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  1. View Advert Z-Radio, Nakamichi-TD-500 Up for sale is my Nakamichi TD-500 cassette/Am/FM radio which I had in my Z before I sold it. Asking $175.00 plus shipping Advertiser ZIII Date 11/03/2019 Price $175.00 Category Parts for Sale  

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    Up for sale is my Nakamichi TD-500 cassette/Am/FM radio which I had in my Z before I sold it. As a bonus will include a Datsun Shift knob..!!!! Asking $175.00 plus shipping


    El Paso, Texas - US

  3. Dan, Sent you a PM......
  4. Up for sale is a 280Z, clock..... Price: $125, plus shipping.....
  5. I discovered this tachometer amongst my many 240Z parts and being the sharp cookie that I am, having owned my 240Z for 45 years, I quickly realized this is no 240Z tach. A call for help here quickly resulted in me being informed that it comes out of a 280Z.I have no idea if it works or not and know of no way I can test it. Therefore, it is sold, "as is"If it turns out to be non-working I will refund your payment less postage. Price: $65. Plus $12.00 postage in the US.
  6. Captain Obvious, Once again you have come to the rescue.... I certainly hope your promotion to Major is forthcoming.....!!!! I will inform JCB of your post and yes, the wire that hangs loose from the coupler is a solid green which as you say goes to the bulbs. All green wires go to the bulbs. Appears to be an easy fix. Many Thanks, George
  7. Jeff, I am not sure at all... Your picture of the back of the Tach looks way different that what I have..... The one I have, me thinks now, may be for a 280Z or ZX... Perhaps we might get lucky and someone will enlighten me.... George
  8. Sorry, but I do not know the answer to that question. However, there are a great many on this site who could probably answer your question...... What I can tell you is that it has a six-prong white connector on it. Here are some additional pictures that might be helpful. George
  9. Between the tears and the sniffles I certainly do..... Have sent you a PM....
  10. Professor, Sorry...Captain Obvious,,,,, TMI? Never...That's how I learn..... and am grateful for it. Regards, George
  11. Captain Marvel.....Sorry, Obvious, Well, many thanks for that explanation which serves to remind me why I love the simple 240.... and struggle and get frustrated when all the bells and whistles go off, sometimes simultaneously, on my modern cars. I think I will just offer up this speedo for free to some 280Z owner as I have no idea if it works or not nor of its value..... In the meantime I am racking my brain trying to figure out how I got ahold of it..... Once again, thank you for your help..... Regards, George
  12. Oh, My Captain.... The BCDD system.... why of course.... What is the BCDD system????. BTW, I do know the speedo has numbers on it from 10 to 160.... What I should have said specifically was that there are no serial numbers on the unit.... Many thanks..... George
  13. In my box of 240Z extra parts I came across this speedometer which I know is not from a 240 and I have no recollection of how I came to have it. Was wondering if anyone might know what Z it belongs too. There are no numbers on the speedo, just some barely readable Kanji letters. There is a number on the wiring harness which is: 11660-AJ5000, Japan, G23. Thanks..... George