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  1. I have a 77 in the middle of an engine rebuild. My first Z was a 77 back in 1983, loved that car. Bought this car as a project & haven't driven it yet. Vince
  2. carfiche.com has Factory Service Manuals online. I just downloaded the 76 280z one. Vince
  3. I had the same problem. After the car would warm-up to would stumble & die. Thanks to suggestions from other members, I made sure my Temperature sensor connections were clean & the problem stopped.
  4. My 77 had similar piece. Very homemade looking with bad welding. It was loose and rattling around, couldn't find anything about it so i took it off. Vince
  5. There's a good write up on injector connector replacement at http://www.atlanticz.ca http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/injectors/connectors/index.html
  6. Now that I've calmed down I when back out to the garge & tried the rusty manifold nuts I can see. They both turned out without a problem. I've decided to pull the motor and keep going at this point. Anyone in Southern Ontario have a 280 engine they want to sell? Thanks! Sometimes you just have to step back & clear your head. Talking helps to. Vince
  7. When is it time to give up & sell or junk the car? 1977 208Z I bought the car two years ago. It ran & drove when I got it but needed front brakes (fixed), headlights (fixed), front turn signals (fixed) & windshield wipers (fixed) that I knew of. I would start up on the first crank & sounded good. After getting it home it started smoking very badly. I replaced the valve stem seals but that didn’t stop the smoke, I’ve since discovered that Marvel Mystery Oil will stop a car from smoking just long enough for a prospective buyer to look at your car. Every time I fix one thing another problem stops me from getting it on the road. Over the past several months I had smoke coming out of the dashboard & the engine would stumble & die when it warmed up. The smoke was from a leak in the heater hoses under the dash (fixed). The stumble & stall was from a bad connection to the temperature sensor (fixed). After starting it back up one of the fuel hoes at the filter split & sprayed gas all over the engine (fixed). On the next start a hose on the fuel rail started leaking. So I decided to replace all of the hoses on the fuel rail & injectors. Number 5 injector hold down screws broke off flush with the manifold & now the stud extractor has broken as well. Now that I can see some of the exhaust manifold bolts I can see that their regular bolts not studs & very rusted. I know their not going to come off without a fight. How far to you go? Very frustrated. Vince
  8. Thanks Stephen! Car now idles fine after warm-up. But now it's sprung a leak at the fuel rail. O well one problem at a time. Thanks for the advise. Vince
  9. Well I couldn't get an ohm reading from the temperature sensor so I took it out of the car. After cleaning the contacts with sandpaper it worked. Did the tests hot & cold & I think it works. Put it back in the car & started car up. Just as it started to warm up the fuel line after the filter split & started spraying gas over the engine. Luckly no fire. I'm off to get new hoses. Vince
  10. My car hesitates and dies after it warms up. Car will start without a problem, even if it’s been sittings for weeks and idles fine. As soon as the temperature gauge starts to move the idle gets rough. I can hear the fuel pump relay clicking along with the idle hesitating and then engine dies. If I let car cool down it will start and idles fine. I’ve taken all of the under hood & under dash connectors apart & cleaned them. I don’t think it’s the fuel pump because it shouldn’t be affected by engine heat. It could be a bad ground but why when it’s warm? Anyone experienced anything like this before? Any ideas on what to try next? Thanks Vince
  11. I'm a Datsun/Nissan fan & like them all. I'd like to have one of each. My dream garage: 1970 240z 1978 Black Pearl 1980 280zx Limited Edition 1840 300zx Limited Edition 1990 300zx TT 2006 350z Roadster
  12. 2! When I was dating my now wife it was great no one else could tag along for the ride. "Sorry only have room for two"