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  1. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280Z-Clock, For Sale

    Dan, Sent you a PM......
  2. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280Z-Clock, For Sale

    It works......
  3. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280Z-Clock, For Sale

    Up for sale is a 280Z, clock..... Price: $125, plus shipping.....
  4. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280Z-Tachometer

    I discovered this tachometer amongst my many 240Z parts and being the sharp cookie that I am, having owned my 240Z for 45 years, I quickly realized this is no 240Z tach. A call for help here quickly resulted in me being informed that it comes out of a 280Z.I have no idea if it works or not and know of no way I can test it. Therefore, it is sold, "as is"If it turns out to be non-working I will refund your payment less postage. Price: $65. Plus $12.00 postage in the US.
  5. ZIII

    240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    JCB, I sent you a PM.......
  6. ZIII

    240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    Captain Obvious, Once again you have come to the rescue.... I certainly hope your promotion to Major is forthcoming.....!!!! I will inform JCB of your post and yes, the wire that hangs loose from the coupler is a solid green which as you say goes to the bulbs. All green wires go to the bulbs. Appears to be an easy fix. Many Thanks, George
  7. ZIII

    240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    Jeff, I am not sure at all... Your picture of the back of the Tach looks way different that what I have..... The one I have, me thinks now, may be for a 280Z or ZX... Perhaps we might get lucky and someone will enlighten me.... George
  8. ZIII

    240Z-Parts, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    Sorry, but I do not know the answer to that question. However, there are a great many on this site who could probably answer your question...... What I can tell you is that it has a six-prong white connector on it. Here are some additional pictures that might be helpful. George
  9. Between the tears and the sniffles I certainly do..... Have sent you a PM....
  10. Professor, Sorry...Captain Obvious,,,,, TMI? Never...That's how I learn..... and am grateful for it. Regards, George
  11. Captain Marvel.....Sorry, Obvious, Well, many thanks for that explanation which serves to remind me why I love the simple 240.... and struggle and get frustrated when all the bells and whistles go off, sometimes simultaneously, on my modern cars. I think I will just offer up this speedo for free to some 280Z owner as I have no idea if it works or not nor of its value..... In the meantime I am racking my brain trying to figure out how I got ahold of it..... Once again, thank you for your help..... Regards, George
  12. Oh, My Captain.... The BCDD system.... why of course.... What is the BCDD system????. BTW, I do know the speedo has numbers on it from 10 to 160.... What I should have said specifically was that there are no serial numbers on the unit.... Many thanks..... George
  13. In my box of 240Z extra parts I came across this speedometer which I know is not from a 240 and I have no recollection of how I came to have it. Was wondering if anyone might know what Z it belongs too. There are no numbers on the speedo, just some barely readable Kanji letters. There is a number on the wiring harness which is: 11660-AJ5000, Japan, G23. Thanks..... George
  14. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280ZX-Distributor- New (( SOLD ))

    Siteunseen, Thanks for your note... I would not say that I " got rid " of my Z, rather, I would say I most reluctantly had to part with it as there was no one in my family I could pass it down too. However, I have been most fortunate in that the buyer is a great enthusiast of Z's, a heck of a nice guy and we have become good friends. There's a great element of comfort for me in that. Thanks for putting in the details about your conversion and to RCB280Z, in case there is someone out there who may wish to do the same. It's what makes this site so extremely valuable....... George
  15. ZIII

    [SOLD] 280ZX-Distributor- New (( SOLD ))

    Thanks very much guys.....I appreciate the advice and ad has been corrected.... George

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