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  1. bpilati

    Zcon 2019

    Is that what y'all have planned for us. 🤣
  2. bpilati

    Zcon 2019

    Right now, I'm planning to be there. I already reserved my hotel room.
  3. bpilati

    Vintage Air Gen II mini Install

    I have this one or a Gen III in my car. Awesome air conditioning!
  4. bpilati

    280z Wiring Diagram

    Is there something wrong with it?
  5. bpilati

    280z Wiring Diagram

    You know this how?
  6. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    You must have said that after I walked away.
  7. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    What kind of movement? 😉
  8. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Zcon is going extremely well. Thanks, Georgia.
  9. YO!!

    1. Mike


      Yo back at ya!  How's the conference?  

    2. Mike


      FYI, this is my public profile page...  😉


  10. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I'm planning to go anyway. Someone reminded me it's more than just a car.
  11. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I haven't decided 100% that I'm not coming, even if driving my other car. I'll decide this evening, and let you know. May have to work this through Zcon officials.
  12. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I'm all paid up and everything. 😞
  13. bpilati

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Funny guy. I found out Monday that I have a bad camshaft in my Z with less than 500 miles on the engine. I'm not certain what to do about this trip now.
  14. bpilati

    ZCON 2018

    I'm waking this thread up! I'm working hard to have her ready.

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