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Birthday Wishes


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Good day all,


Its been a while since I've visited the site but the other day I received a "Happy Birthday from the Classic Zcar Club" email.....nice! Anyway, I thought I'd say HOWDY and let you all know my series one is still with me and I'm having just as much fun driving it as I do looking at it. No ticket yet!!! I was thinking the other day....I've owned my 1970 240 since 1983......34 years to date. Shoot, I just had my 66th birthday so that means I've had my Z for more than half my life.....holy crap batman!!! Not likely to part with it any time soon either......Ok, maybe when the dirt nap time comes along and then some lucky person can carry on with it....who will it be, hmmmmmmm!!? Still riding mountain bikes and riding my crouch rocket. Truth be told, my 2009 highly modified Yamaha R1 gets more seat time than the 240Z.....its just way faster than the Z!!! So, again HOWDY all and respond if you wish. As I've always said in my posts...."Its just one mans opinion"



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