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    '73 240Z I bought in Paris TX from it's 3rd owner, a HS kid whose Dad bought it for him as a project. It is the third S30 I have owned since '86 and has everything I wanted, factory color combo and model year.
  1. gogriz91

    JDM 2+2 grill?

    Picked this up from a friend as a replacement for one i lost in an accident. Am trying to figure out where the 2/2 came from, I thought North American 2+2s had the same grill as the coupes. Am curious if someone just added it to this grill. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. gogriz91

    113 Green

    Dupont, PPG, whomever, your local auto body paint supplier should be able to dig up the formula if you give them the year and paint code.
  3. gogriz91

    Triple M´s?

    I got mine from Wolf Creek racing, very helpful, paid around $2.3K a couple of years ago for a set of 44s.
  4. gogriz91

    240Z from TN

    Where did you order your Wats from? What size and how much if you don't mind me asking?
  5. gogriz91

    Triple Mikuni thread

    Email Dave Patten at Futofab, he has taken the reins left by Todd at Wolf Creek Racing and should be able to get you jets. Dave@FutoFab.com The wolfcreekracing.com website leads you to Dave's contact information.
  6. I'm going to the Cars and Coffee and the councours for the first time this year, won't be able to make the panel but hope I can catch those guys at the other two events.
  7. Whatever you go with find someone who knows how to tune them. Best money I spent wasn't on the carbs it was on having someone who knows what they're doing tune them on a dyno.
  8. gogriz91

    Any good repair shops?

    Bound to be someone around Dallas, they have two Z clubs in the metroplex last time I checked, Texas Z club and Cowtown Z club.
  9. gogriz91

    Positive and Negative Reputation Added

    I understand Mike's desire to maintain a positive discourse, can the moderators weigh in on the comments rather than handing users bully sticks? We've already demonstrated an inability to manage our internet egos.
  10. Unnerving to see what the top of Bob Sharp's Z looked like after that accident, presumably with a rollcage, did the car get rebuilt?
  11. gogriz91

    Selling my beloved Z. Where to start?

    FWIW see if you can't get it on Bring a Trailer to increase visibility.
  12. gogriz91

    Melted wire coming off alternator

    I wonder if your voltage regulator is bad?
  13. Of the different fascias I've seen between Zs and Celicas this is the one I prefer, thanks for the image Alan.
  14. I would love to build a tribute car modeled after this one. Will have to research the details but I really like how simple everything is, will have to work on my fiberglass skills to build that grille fascia.
  15. gogriz91

    Stay safe out there, Tokyo!

    Godzilla or air pollution will be the athletes biggest threat in Tokyo in four years.

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