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  1. You make a valuable argument Tom, but ZOMG, they are toys....come on man.
  2. I guess my PO thought he was Fred Flinstone, because I have no more floor boards.:tapemouth Now to add insault to injury, I may have to sell my car because my Father-in-Law has to move and will not be able to take it with him. Grrrr.:mad:
  3. 240Zdragon72

    Zfest 2006

    I have had the pleasure of living down the street from Sean. On many occasion he would be over at my place trying to figure out what was wrong with my Z. Thanks for all you help and advice.
  4. I am happy for ya. Such a beautiful car. [Wipes drool from chin] I can't wait to get back to the states and start work on mine. I miss it a lot. Keep up the progress, I'd like to see a 3/4 view when she is all put together.
  5. Man, I can not remember how many times I spent under the car, in the engine bay and busting my knuckles on parts trying to fix my Z. I had the engine almost to the block one time to fix a busted alternater adjusting arm bolt that was still stuck in the block behind. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=17423&cat=500&ppuser=4747 http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/show_image.pl?bg=000000&image=http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/11/web/1727000-1727999/1727310_74_full.jpg Anyway, I just want to say that I am glad you decided to keep going, she is a very pretty car. Cheers.
  6. I had the same problem only the bubbles in mine were big. Your Clutch MC has a piston inside it to push and pull the fluid when you put your foot down on it. The Valve inside the assy. has little rubber "O" rings. Mine was tearing apart, letting air in and fluid out. Your best bet would be to take yours apart and inspect the rings. If it is looks torn, find a used one in good condition. I found mine on EBay for really cheap. Good luck my friend.
  7. First ZG Drawing I have done. Have yet to decide on wheels. More to come...
  8. Nice work. How is your head and neck by the way?
  9. She must have been very fun to drive. I'm getting a SEMI just looking at it!! It would put any Civic on the street to shame. (That is how I like it!)
  10. I'm quite fond of the "Black face" guages myself. At a glance, they look stock.
  11. I beleive it is called "You're Under Arrest." Some talk of it a few months ago in the forums. One club member has his avater as a screen shot from the series.
  12. Or just an obsesion with the game 'Simon'
  13. I would also like to see more shots. Has kind of a Initial D theme. AE86 Panda paint job. Does that say "Fujiwara Tofu Shop"? JK.
  14. I'm speachless. At first I thought it looked like a Corvette from the front. Now, I don't know if it really was a "Z", or a fiberglass body on a Fiero chassis. I know that Fieros have the engine in the back, but anything is possable with that ugly looking body kit. :sick: Retch!
  15. Probably because you are just wasting space.
  16. What!? Fun in my Z has no comment? That is unheard of. What is our world comming to all of a sudden?
  17. I'd give my left {you know what} for my car to look like this! Excellent work!
  18. Very Nice! I have always loved the way your Z sounded.
  19. 240Zdragon72

    LS1 Z

    WalMart or Kmart will have them in the Hot Wheels isle. Nice conversion on the engine, I see you also did not like the Honda Wing.
  20. Check it out, The Flinstones car!
  21. Virto's Avatar: Although funny, the car looks like it can be pulled from the ditch and still drive away. The other "Wrecked Z Cars" are being trailered to the scrap yard. Sad indeed...
  22. My Z was up for 6 years and the only thing I can see wrong is the front driver side strut is maxed out. My "opinion" is: I don't think the doors would have much of an effect on the frame as fas as "twisting" it. It would, however, effect the weight distributed when the car is in the air/ on jacks or on a lift, but not by much.
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