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  1. Hi Guys, Bought another 280Z. She's my Double D (daily driver). Excellent deal. She's a 78 with only 95K on the odom. Runs great and everything works. Pictures to follow. The car is very clean with the usual rust in weird places. I'll upload the photos this weekend. Spoke with my bud 26th Saturday and he convinced me to get back into the Z groove. Vicky
  2. Hi All Anyone else have problems downshifting to third. Upshifting, no problem, but trying to take the Z out of third to second reguires alot of effort. Tranny fluid levels perfect. Both 3rd and 5th were replaced when the Z was restored. Centerforce 2 dual friction clutch requires complete pressure so when I shift all gears my foot is to the floor with the clutch. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Vicky
  3. OK Will I'm so depressed, I should have paid more attention to the engine. Maybe I'll just let Zrush sit and rot ( not rot as in rust, but rot as in idle mode) Help me pleae with this car. Vicky
  4. Please help all. Zrush is doing what I say I have no reason to lie. The injectors are not stock. The web site on Suncoast is old many mods have benn done since then. If I had the money I would pay a 280Z pro to come down here and help me "De-Tune" this monster (pain in the AZZ). Tony D the car is not what she appears to be. This is my whole point Scott did things to the car when I wasn't present. Please keep all suggestion/help/advice comming. I just want to cruise in the FLA sunshine without having to deal with these mod issues. Vicky
  5. How True, How True, I just don't want to open the engine and replace to stock parts. Funds are a problem, but so is $9.50 a gallon for a Z that MIGHT get 10 mpg. Truly sucks for me now. I love the car but can't afford to drive it. Z Painz in the wallet . Vicky
  6. What can I say that's what happened when i did that. Actually this Zrush is a pain in the AZZ. Honestly race fuel is expensive here but pump gas boggs down the car. You dow know what bogging down means yes? That was a term we used in the 70's for crappy prerformance. Gas/Fuel can make all the difference, for any hi-po car. I would appreciate any help with makeing this Z a daily driver. PS no one really told me the difference between running rich and running lean. Which is what we want for our Z cars. Thanking anyone in advance for help. Vicky
  7. As your know I ran the Z down to a half of tank of 109 and went and bought 95. Seems OK until you down shift for more hp. What now, air mixture adjustment? Bogging is so embarassing. Please help. Plus black smoke came from the tailpipe wereas with 109 she was Greenpeace clean. Help Vicky
  8. No Math Please I'm running up to the staiton now and get 87. The track is open until 2:30, so that gives mew time to test. If it still bogs on the half and half mixture what do I do then? Vicky
  9. Thanks for the many suggestions, keep them comming. Anyway, I went to the strip and ran the car down to a half of tank of 109 octane. Now, should I go the the gas staion and get premium 95 or regular at 87. If the car runs fine on half and half that will save some scratch. Thanking all my Z Freinds in advance. Vicky PS she ran 7:00 et in the 1/8th. Remember this is me driving, a more experienced driver could more than likely get a lower trap time.
  10. Yes that's my point Tony, the car runs fine on 109 like your race car. Well I can't get 104 here in FLA for $5.00. We tried 104 and that still produced the same effect. Suggestions from gearheads said the octane was to low, so we tried 109 and she purrs like a kitten, no bog, no hesitation, etc. Premium runs about $3.00+. The car bogs down on pump gas that's the whole point to this thread. Please continue you input and help. Vicky
  11. Thanks for the replys So, as I understand (and I'm learning) running lean means not enough fuel/air? Running rich is to much fuel (of couse along with air mixture) for both senarios. Just about every Z I've owned has "run rich" according to mechanics. Nature of the Z beast. J mortensen, Scott has a build sheet on his car but this car was done by a famous drag racinging mechanic here in Fla. (Big Daddy Don Garlits ring any bells). My husband wanted a strip car and that required severe internal mods for "any" car. Hence the trailering for anything over 100 miles. I can't deal with a Z t
  12. HinZ Friend I need to know how to "De-Tune" my husbands car. I can't afford $9.50 a gallon for 109 octane. I've had many opinions on how to do this but I need solid advice. I've been told to turn the distributor back a few degrees and ajust the MAF. But what if the engine was buit wiith higher than normal compression ratios? I guess what I''m asking is how do you de tune a Z engine to run on pump gas without having to replace parts with stock components.. Thanks for any help. Zweet
  13. The 260Z engine was an bad revamp of the 240. That's why they made it only one year. Truly if you reallytalk to any Z folks,must of the guys would say the 280Z is the best engine. 240z's were in a class by there own but total proven was the th 280. Everything wet downhilll fromthere (280zx). No 280z bashing please!!!! Vicky Good to be back with my Zfriends:love:
  14. Thanks again my beloved Zfriends. The Vintage Z has been sold an funds from that car will be put into the Scarab. The VZ is going to a major collector of fine automobiles and will be lovingly cared for. Scott bought that car for me, so that is why I'd decided to sell her. Scott loved modified Z's (hence Zrush) so this was my only alternative. As stated before, the Scarab will now rest were the VZ was and I will be showing that car when it's done. The Scarab is a much more rare car in the Z world and will be represented in Scotts memory. I hope to be seeing my Zfriends at future shows as S
  15. I own an ultra modified 77 280z, a Vintage 72 240z and a 1977 original Scarab.
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