sprinkler on that side! I took a closer look at it tonight and the rusted part is a thin piece of metal. Behind it looks to be structural part of the support which seems to be solid.
  13. Hello all, I hibernated for the winter! Now that it is warm I am ready to work on the car again. The goal is to get it back on the road this year. I changed course a bit and found someone who can weld the frame rail for me. I feel like it is a bit too much for me to take on. Before I send this to the shop I need to get your opinion regarding the radiator support. Does anyone know where I can find one? I feel like mine is too far gone.
  14. Welding and eating bacon - that's a new combo!
  15. Sorry got my numbers reversed. Ordered 18 gauge and got 20. I am using mig with gas. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
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