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  1. Guy is off his rocker. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. Bought this excellent boot from a member here. Totally mint and unused. Just looking to get what I paid for it. $45 shipped in the US.
  3. Sorry, I'm working on a ebay listing. I forgot to link to it, so I'll update with that. I just posted scans of a few articles in the Publications section though!
  4. Hey guys, I'm hoping to unload the last of my Z-related documents. Included is the original R&T 240Z review and a R&T Pete Brock article. I think the whole community should have access to these articles even if they don't get the opportunity to own the physical copies. So here are the two articles, enjoy!
  5. I'm looking to get rid of my last remaining Z-related stuff. I'd like to sell this lot of various publications. LINK TO THE LISTING From top left to bottom right: - Autobooks repair manual - Clymer repair manual - Brooklands collection of magazine reviews - Cars International (240Z review and Pete Brock article) 1971 - Car & Driver 4/74 - Consumer Guide "Datsun Z-Cars" 7/81 - Grassroots Motorsports (240Z and Pete Brock 510 articles) 8/09 - Road & Track (240Z First drive and review!) 01/70 - R&T 01/72 - R&T (BRE 240Z article) 11/70 - Z-Car Magazine (Awesome V-8 Z's) 1996 - A pile of NorCal Z-Owners newsletters from 83-84 Anyone interested in this lot?
  6. Guys, I'm getting rid of a bunch of misc. parts cuz I no longer have a Z. I'm not looking to get top dollar, I need it gone. I'd prefer local pick up, maybe when you head to Datsun Driving Canby Fun? Check out my listing here: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/4467563619.html Let me know if you have any questions. There are also a few items not listed that I'm asking a bit more for if you're interested: -Gold Technalon Fitted Cover with bag and cable in excellent condition. Never used outside. It's flawless except for some black marks from my bumper rubber. I paid $200, make me an offer. -Rear tail light panel surrounds. These are painted a dark silver/hematite color. Great condition. Pics available upon request. I paid$75, make me an offer.
  7. Hey guys, I realized that my account used an old email address (haven't used it in 3 years) that I no longer have access to. I was able to change my email on the forum site no problem, but not on the classifieds site. It's not accepting the password I use on the forums, and it's linked to my old email so I'm effectively locked out of using the classifieds currently. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, -Jon
  8. I can't believe people actually buy this stuff. It's usually only $1 less than the undiluted, but you're getting half as much!
  9. Arne is correct. My car had a 195/70 mounted on the original spare and the cover sat up ~1/2" or so.
  10. I can take some photos mike, sure. It's non-op currently, I've got a repair guy sourcing a new cable. But when it did work, it was awesome. I know that in general sunroofs are considered to lower the value on these cars, but this one's gotta be experienced. It's very slick.
  11. That's why there's a Buy-It-Now button Wade!
  12. Seeing as 26 of the 30 most recent Ebay threads have been started by 72 OJ, I thought I'd preempt him. My 1970 is now listed there, as well as on our own classifieds site. She's not perfect but she's quite nice and I'm hoping to find her a good home at a good price. Can be seen here: 1970 Datsun 240Z - Vehicle #1704
  13. It's not for sale, he said he's likely passing it on to his son. Has turned down offers for a good bit more than 20k. Says the only non-original pieces are the wheels and tires.
  14. So I just flew across the country and when I landed, I got a very interesting text from the wife. She caught a peek at a like green A hiding in a neighbor's garage. And she was gracious enough to go check it out for me. Turns out it's a one owner, 72, with only 30,000 miles. She tells me it's impeccable inside and out. Even smells like new inside! I'll follow up with more details when I get home next weekend. She texted me some pictures which will have to wait till I get to my room.
  15. I've got my eye on a new acquisition. Selling her will let me get an exciting dd (2013 BRZ) and I don't use her enough anymore. Hopefully I'll find someone who'll be able to keep rolling the ball forward.
  16. Was going through some of my Z stuff today in preparation to sell her, and I found the original warranty card and booklet. It's in amazing condition. Also took some pics of the various papers, magazines and books that'll be included in the sale.
  17. It almost looks upside down, especially when compared to yours.
  18. From ad: "Seats and harnesses will be removed if an offered price is too low." You have been warned!
  19. I'll be keeping my eye on this. Looking to unload mine soon...
  20. Not mentioned in the above post, he's asking $580 for what you see in these pictures! :stupid:
  21. If you looked at the video, you'd notice he posted an update entitled "Why I Now Love My Subaru BRZ!" Out of the dozens of reviews I've read no one has come to the same conclusion as he did in that earlier video. As someone who is selling their Z to buy a BRZ, I'm confident in my decision. Having test driven one, I can tell you it's not hard to love. Haha, love it!
  22. As someone working in the automotive industry, I'd also like to dispel a couple of your statements Wade. 1). The Prius is great tech, but it's not the BEST out there. And it can do much better than 51 mpg with the right driver, and that doesn't require cruising at 55. 2). Diesel hybrids are coming, VW has been working on one for the last few years. It was recently rated @ about 260mpg. If it makes it to production it'll be significantly lower sure, but it will likely easily be 70-80mpg+. 3). The EPA has formulas in place to calculate electric MPG, it's called MPGe or Miles Per Gallon equivalent. I'm not sure about CAFE formulas but rest assured knowing these are definitely being worked out. 4). The Prius is not a "light weight" car. It tips the scales at over 3000lb. Now that's pretty good, but not light weight. And true, aerodynamics and rolling resistance play a large roll in fuel economy but your estimate of the electric motor adding only 4-5mpg is quite low. It's more than double that, into the double digits. I've had the opportunity to build a lightweight car from the ground up (carbon fiber monocoque) and utilize a Prius drivetrain in it. I know a little bit about that motor. There are new cars coming out everyday rated at 40+ MPG. That's on the EPA cycle, meaning they likely already meet CAFE. We've got 12.5 years to meet 54.5 CAFE and the average vehicle on the road currently is 10.8 years old. Doing the math, I don't see much trouble with the new standards.
  23. Wade, regarding CAFE calculations: Most people do not understand that these regulations are for the CAFE test cycle, which is very different from the EPA test cycle. CAFE tests only two conditions (city/highway) whereas the EPA cycle tests five conditions including high speed, hot weather, cold weather, and A/C use. In short, it works out to 54.5 CAFE = (about) 40 EPA miles per gallon. Not only will it likely not be incredibly difficult to hit this number, but halfway to 2025 the government and automakers will sit down and see how things are progressing and decide whether or not to push the requirement date back. Edmunds did a great write-up explaining the ins and outs of all of this.
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