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  1. They need to stop with the wieght increases. I won't buy another anytime soon because of that. Cosworth is going to solve the power issue for me.
  2. wow i was about to blame your AFM or vacuum lines...the gas tank problem may still be there...and if it is you'll find out soon enough.
  3. Also a real fairlady was only offered in red, white, and marroon if i remember correctly. I really like the look, its a nice green 240z thats for sure.
  4. the 350z is a roadrace car...and its great. Period. You think the car has no soul? You think its too heavy? Track the thing. You talking about a sunday cruise?...ah i could care less about a cruise. Even on the auto-x the car performs..i remove all floormats and spare and jack....on track days..the passenger seat as well...the car feels very nimble...tons of grip even on street tires (compared to my older Zs)..and just enough power to get on it hard coming out of corners. Slap on some slicks...and oh man..hold on. Then i swap my wheels, slap in my street brake pads, and replace the interior components i took off.....back to daily driver baby. All of this is my opinion based on my experiences. This car has great abilities that no one gives it credit for(well guys at the events i go to give it credit cuz they ahve seen it first hand). It is a sports car and now that ive gotten it on the race track..it can hold the Z badge proudly imo as it passes a porsche...it happens.
  5. here is my car when not racing, no black rims here. I take off my Hawk 9012 brake pads, and slap on the HPS for the street and while i do that i change my rims back to stock.
  6. Hey guys, Its a 2 day event and it'd be alot of fun to see other Zs attend. Just spreading the word, cuz this is a fun place to run. Here is the website with the information you need. http://www.coastalbendpca.org/
  7. After you get it PICS are in order!! haha. I'm near corpus christi, tx..but i see you have a service for all this so i guess you have it covered.
  8. I didn't mean to make it sound like your paying too much. I guess what i meant to say is that you are in the price range to get a great example and drive and enjoy with out haveing to mess with anything like paint or rust. Everthing but the clock should work. It should stun you visually as well. A/c working is great.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nissan-INSANE-350Z-300ZX-Sentra-Spev-V-060-T-shirt-XL_W0QQitemZ270023807993QQihZ017QQcategoryZ15687QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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