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  1. Mike if the buyers calls for a set of NOS plug wires I want a commission! ??
  2. Dave, I am not looking for a plush touring car ride. This is my toy car so I want it to handle well and provide a reasonable ride but not rattle my teeth over bumps. My daily driver is an Infiniti M35 S RWD which has somewhat of a sports suspension due to RWD but it is still a very comfortable car to commute to work in. I am not looking for the slammed tuner look with no gap between the fender and tires. Simply want to drop the car about 1 to 1.5 inches to reduce the current wheel gap. Do the eibach lower the car more than these Vogtland's?
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks again for your detailed reply. I am not so concerned whether the springs are labeled as progressive. My primary concern was that I was told most lowering springs that are not progressive will give the car a harsh ride. Based on your feedback on your ride experience I am going to go with ordering these springs. I want to drop the height of my Z since I have 15" low profile tires on Konig Rewind wheels and the gap in the fenders is too large.
  4. Hi Dave, There is a Vogtland office in California. I just called them and left a message to have them confirm if this specific 240Z spring is progressive. I update my post once I hear back from them. Address VOGTLAND North America 43391 Business Park Dr. Suite C10 Temecula, CA 92590, USA Contact Phone: +1-951 694 6981 Fax: +1-951 694 6985 E-Mail: information@vogtland-na.com
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the feedback. FYI, I emailed JDMWerks via eBay and he confirmed these springs are progressive. Also, JDMWerks just received a new shipment of these springs. They have been out of stock since October. Vogtland must make a large batch for JDMWerks and ship them together since he does have the exclusive on this specific 240Z model spring.
  6. I have a few basic question after reading all the threads on this site and Hybrid Z related to these springs. 1. Are these Vogtland model 9161031 for the 240Z considered progressive springs? 2. Can anyone comment on their ride quality after replacing stock springs these Vogtland springs for ? 3. Do these springs make your car stiffer and does ride quality/comfort suffer from their compression over bumps? Thanks, Marc M
  7. Here are picture as the bidding was taking place.
  8. Finally got a chance to download all the pictures from Amelia Island. Neither Jim nor I have any idea who ended up buying this car. The room was packed and you do not see who is bidding since they are all sitting down among the crowd when they bid. Here are some additional pictures
  9. Having a problem getting the second bidding video to upload
  10. Here is the beggining of the bidding before Jim's phone ran out of memory.
  11. It really depended on the car. There were a few high end Ferrarri's that went for $2 M to $3 M that caused quite a stir. It is a long day. The first car went on the block at 11:00 AM and the last car crossed the block around 4:30 PM.
  12. Here is the last few seconds of the final bidding of this car. Jim was in charge of doing the video of this 432 bidding and the memory in his phone filled up before the bidding ended. I was up front taking pictures of the car so I had to jump in with my phone to capture the final price when the gavel fell. There was a Toyota 2000 GT that sold before the Farilady 432 for $800,000 and the catalog estimate called for the car to sell for $900,000 to $1,10,000. So the ZED sold for $230,000(catalog estimate $150K to $200) and the million dollar Toyota sold below estimate! Fairlady 432 Final Sale Video.MOV
  13. Jim Frederick and I are at Amelia Island. We saw the car up close yesterday. We are going to the auction today to be there when it sells. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
  14. Hi Jerry, Happy New Year! I posed this same question to John Jeffrey this morning. As far as John knows (he is on the Board of the ZCCA), there has not been an discussions of any clubs making a pitch for the 2015 ZCON.
  15. Loyal Nissan customer! His and Hers M35's
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