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  1. Hello, late to the party but curious if anyone has some second hand info on the Moroso oil pan? This looks VERY close to the Nissan Comp one I had at one time, and it was around the same price circa 2000.... p/n 20976 https://www.moroso.com/oil-pan-datsun-nissan-l24-l26-l28-road-race-baffled20976/ EDIT/UPDATE: I reached out to Moroso, this is currently out of stock but will be available later this month or early the next.
  2. Hello, long time no talk on this forum, dragging up a thread from the dead, even though my original pic is no longer visible, thought I'd post this car is now for sale: can be found here: https://hsrrace.com/classifieds/
  3. Ouch!! Glad you made it out ok, thanks for sharing. Similar experience myself, not going as fast, but LF suspension failure, happened right as I nailed the brakes, tire rolled under the fender and immediately took me off the track driver's left (right hand turn approaching), on dry grass it seemingly did not slow down one bit... the worst feeling knowing you're just a passenger at that point. Didn't go airborne but went into an embankment. I had additional front bracing and the chassis was ok for the most part. Sore shoulders from the belts but that was it. The ego was bruised more than anything. Anyway the experience really cemented that the car could easily be a write off at any time.
  4. Thanks, but just to clarify, some people might look at that link and wonder WTF we're doing, what I was really after is this, p/n 40-4185-075 in particular: http://ubmachine.com/balljointspins.html Which enables the use of a relatively common spherical bearing & housing, like these: http://ubmachine.com/monoballhousings.html May not be worth mentioning, but if there's enough room (depending on the brakes there most likely isn't on the s-30), you can also go with a "screw in" style ball joint with a threaded sleeve: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Steel-Upper-Ball-Joint-Sleeve-K772-Style,2126.html http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Howe-Racing-22320S-1968-89-Chrysler-K772-Style-Upper-Ball-Joint-Steel,7935.html Also, to further complicate matters, it appears the K6024 ball joints have changed dimensions over the years, now requiring a taper ream to retrofit on an older truck for which it's originally intended. So if someone were to pick up an OEM unit off an old Chevy to compare, or perhaps the one linked above, they'd probably be more confused, see notes: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-1963-71-Truck-K6024-Style-Upper-Ball-Joint,2245.html
  5. My pleasure, and both, measured it first, ordered a stud (going with a monoball solution) and confirmed fitment once it arrived.
  6. Thought I'd post this here in case there are some racers like myself who are looking to build tubular control arms, using US/domestic parts to retrofit, and I was unable to find this info elsewhere. Anyway, the OEM tapers of both the ball joints and tie rods are 7 degrees. The K772 and K6024 varieties WILL fit the 280z steering knuckles. I have personally confirmed this with the K6024's at least - the K772 p/n is used interchangeably in some cases, and shares the same stud dimensions with a .59" small end & .75" big end. The K727's will NOT work. Same taper, but the small end is already too large. I mention these as they seem to work with some of the later Nissans, and are also used extensively in other strut suspension cars. As for tie rods, the "pinto" variety seems to be the most popular amongst the circle track community. I've confirmed these studs will also fit the 280Z knuckles, but are a bit on the tight side and a light amount of taper reaming will be in order.
  7. This car turned up again, this time on Ebay, now white: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Datsun-Z-Race-Car-SCCA-HSR-SVRA-Road-Race-/271766724560?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3f468f1fd0&item=271766724560&pt=Race_Cars_Not_Street_Legal_
  8. Very cool! I had completely forgotten about your old car getting tore up and agreed with the previous poster, a blast from the past! Great to see you're getting back out there.
  9. It's a custom build from the ground up using commonly available circle track stuff - for the most part the norm here in the States for the SCCA GT cars. The rules are written to promote that type of construction too, even imposing a 2.5% weight penalty for IRS builds after 1990. The original idea (post '90) was to create a flexible platform from which one could easily update to various manufacturer engines and/or body styles, even switching marques, but it never really took off. Regardless it's still an exhilarating drive, with good brakes and low weight - typically under 2k pounds. You'd think the live axle wouldn't perform too well, but it does surprisingly. Operating costs are relatively cheap in comparison to other 'spec' classes as well.
  10. I know it's not a Z, but a Nissan nonetheless and one could convert to an L-series under the current ruleset if they were so inclined. Anyway, an insane deal, I came very, very close to pulling the trigger on this but passed due to various reasons. The owner started out in the 40's from what I hear and is now down to 20k, including the trailer and all spares - you can't get a spec miata for less than that! Unfortunately he's lacking on the pics (however available upon request) but it's all professionally done, alot of trick stuff on there including a Saenz dog ring box which alone would probably go for about $3k used, here's a vid of a Bimmer with the same box: You probably won't find a better deal any time soon, here's his Ebay ad: GT3 1991 Nissan 240 SX 89 scca National Race Wins | eBay
  11. preith


    Interesting history on Don's car too, when the SCCA first classed the 240/260 in EP ('98?), Sportscar (SCCA's publication) featured the construction of that car. Was quite exciting to finally see a new tub build which wasn't an IT car, no offense to the IT guys out there.
  12. preith


    Greg, thanks for chiming in here and thanks so much for posting the vid: Jim Daniels also posted one of the better vids from the same race, lots of w2w time with you: One thing I found surprising was how much more aggressive Aaron appeared on Jim's vid vs the speedcast broadcast.
  13. Very cool, thanks for the reply. Yeah I saw the gt2 car on ebay years ago, would have loved to get my hands on it but wasn't in the cards at the time, and good deal on the ITS car, looks to be VERY straight.
  14. Yup, saw them, Cary (tube80z) would be drooling, . I was also surprised to see the diff appears to be at stock height, with the halfshafts not at an optimum angle - wondering if he had any issues with that over the years... But I digress, nothing that can't be remedied fairly easily.
  15. Not sure if that's sarcasm, but the SU's would be required in ITS, which I gather this car was raced in, and some guys claim the flattops are better in certain respects. Tommy, somewhat off topic, but do you guys run a full tube car out of your shop too? I seem to recall seeing one with similar Geneva sponsorship on it, looked to be nicely done.
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