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  1. Fun_in_my_z

    Hey everyone.

    Not much of the old suspects around anymore. Its hard to follow this site with all these changes
  2. Fun_in_my_z

    Hey everyone.

    I must have mist it. I wanna do the halos in the Z. I think that would be cool
  3. Fun_in_my_z

    Hey everyone.

    Been awhile just wanted to check in and see what everyone is up to. I have put my Z in storage for now as my job moves me from place to place. I lost my parts cars and most of my tools when the tornados hit Vilonia. I got married last year to my best friend and now trying to get her through collage. On my time off I have taken on a new project. 2002 Yamaha R6 Paid 350.00 for it. Have 900 in parts its work 4k.
  4. Fun_in_my_z

    A girl and her hula hoop. Now say thank you ;)

    Thanks but find A nude vid next time.
  5. Fun_in_my_z

    Dash in the Box

    But not a 75
  6. Fun_in_my_z

    Dash in the Box

    What Z is it for do you know?
  7. Fun_in_my_z

    Love it or hate it

    Mmmmm beaver
  8. Fun_in_my_z

    Long time no see.

    I love boobs but do I love them more then my Z? That sounds weird
  9. Fun_in_my_z

    Long time no see.

    Hey everyone, long time no see...err read. Hope everyone is doin well and surviving these earth shakers. I have not been able to access the website due to no home computer and "web page banned contains adult content" message at work. No doubt that this is due to boobs thread.... Is their a way to hide that so people can get online from library or school computers? Just a thought.... My Z is in storage awaiting the bank to come through on home loan. Patiently waiting on the day to come.....
  10. Fun_in_my_z

    Coin collectors?

    Just wandering if any Z owners on the forum may collect old coins? If Shia whatis the rarest coins you have? Pictures or info?
  11. Move to Arkansas and you won't have that problem
  12. No hard starting for me. My 280z has triiple webbers
  13. Fun_in_my_z

    This guy crashed my car!

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091113/ap_on_fe_st/us_odd_lagoon_bugatti :angry:
  14. Fun_in_my_z

    Junkyard & "Out to Pasture" Zs

    And the fact that they want an arm and leg or left nut for everything
  15. Fun_in_my_z

    What are your favorite Quotes?

    From Die Hard Hans Groober: Who are you, a security guard we missed? Mclaine: ehhh, sorry Hans wrong guess. Want to try for double jeopardy where the scores can really change? Groober: Then who are you? Mclaine: I’m just the fly in the ointment, a regular pain in the arse.

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