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    Datsun 260Z
    Drive Train Description

    Production date: April 1974

    Air box: K&N Lamborghini 3-carb filter in aluminum housing with Mikuni air horns

    Alternator: 60 amp

    Camshaft: Racer Brown SS-54-110 – 236 degree duration at 0.025� lift with 0 lash, 110 degree lobe centers, and 0.480� lift net, and valve spring/retainer package

    Carburetion: Mikuni triple side draft, 40PHH with 32mm chockes

    Cylinder head: Decked 0.020�
    Bronze valve guides
    280Z intake valves, 0.173� dia.
    280Z exhaust valves
    Valves and seats grinded
    Built by Floyd Link, Torrance, CA

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  1. Early or late 260 2+2?



  2. I don't know of a current source for a Mikuni air box. My air cleaner was custom made in the 80's by Jim Wolf Racing.

  3. Hello, i need a box and filter for my mikuni. I would prefer one that has an outlet to collect more air from the front grille but if can help with it or provide who can make it would be appreciate. my email is chachacourt@yahoo.com or 5612012664

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