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  1. This thread isn't about a switch restoration process. So let's assume it was in good working order after the restoration. The important question to answer is "Are we making progress resolving the problem?" eastcoastz?
  2. Mine fit fine without adhesive.
  3. The engine size is irrelevant with new technology and turbocharging. Future electrification also would be a factor. Nissan Z is the logical resolution for the badging convention.
  4. You guys tell us about your adventures this time around. Unfortunately after 3 ZCONs in a row, I need a break for other things this year. Would have been cool to see the actual Z after last years "cardboard" reveal.
  5. I didn't have that kind of money when I was 24.
  6. I'll bet the clock on on the radio display.
  7. This topic never goes away, after all you own a Z.🤣
  8. Happy birthday to me yesterday!
  9. Come meet members, make friends, and talk about Z stuff. Food is good, and plenty of beer. Location and EXACT date announced on our Facebook page under Events. Date is typically 2nd Monday of the month.
  10. I'm going to need a Certificate of Authenticity. 😆
  11. How come your score is bigger than mine? I'm suffering from score envy. 😅
  12. So if you do quality work on the restored portions (assuming the rest of your paint, and rubber components are very good), you can detail and buff the rest. A good painter can try to match color. All this and you might get by with it.
  13. A "quick" paint will diminish the value of your car. Don't be a cheapskate. BTW 240Zs didn't have clear coat. They were painted with single stage paint.
  14. Same as the rest of the car, there's no undercarriage color.
  15. What clips? If you're talking about the gutter trim, I think you just press it on.
  16. Have the painter sand the area. If it's just filler, drilling is unnecessary.
  17. So they were welded closed?
  18. Very difficult to tell from here. Light conditions can easy change the look. Nevertheless it seems off. Did he use a paint matching camera?
  19. I didn't study the old dash really hard when it was out of the car, but I found the quality and fit of Hung Vu's reproduction extremely good. They're not perfect, but they're biggest advantage is that they are new, and not 50 years old. Even an unused Nissan dash in the box, is still 50 years old, and will cost you your retirement. I guess I should have taken lots of photos. I had the job done, and it was part of a much bigger project.
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