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  1. I guess I was suggesting that the car would make a good training tool for teaching how to judge stock class 240Zs. Or even to create a judge's guidebook.
  2. This car should be studied to measure all the paint for code comparison to what paint companies are selling. It would be a great training aid for national car show judging.
  3. Look guys, I see people going off the rails talking about Mr K. This not the thread. The topic is the Mint 240Z. Let's stay on topic, shall we?
  4. If that car is everything reported so far, it's a trailer queen. You don't drive that.
  5. Merry Christmas to all our members and sponsors! Have a wonderful holiday season.
  6. I'd like to see Nissan grow a sack, and start taking some real risks. Like the one that Matsuo and Mr K took, pursuing the development of the S30.
  7. I see how it is now, a club of stock owners. Y'all don't associate with us mod guys, huh?
  8. We'll be in today.
  9. Assuming you're talking about Stock class, that is a difficult class to judge. Technically if it wasn't on there when it left the factory, it could count against you. However there are instances where Nissan has consolidated parts over times for various reasons. Sometimes they run out of a part and a new part supersedes an older part. Sometimes a part had problems and is replaced by a newer one. The fuel line heat shield kit is a good question, and I don't know the answer. It's not a factory part technically unless it came on the boat. Dealer installed is usually not allowed.
  10. Okay, anything new on the Zcon front? I'm bringing my girl this time. ZCon #5, and first time not alone.
  11. Is that what y'all have planned for us. 🤣
  12. Right now, I'm planning to be there. I already reserved my hotel room.
  13. I have this one or a Gen III in my car. Awesome air conditioning!