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  1. The car and all the parts has sold and I believe it is going to a good home.. Thank all of you for your interest and patience with this sale. I will miss this car and the track days I've enjoyed with it. I will also miss the associations I have had in the development of the car. John Coffey, Dave Rebello, Greg Ira, and so many more were willing to answer my dumb questions over the months and I would be remiss if I didn"t include them and all the others who helped me out. I miss you all and good luck. I hope our paths cross again.
  2. I have a very serious "looker" but no money has changed hands yet.
  3. I have a very serious "looker" but no money has changed hands yet.
  4. All this stuff must go !!! Somebody make an honest offer and all will be considered !!
  5. This car has not sold yet. The asking price for everything included on the attached list is $12,000. The price for the car as it sits is negotiable to a serious buyer. 240 Z Sale.docx
  6. Sorry, thought I was very clear. I would like to sell everything I have as a package including the car. If that doesn't sell, at some point I will offer all parts separately and part it out.
  7. Is no one interested in either the car and all the parts or any of the parts ??????
  8. My 1971 240 Z is going up for sale. I have developed this car for track days and have been modifying it for several years. Tons of goodies and some very nice work has been done to this car. Do not think that this car can be put back to stock, because it cannot. If the car does not sell pretty soon, I will part it out and do it that way. I would like to sell the car as is and all the spares I have which will be listed on an attachment. The motor is not good as I put a rod through the block. However, all the other engine parts like triple Mikunis, hjigh torque starter, aluminum radiator, dual fuel pumps, R-200 rear end with Quaife, 5 speed tranny, fuel cell, etc, etc are good. I also have a spare F54 block and a 3 Litre stroker crankshaft that will be part of the deal. Look over the attached lists and you will see how much I have. Also, I have complete, you wont believe how complete, records of every lap the car has run including lap times, spring setups, shock setups, sway bar setups, etc. A real plus for someone who wants to do track days. No cage and too many mods for SCCA E-Production. Send me note and we will discuss. I can also deliver to just about anywhere for additional $s.240 Z Sale.docx240 Z Sale.docx
  9. I have been running my '71 Z in track day events for about 5 years. I recently threw a rod in my Rebello motor and almost simultaneously lost my job. (oil and gas related jobs are not very stable). I love this car and I have a tremendous amount of time in its development. I feel that I must now sell it as is and also all the spare parts and the original parts taken off during the performance upgrades. Too much to list here, but if someone is a serious buyer of either the car, the parts, or both, just shoot me an e-ail and I will forward a complete list of what is for sale. It needs to be said that this car is set up for the track and is not a street car and will never be again. Too many mods. E-mail = Jim.Kucholtz@gmail.com
  10. Thanks for everyones replys and advice. All good. Jon, I appreciate you being the first to suggest the V8. Over the years, I have thought of that but have resisted on purely sentimental grounds. Maybe now is the time to reconsider. Heck, for the money I could get out of the Mikunis and a few other parts, it would be a wash. Trouble is, I know nothing about this type of mod. What engines are best, what transmission do you have to go to, etc. I'm sure HybridZ will have much to read. Are there any reliable and thorough treatises on this topic ? Thanks again to all
  11. The engine was rev limited to 7400 RPM but I set the shift light at 6800. Just like all race motors, it was running great till it blew up !
  12. Gnose hit it on the head, After enjoying the performance of this car with nearly 300 HP, I just don't think I could enjoy the car at less performance. Over the next few days, I intend to list all of the aftermarket parts and modifications made to this car so that any interested person can make a decision as to the viability of owning the car. I know I can't get back all the hours of development and TLC that went into it. What the heck am I going to do with myself when it's gone ?
  13. I've been developing this '71 Z for about 5 years. It is a track day only car that has so many modifications, it will never be a stock car again. A few weeks ago, I blew my Rebello motor and now I think it may be time to hang it up. My question is whether or not to sell it as is or part it out, or what to do. As you can imagine, this car has lots of dollars invested that I know I would never get out, but someone looking for a great track day car would be able to get it fully developed, at a steal. Have not set a price yet, I'm still in mourning.
  14. Hey Greg, I will be in Daytona for the Rolex 24. Will you be anywhere close ? I owe you a handshake for the help you have been to me.
  15. I'm no Bob Sharp, not even John Morton, or even Jim Fitzgerald. Just run hard enough to break suspension brackets.
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