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Has anyone compared door weatherstrip seals from Vintrage Rubber and Precision side by side.


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Hi all,

I used the VR kit when the car was restored and the drivers side door closes fine but the passenger side is a pita, and I have adjusted the hinges, latch etc for ages but that door simply won't sit properly.  The car has never been hit and if I pull the seal it closes perfectly.  Has anyone compare the width of the VR and Preciosion seals side by side?  I'm hoping the Precision one is a bit thinner.  I've searched for any NOS but no go, any feedback would be great.  


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I've ordered the Precison seal, and will revert back with how it compares to the VR.  I like how the door fits now but I could do some adjustments to the window frame in the meantime time.  Cheers

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A little something I wrote up a while back. In my and many other's experience, the Precision stuff is not ideal, and evidently, neither is Vintage Rubber. McMaster-Carr makes weatherstripping that's comparatively easy to install, keeps water out well, and allows the door to close properly. Info's in the linked post. Hope this helps.

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