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  1. Well, I took last winter off from "project cars" and decided no way i could do that again. Then while following a thread about a low vin 240 I noticed Jerry's Toyota FJ40 project and thought…."wow, I have always loved the old 40's" so I started searching. I found a nice solid TX "no rust" 1977 FJ40 and decided to make it my new winter hobby…….It was basically rust free with only one fender and some surface rust that needed extra attention. I have been stripping it to bare metal so my body guy can work his magic and then paint the rig, it will be Dune Beige. Here's a few pictures, probably won't be ready for paint till late December. The last picture is hopefully how mine will turn out…….we'll have to wait and see.
  2. That is odd Jerry, especially after all the arrangements you made, this just means its a blessing in disguise for both of us. I would have done it, but now I can look for something different. Maybe a FJ, Hmmmmm, you got me thinking. Good luck on your build, I finished my 71 Bronco and my wife see's that look again......hide the check book. If someone on the board bought the car please let us know.
  3. Jerry, Let me know if you are going to pass, I could take the car and parts and start the restoration.....all my projects are up to date and with winter coming I need something. I'm sure there are transport companies who would deliver to Knoxville, (or If I can get the time just drive up and get it) so let me know your status as I would never try and sneak this from you. Thanks, Randy
  4. I was sitting at a red light and noticed this 240 at a quickie brake shop..... I would assume getting brakes. I have never seen this one in Knoxville. It sat there for almost a week outside, good thing no one stole the D hubcaps.
  5. Carl, Great looking SLK.......start a fund for the speeding tickets
  6. A new addition to the family.......a 1971 FORD Bronco.
  7. My thoughts and prayers to E's family. While we never met in person he provided so much telephone and email support to me while restoring 797. He repaired my plastic radio and map light pieces last year so I will remember him fondly every time I drive the Z and look at these pieces. E will be truly missed. With caring thoughts, Randy
  8. Ummm, isn't this thread 4 years old? Anyway, as long as its revived how about some enclosed trailer pictures....including the interior.
  9. The struts were KYB GR 2 Front ran about $139 and the rears were $179...... plus installation.
  10. Hey guys, Let me check the paper work and I'll get back with ya.....I know they were KYB but don't know the model or part #. It wasn't cheap but WELL worth it, and I wasn't about to try and do it on my mechanical skill...
  11. Last spring I threw 797 on EBay and it bid to $16,300 (no sale) This Fall tried it again ($15,100 I think and no sale). I was ready for a new adventure and to be honest wasn't enjoying driving the Z as much. Part of my "love loss" came from never finishing all the small stuff on my punch list, the harsh ride, and that #$%$# exhaust smell. Well, three weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and just get everything done, clear up the list and have the car close to 100%........It hurt my wallet but WOW what a difference. Now, it's literaly like a new car (ok, a 42 year old new car). The biggest difference came from all new struts, it rides so well and handles so much better. The brakes will now throw you thru the windshield with the new booster that should have been done 2 years ago. We also sealed every open space in the firewall and installed a new exhaust and have ZERO exhaust smell. The engine is a beast and revs perfectly....before it would sputter around 4.5 rpms. Turns out it had a bad float. All these changes and more have totally renewed my passion for the 240......It is truly a pleasure to drive. Maybe now I won't sell it.........
  12. At least a fume filled cabin was associated with the Jensen and not a Z car..........
  13. Well, $15,100......not bad, but I had better bids in the spring. Still have some serious interest from several parties so we'll see what happens.
  14. Thanks Z_k, It has been a beautiful weekend (except for FL beating TN....argggg) so both got to see some curves. After seeing them both I think if the Z doesn't sell I'll drive her for another season or two and then try again. I was wanting to sell the Z to start on another project, but I think I'll take this winter off........this getting older crap is starting to wear on me. Looking forward to your post in the next 55+ days on the TEXAS 1,000.........would love to do that one day.
  15. Just a few true "Garage Photo's" .......... Cheers all,
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