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  1. Hope Wing doesn't mind the hijack, but I have one of his restored OEM Twinstacks that I will sell for $300 shipped anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for free, as pictured in Wing's post from the first page. Not sure I'll ever get to my Z project, been sitting in my garage for several years now. Need some money so I'm selling some of the parts collection. If required I'll start my own post, but if not just PM me if you're interested.
  2. I guess the best thing about living in a rural, sort of poor area, is the mechanics adjust their rates to reflect the wages. Most still charge around $50/hour is my experience. The nearest BMW Motorcycle dealer to me is over 100 miles away in Kelowna, BC and they charge $85/hour, but that is the set rate at all BMW MC dealers/service centers. At least my US dollars are worth around 20%+ so I would actually save some money in BC. Still, the cost is why I'm learning to do everything I can myself, changed out my first tire the other day. All the tire places around here no longer change MC tires. For me I got both the satisfaction of knowing you've saved big bucks and done the work myself. Changing spark plugs on a Z is about as easy as it gets -- buy or borrow the right tools and do it yourself. You'll feel great.
  3. First pin in Eastern Washington, come on I know there are more of you hiding out there -- Spokane, etc. Anyone, anyone...?
  4. Love the Alpha, have always wanted one -- something about my being half Italian and the car is just sexy. There was a shop nearby that specialized in them when I lived on Lake Union in Seattle. For American iron, of course I loved the Corvette from Route 66 with Marty Milner and George Maharis (sp). I watched those shows in reruns when I was a kid, at least I think they were reruns. Not sure at 6'6" whether I'd be a good fit. For something practical a nice BMW 2002tti w/ sunroof. I'm German, French and Czech on my mom's side and not particularly fond of any French cars I can think of and not sure the Czechs make any at all unless they were making FIATs under license.
  5. Bakelite' date=' kind of like an old time plastic -- used in those old black dial phones people used to have, pot and lid handles, insulating material for electrical parts, lots of different things modern plastics are used for nowadays.Bakelite, Wikipedia
  6. That's a bummer, especially the part about the reproduction lenses as I have two oem rings, but need a driver's side lens. I was hoping to get a replacement lens or both lenses, to complete my set. I'd just go for the one side, but was afraid the old lens and new one wouldn't match - clarity wise, now it just sounds like they don't fit well. Gary D.
  7. I remember getting my dad a bottle of Hai Karate when I was a kid for Father's Day. Not sure that he ever used it. But then again he was a big Jade East fan. Before he passed on a couple years back my mom found him some Jade East and it brought back memories of dad getting ready to head to work or he and mom heading out on the town. He was color blind and had a hip sportcoat in a shiny dark green color. He used to always ask us how we liked his purple jacket. He also used to make sure he took mom along whenever he got a new car -- said he didn't want to come home with some color the dealer was trying to schlep off on someone. Of course that doesn't explain the Lincoln Mark V with the Quadraphonic 8 Track long after cassettes had won the format battle. I prefer the yellow pine trees with the vanilla smell. If you hang your air freshener from the hood release, a lady's garter always makes a 70's sorta statement swinging from the rear view mirror.
  8. Most 240Zs actually came with the E88, see this chart: http://datsunzgarage.com/heads/. So, there's a good chance it was designed for your 240Z depending on the year. Of course, maybe the PN makes it of the 260Z era, I'm no expert. I do know the E88 on the 1973 240Z and 1974 260Z were different. I think there were actually three different types of E88s. Carl Beck and others know much more, this is just what I've learned from osmosis hanging around this site. Also see this thread: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5416&highlight=E88+types
  9. I really don't know the answer to your problem. I wish I did, but I have the older 1970 240Z and the 280Z is much different. That said, I'd ask Dave "ZsOnTheBrain" on this site. He is the electrical expert and it sounds like an electrical problem to me. G

  10. okay so i'm working on a 1976 280z

    its been giving me some problems and the hazard switch might be the problem when i turn of the car the floor temp and the brake light blick and noise comes from the relay and inside,when i desconect the hazard switch it stop and my battery dosent drain now if the blinking stays on nex morning on few hours the battery drains so what exacly can i do if u have an answer please i woulnd glandly appriciatte it my guages go off when i remove the hazard switch.

  11. Wing, tried to PM you about your reply to my previous PM, it seems your PM box is at its quota and will not accept more.
  12. WingZrO, I'll take a one set of the vertical twin tip/stacks. Please let me know how you want to be paid. I have a PayPal account. I've been counting my pennies and this is the first thing I've bought for my Z project in quite awhile, but could not pass up the deal. Thanks, Gary
  13. Nissan shoots, Nissan misses! Again!
  14. Pretty close to mine -- 7273, but one slooooowly moving project at a time. Maybe I'll have mine ready before my 50tb Bday. Good luck, looking forward to seeing some more photos.
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