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  1. Rest in peace Victor.......you know God has a Datsun waiting for you brother!!! We will miss you. I was lucky enough to have known Victor personally. Tom
  2. All go input on safety gear for sure!!! One other tip while riding.....always be aware that you may be invisible to people in cars. If motorcycles are not part of their lives they may subconsciously see you but really don't. I've been riding sport bikes for over 30 years and am still hear to talk about it. I just turned 66 years young and currently ride a highly modified 2009 Yamaha R1. As is said many time before....."If you ride on two wheels, its not a question if you will fall down, its just a matter of time." Most of all........just have fun. "Just one mans opinion" Tom
  3. Good day all, Its been a while since I've visited the site but the other day I received a "Happy Birthday from the Classic Zcar Club" email.....nice! Anyway, I thought I'd say HOWDY and let you all know my series one is still with me and I'm having just as much fun driving it as I do looking at it. No ticket yet!!! I was thinking the other day....I've owned my 1970 240 since 1983......34 years to date. Shoot, I just had my 66th birthday so that means I've had my Z for more than half my life.....holy crap batman!!! Not likely to part with it any time soon either......Ok, maybe when the dirt nap time comes along and then some lucky person can carry on with it....who will it be, hmmmmmmm!!? Still riding mountain bikes and riding my crouch rocket. Truth be told, my 2009 highly modified Yamaha R1 gets more seat time than the 240Z.....its just way faster than the Z!!! So, again HOWDY all and respond if you wish. As I've always said in my posts...."Its just one mans opinion" Tom
  4. Interesting, espciially the second pic! But how in the world can you beat the looks of the original??? Keep trying Nissan. Just one mans opinion!!!
  5. Regarding 17" wheels....I have 17x8 front and 17x9 rear. 215-40 front and 235-40 rear on a lowered series 1 with no issues. With the correct offsets and adjustable camber plates it works. The rear tire is really close to the fender!!! Some 235-40s are a tad wider than others and may rub slightly. See my photo album pics. The front set-up clears just fine. The wheels you see in my album have alot of offset and required me to fab custom width spcares and longer studs. It was work but I like the results! Just one man's opinion!
  6. Regarding filling the holes in the bumper where the vertical override pieces go. Go to a hardware store or marine store and pick up some SS carage bolts. Remove the square corners under the panhead and polish the panhead.....they look really good. Bettrer than rubber plugs IMO anyway.
  7. I went through this exercise years back to tow a small trailer and dirt bike. Find a good hitch fabricator and it is certainly possible. But the limit is for SMALL trailers........its a z car!!!!
  8. For additional reference......check out HYBRIDZ. they have a ton of info on all modifications, including suspension. I love Classic Zcar Club but any info is good info!
  9. Just a thought....I installed stock 280ZX front calipers on the 240 oem mounts with vented 300ZX rotors cut down (OD) to fit. Works well!!!
  10. Just a thought and i don't know if they are still available but, look at METAL MASTER's selection.
  11. I love the looks of the Volk TE37V and will be my next set if my current wheels become toast!!? I have a set of altstadt wheels (240ZX photo album) that I bought 2nd hand and made them fit. I've never seen them anywhere online and alway cringe at the thought of damaging them!!!? Anyway....love the Volk!
  12. Hi all....I believe you can fit a broad choise of wheels/tires to fit your 240Z. (Take a look at my set-up, 240ZX photo album), these are 17x8 front & 17x9 rear with 215-40 front & 235-40 rear within stock body. What i did was calculate, this does take some work, width vs offset and researching tire sized and finally coming to the a result of width thick spacer is required to allow the combination to work without problems. For my set-up I also had to install longer studs as the studs pass through the spaces. If you have the passion for a non standard set-up, it is possible. OK, there are limits! Note: my struts have been shortened and I have adjustable camber plates. As always, this is a contiual improvement process. I am working on the front end to reduce bump stering.....not bad but want better. HYBRIDZ has tons of info about how to achieve this effort. I have a front crossmember with relocated lower control arm pivot points and will install adjustable length control arms. Always something to mod!!!
  13. Yes Vicki it is I, coming back to the fold.........
  14. Mike, just realized I had re-registered using SP240Z.....crap, I am getting old! When it suits you, please delete SP240Z as obviously my original 240ZX is working fine. Sorry for my brain f_rt Mike.
  15. Very interesting...my avatar has been 240ZX since 2001!?
  16. Haven't posted in some time but saw this post about a drivers side fiberglass head light bucket and i'm curious. My 1970 has one while the passenger side is metal. Is this an original set-up or indicate past damage.........? What say you, you most educated z guys.
  17. Haven't posted in some time but, I did take out the 240 last Saturday for a play session on hwy. 33 SoCal area.......fun stuff!!!
  18. Check out HybridZ.....and a guy under the call sign "Blueoval" He has an awesome small block ford Z!!!
  19. My dream Z car is certainly one I cannot afford but would love to engineer and build..........oh, wouldn't it be grand? But, in the mean time......I still love my old 1970 with just a few mods!
  20. Just some food for thought! Perhaps, instead of all the work involved to convert a series 1 car to a 73 style tool storage, you could just fabricate nice enclosures that function as the original plastic tool storage units. But then again, I have no idea how many tools you plan to store. Just my 2 cents!
  21. As an additional resource, check out HybridZ website. They have lots of info on brakes and other mods as well.
  22. 240ZX

    Bad to the Bone

    Yea......that is, a really nice HONDA!!!!!LOL
  23. This is not a new technology by any means. This design configuration has been used in hydraulic motors and pumps for decades! Interesting that someone thought it applicable to internal combustion engines. A down side that I can see is excessive rotating/articulating mass...as in what is called a swash plate in a hydraulic pump or motor.....in other words, the device the con rods would be connected to. In my opinion, for what ever that's worth, will it work? Sure! Just one old guys thoughts.
  24. I'm an old school guy so, my opinion on electric cars is pretty low. My I explain..........just imagine attending a race event with electric cars....BORING!!!! To me, half the pleasure of motorsports are the sounds! Enough said alright!!?
  25. Well, it seems as time passes our Z cars are becoming more valuable!!! Its about time that one of the coolest cars ever to grace the road is gaining more respect within the car collecting world. But personally, no mater what, always have and always will LOVE my 240Z. Like I've posted in the past...."Its so much fun to drive, it should be illegal".
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