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    Safari Gold (920); built 8/71; slight mods based on other 240Z model years; Konig Rewind Gunmetal 16 inch wheels; minor suspension mods

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  1. Is there something wrong with it?
  2. YO!!

    1. Mike


      Yo back at ya!  How's the conference?  

    2. Mike


      FYI, this is my public profile page...  😉


  3. bpilati

    Ztoberfest 2015

    http://richmondzcar.com/show_registration_2015.php Ztoberfest 2015 Join the Z Car association of Richmond in celebrating all thats Nissan and Datsun at our 14th annual Ztoberfest car show. This year we will be having the car show on pitlane at Richmond International Raceway in conjunction with a huge charity event being put on by Chick fil a. Please keep an eye out for information about the event on our facebook page. Richmond International Raceway, Car show Entrance: Use turn #3 Entrance (by no later than 9:30am) SEE WEBSITE FOR FORMS
  4. I think we should designate February Mr K Month every year!!

    1. Mike


      Not a bad idea.. K day?

  5. Congratulations!

  6. YEP....See you there.

  7. yes, I plan to. You?

  8. Hi Brian.....Are you going to the Hampton show in May?

  9. Hey brother, what's up?

  10. Hi this is public message part of forum i think?

  11. I think you are perpetually logged in.

  12. Yes, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just have to stay up a bit. Then go back to sleep.

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