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  1. George, Thanks for the feedback. I definately know what you mean. The Z (or any classic car) can be defined as either rare or unique. Anyone (with money) can go to a dealership and buy a nice car, but with a classic you need to either create it or "find it". That becomes more of a challenge. And yes, when you are in a classic, there is a feeling of accomplishment, especially if you did the work yourself. I am sure one day i will get the "itch" to find myself another classic. For now, i am enjoying the marvels of German engineering and living out my boyhood dream. Mark
  2. I am not comparing the Porsche and the Z. Quite honestly, there is no comparison. The point of the post is that after selling the Z, i needed something to get excited about again....and this is doing it! The 240Z is a classic sports car and I will always love them, but my I was looking for something better. I had bought a 350Z roadster in 2004, thinking that would do it. It didnt. I sold it a year later with 4k miles on it. The Porsche is an incredible machine. It has so much grip and traction and it winds up like a go cart. I hit the gas and its gone! Finally, i just love the way this one looked. The combination of the black and "baseball glove" interior is beautiful. I didnt mean to offend anyone. Just wanted to share my new toy. Mark
  3. Well after selling my Z, i went for a more "practical exotic" And what a car it is. I found a great deal on a 2004 Porsche C4S Cabriolet. This car is fantastic to drive. It handles like nothing i have ever driven and sounds like a million bucks. I think i am going to enjoy being 40! See photos Mark
  4. Well the final price was $19,650. I am very happy with what i got. Quite frankly i didnt think it would go that high. I got an overwhelming response. People are emailing me after the auction offering me $20k. Go figure! I dont think i have seen a 240 go for the that much in some time. Mark
  5. Thanks for the feedback. This decision is not a rash one. I put some thought into it. As awesome as the car looks, it is still in "project" status. This means there are several hours of labor needed to get it 100% right. This is time i dont have to spend on it. I have to be realistic with what i do. Right now, i would rather sell it to someone that can appreciate it and use it. I have had people come out and look at it. Surprisingly, mostly mature adults in late 40's or early 50's, which makes me feel a lot better. Owner this Z has been a roller coaster of emotions. The best parts are seeing the look on peoples faces when i roll up the garage door and they see it for the first time, or maybe a couple of years and see the progress. I never intened this car to be a daily driver, even for my 5 mile commute to work. I would just sit at my desk worrying about it. So, this is why i am opting to get something that I can feel comfortable taking out and not worrying if there is dirt on my suspension... I knew that i was not going to be supported on letting the Z go, but do appreciate your candor. Mark
  6. Wow, thats an amazing family tree you have. I thought I had it rough. I guess i better stop eating bacon with every meal. My wife was going to throw this big "getting to 40" party for me this month, setting me back about $10k. I told her not to got to the trouble (and expense) as i would rather spend the money and go away on a mini vacation with my family and relax. Thanks for the pep talk Mark
  7. Carl You are hilarious. And you made me feel better. I think i am going to live life to the fullest after turning 40 as i have done up until this point. Thanks for the putting it all into perspective. Unfortuantely, my father died when i was 15 and he was 51. So, never could really relate much to "getting older". I always thought 51 was the finishing point for me for a long time. Then again, you never know.....
  8. Thanks guys. I guess this guy just go under my skin. On the flip side, i got a ton of people just emailing me on how great the car looks. Mark
  9. I think the guy that keeps sending me these emails is the same guy that was selling his 240z with 14k miles a few months ago on ebay. If i remember correctly, he was a real jerk because he canceled the auction 3 times. Real uptight idiot. He is even more pissed that the car was originally blue on blue and he is restoring a "rare" blue on blue. What he didnt see was that the car was white on black when i got it. Here are some of his quotes: "You took a very rare Blue on Blue series one car and in effect ruined it. The engine for the colector and purist is worthless. The car is no longer numbers matching and has lost all it's true value. Plus there are things on the outside and inside of the specimen that are missing. This is not a restored car but a modified car. Please stop misrepresenting this classic car as restored. It is noow meaningless to the history of the 240z. One more series one car ruined for all time." ".... just sold the lowest mileage series one vehicle in the world. With 14,ooo showroom original rust free miles" "...you are a charlatan with a worthless specimen and really ridiculous engine in it with a car that was repainted and it doesn't even have a horn pad hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" This guy went out of his way to send me countless emails, just to give his rediculous opinion!
  10. Thanks again guys. Lots of good feedback. I hate to lose the Z, but i have a four car garage and they are all full. So, need to make space. I know i am not going to get any support on selling the z on this site, thats understandable. About two years ago i bought a 350Z roadster and sold it a year later. I have bought boats and jet skis and sold them before the end of the season. I had a brand new Harley for 11 months. All along the way, i kept the 240z. Turning 40 for me is going to be a milestone. I still feel like a kid at heart. Even though i have two kids and an SUV. As a boy, i had always admired Ferraris, Lambos, Maseratis, Porsche, etc. My daily driver is a 2006 BMW 750LI. Thanks for the years of support on this site. It has been an invaluable resource and is some cases friendships i have made along the way. Mark
  11. Thanks guys. I love the car, but my interests have gone in a different direction. I am turning 40 this month, and i think mid-life crises is settling in. I want something i can drop the top on and go fast!!!! I am thinking of getting a late model 911 or if i can swing it, a mid 90's Ferrari. I have been into Z cars since 1990 and think they are iconic in the automotive history. Quite honestly, I spent WAY too much money on this project and never really got to a point of enjoyment. On another note, i got this real ugly blast email from some z purist that was completely pissed about what i have done with the car. He feels that because the car is "modified", i cant call it "restored" What's your opinion on that..?
  12. Ok guys, dont get mad at me but after 5 years of working on this baby, i have lost interest and decided to move on. My loss is someones gain. I am in this car over $45k.....My reserve is $12k. I will take $15k Check it out on ebay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190039511796 You can also see pictures on www.my70z.com
  13. Is there a difference between a 1970 and 1971 speedometer cable. I purchased a spedometer cable for a 240z but noticed a difference on one end. see photos. Mine is the one on the inside taken from a 1970. has anyone had any luck with this.
  14. I love English sports cars. I was born and raised in England before moving to CA when i was 14...so i am a bit partial. In Highschool i had a 71 Triumph Spitfire. Constantly had problems with it but it was a bunch of fun. I would like to own a Austin Healy or XK150 some day.
  15. I just spoke to the shop that installed the u-joints and suggested bringing in and balancing the drive shaft. Hopefully that is all it needs.
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