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  1. there were a couple that were loose. I adjusted it while hot. Then I ran the engine and did a second adjustment. I think I finally got it. Sounds good now, right?
  2. great news! it was just a valve adjustment when the engine was hot. IMG_3807.mp4
  3. Been slow progress but I wanted to send an update. Oil pressure seems good. Its around 20psi during idle. I also fixed the down pipe exhaust leak (noise is still the same). Next I am going to do a compressions test and then check timing. Again thank you all for your help
  4. I bought a car stethoscope to do that. Hoping to have time this weekend to troubleshoot.
  5. The car did not always make this sound. My first step is to find out where the smoke is coming from. In case you missed it here is what I did to the engine while it was out of the car Engine Work done: new fuel injectors oil pan gasket lashed valves replaced EGR new oil filter rear main seal pilot bushing
  6. thank you for the guidance siteunseen. I did something similar. I have not checked them hot though. will do that next
  7. Bunch of questions to answer: Zed: The procedure I was using was to turn the engine until the lobe was pointing up, Adjust clearance. Turn engine again and adjust the next one. I then re-did the same procedure the other day and the engine sounded better than the first time I ran it. Clicking was still there ETI4K: I am also curious as to why there is so much smoke and where it is coming from. I did not remove the intake or exhaust manifolds when the engine was out. I had 3 studs break where the exhaust manifold connects to the down pipe. I thought I repaired them corr
  8. I forgot to mention. I removed the spark plugs one by one yesterday and the sound did not change.
  9. Thanks Racer X. I have those gauges as well
  10. Thanks, Captain. I replaced the injectors so it is possible these are louder. The engine definitely sounds better now that the I re-adjusted the valves. I will have to do it while it is hot next. I think, as you said, next step is to fix exhaust leak. Thanks for the help. Without this forum I would never be at this point and so close
  11. Some more info and pics. I have an exhaust leak as I see smoke. I cant tell if it is from the exhaust down pipe connection or possible the connection that leads to the EGR. Not sure if this is a separate issue.
  12. if it is ticking then it needs to be tighter, correct?
  13. I checked all the valves. I few of them were too tight as you guys mentioned. Here is the new video. It sounds much better but I am still getting that clicking noise. vlc-record-2021-05-31-19h26m06s-IMG_3625.mp4-.mp4
  14. It has to be a mistake by me. I thought I adjusted them all correctly when I had the engine out. Guess not
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