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  1. Patcon, 

    I have lost all my contacts.  I need to talk to Mark Maras asap.  If you please will contact him and give him that info, he has my phone number.  I cannot navigate this new format of the club, so I need  help.  This is the only way I think I can contact him, with your help.  Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.


    1. Mark Maras

      Mark Maras

      I got the message. I'll contact Jai and see what's up.

    2. Patcon


      Tell her hello from me and Merry Christmas

    3. Mark Maras

      Mark Maras

       Merry Christmas everyone.

       For all who are interested, here's an update on Jai and Redbird. Jai is feeling a bit lonely and isolated this holiday season and experiencing a few health problems. Her Dr. discovered evidence of more than a few mini strokes that don't seem to have affected her too much except for some difficulty walking. She asked me to tell everyone hi and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a better new year.

       Redbird (her beautiful red 76 280Z) has been sitting for a few months due to Jai's health. She had a bit of an accident earlier this summer. A small dent in the left front side of the hood, (body shop says it can be fixed) but it is going to need a replacement bumper or find someone who straightens and rechromes them. She lives in NW Georgia if anyone can help with bumper info.

       Peace on Earth and goodwill to all.


  2. Well the woods filled In with leaves during the 8 years. ? Enjoy your food and tall boys. But don't drive anywhere. Have a home celebration. ?
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF... Hope you have a great day and a cool Z driving year ahead!!! Sending love, Jai & Lissa
  4. Isn't it wonderful that they give us so much, love included too. ????
  5. Love it! Mine is a good one too. Challenge you to photos!!! Glad you are doing well, Jai & Lissa
  6. Happy New Year to all, Wishing each of you'all a wonderful day & night, plus all of 2019. Sure hope it is better!!! A little late... IMG_3698-1.3gp
  7. Hi folks... Lissa and I are wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas day... This is our new red vehicle. ?
  8. Hi Sara, Just want to thank you for helping me get my Z-Legs when I first started here. That's about 3 1/2 years ago now. My sweet RedBird is wonderful to me. She is staying roadworthy, and a big blessing. Redwing, my old 1971 was sold, and is now down to bare metal, heading for a full restore. I am so happy for her. Anyhow, I do appreciate your kindness and all you did for me. I won't forget you, in fact I hope someday to meet you and your partner. Keep in touch...sending love and blessings.
  9. Hi all, Just a note to tell you how much fun I had at ZCON. My son Bill and I were there Friday and Saturday. We got to drive my "RedBird" 280 Z in the parade lap at the track. That was exciting. Then we lined up for the areal photo. My car is number 35, counting from the top left. So cool, she is in posterity forever for the 2018 ZCON. We met some members there, Capt. Obvious, Charles, Zup, Cliff, Mark and his wife Kathy, Greg, and others I can't remember all. I just wish I had been able to be there all week. A great time was had by all. First photo lining up for the parade lap. Second, driving in the lap. Third, aerial photo of Z's, #35 is RedBird. Fourth, Mark Maras and Lissa Sunday ready to go home.
  10. Thank you EuroDat. I'm biased too. My first 1971 Z was a Red 240, Redwing. I drove her 259,000 miles. Nothing like driving a red Z. Happy driving...
  11. We went to a car show last Saturday, and were awarded a Second in the Stock classification. This makes 5 trophies RedBird has won in 5 shows, I'm very happy we are doing so well. My Service Dog Lissa was with me, and RedBird was so shiney that she reflected the trophy and Lissa too. It was a great time again, altho awfully hot. We were indoors at least, and brought a fan which helped. We are regestered with ZCON, and Best Western for Oct. 19 & 20th. Hope to see many of you there. It will be so great to meet my online friends in person.?
  12. Mark, the 1977 has the depression running horizontally across the bumper. The 1976 is smooth with no indent. Looks a lot better in my eyes. Thanks, Jai
  13. I only can imagine that RedBird was in a front end accident before I got her. There is evidence of bent areas under the grill. I sent a letter asking about her past hoping to find out history, to the previous owner. But I did not get any reply. So no clue really. Thanks...
  14. I called MSA. I had spoken to him before, and I am on a call back list for the right bumper end. The last of them they got from Japan, was 2 of them, back in 2016. As of now, on that list, there are 17 people ahead of me waiting too. Boy, that's hard odds. Looong time to make it to the top of the list. Jai
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