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  1. lenponz


    From the specs the stock cam from a 260z marked “C” on the back is a good choice. E88 head u’ll need a spray bar. We used to gettem for the wrecking yards and use them on E31 heads no problem. of course you can go after market but that’s a whole different can of worms.
  2. I’ve been told the after market match box do not work as well as a 12-80 from Nissan. I have a pertronix kit on my 240 which runs fine until you get to 5k rpms then I get a miss on it. A few other folks have had similar issues. I have started a collection of 80zx dizzy (3), two are Nissan types that need work the other is a rebuilt so I plan to make 1work somehow.
  3. I think I am gonna try this thing. I have euro dizzy w/a pertronix and it sucks, misses on high rpm’s embarrassing. I have set the mech/vac set to 10/10. With point it’s fine to about 5400, but this set up sound really good.
  4. I think they are BST type thread. I bypassed my intake, removed the back pipe and replaced the 3 way with a 2 and then plugged the thermo housing. Then left the manifold water ports opened. You can buy BST plugs amazon or at royal brass.
  5. I'm in for a series 1 dash. ...Email Sent... i thought the frame was part of the dash ? does anybody have pictures? has anybody used this product??? https://datsunzfiberglass.wordpress.com/author/datsunzfiberglass/
  6. Nice just like mine and within a month of build date. I would keep it. ...... & buy a car to play with imho
  7. I have the same issue, never thought of a helicoil thanks
  8. By the way thanks for the info
  9. I got the whole package a r200 clsd. I paid or it but what the heck those things are very rare, I couldn't pass it up.
  10. I can't understand it either. I have a r200 diff and bought one of those finned covers. Now my transverse link will not go around it. (The bar that goes behind the diff.) I was wondering if someone makes that item so I could use the finned differential cover. Sorry about the poorly written post but I was getting distracted by the kids.
  11. Does anybody make a transverse bar for a 280z that go behind the lower transverse bar??
  12. The stamp with a "C" marking is what i use. Its off a 260 but it did have a bit more pep than an "A" cam. Externally oiled.. Cam Mark A C A Date all all < 8/81 Part # 13001-E4126 N3626 E4126 Intake duration 248 256 248 BTC intake opens 16 20 16 ABC int closes 52 56 52 Int center angle 18 18 18 Exhaust duration 248 256 248 BBC exh opens 54 58 54 ATC exh closes 14 18 14 Exh center angle 20 20 20 Lobe centers 109 109 109 Cam lift intake 7.35 7 7.35 Cam lift exh 7.35 7.35 7.35 Valve lift int 10.5 10 10.5 Valve lift exh 10.4 10.4 10.4
  13. have u tried Gromm in San Jose. They did a perfect job on my E31 about 10 nyears ago and it still perfect. Do expect overnight work but what you get back is well wroth the price.
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