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  1. That's what I've gone by, hospital beds. The other is politics.
  2. My 9/76 had an N47. Felpro gasket will work. They cover them all with "diamond " ports.
  3. Weasel's way is what I call it. Edit: I'm not disparaging anyone or how they do business but I am saying don't expect employees to "feel my pain" now that we're going down a bumpy path. My guy was telling employees the Payroll Payback wasn't what they could read for themselves, he was going out on a limb to keep paying people. We had a mandatory meeting one evening that blew up in his face.
  4. Did you get that from my response? You know me, I respond like a rattlesnake.
  5. Metal. It's fantastic too. Here's a thread talking about it...
  6. Yeah I'm not trying to be a d*** but my partner/doctor better tell me as soon as he knows I'm sleeping with someone who has aids.
  7. That's 9 months ago when POTUS was telling Woodward how dangerous it was but not us.
  8. Here's the best exhaust gasket you can get from local dealership. They'll have to order it but you won't pay shipping.
  9. Yes, that's what @jonbill stated earlier. When a man from another continent points out our stupidity I kind of pay attention. He scares me, looking at that screen shot, and I ain't scared of nothing! No offense Jon.
  10. You won the election but now your 4 years begins.
  11. I think it's 510. I've looked 100 times and seems darker to me.
  12. Looks like my 305. A little faded though but it's old paint. Looking at Mr Becks color gallery it may be 510? http://zhome.com/History/ZColorGallary/index.html Here's a bunch of 305 pictures, https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-datsun-280z-39/
  13. Maybe this member will respond with some real life experience? @73str86 Click on "73str86 replied to a topic" he went up the peak to 13,500 ft
  14. #2 looks a little scary to me. Like that drunk guy that's about to punch somebody. Paul's classy as always.
  15. I replaced mine without removing the fender. Here's a good thread on all that. The best info and pictures are the last couple of pages. Great pictures fyi. My bad! Wrong thread. Here's the good pictures. Iron Bowl in a minute so I'm a little wound up. Apologies sir.
  16. Here's a thread I remembered. Might find something?
  17. Those were MY good old days. Hotel room with the Tyson fight, bathtub full of iced down beer and girls, girls, girls.
  18. "The kung flu is a hoax." "I'm the president! Don't talk to the POTUS like that" He knew a guy that had a 240 I'm sure so it's okay.
  19. Sad to see the sale off as of late from the pandemic. People have priorities and a Z car can make quite a few mortgage payments.
  20. My 280zx wide transmission's shifter hit in my 240. If you take the shift rod out you can see the nicks if it's hitting.
  21. I agree with mr Racer 100% on this. I have had so many tell me I had an exhaust gasket leak but I do not. You can hear things so much better with header runners it sounds like a leak but isn't. Do the short section of hose as a stethoscope and you'll hear all 6 sound the same.
  22. I'll say something on percolation that will get some disagreements I'm positive. I've never had, heard of actual heat problems. It always ends up being something else. Low float bowl levels more than anything. The guys that race use electric pumps to keep the fuel flowing and cool through the return line. We've all read about heat causing problems, ad nauseam to the extreme. Wrapped headers, youtube heat shields, electric fans and more. Wound up being low fuel level.
  23. I have my pvc to the block and the balance tube as shown here. What kind of headers? Mine are heat coated already and do not get hot at all. The carbs are actually cool to the touch, more on top though.
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