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  1. Hey! Sorry, was inactive for a little bit. The harness/ECU comes from a 1985 300zx Turbo. Same with the injectors.
  2. It's beautiful. Here you go. @cgsheen1
  3. So I would have a higher chance of overheating if I use the N42 block? @heyitsrama I wouldn't be driving hard, maybe a pull every now and then more of just a daily.
  4. The thing is, the N42 block is already built. The picture is old, but all new bearings, pistons, rings, everything. So, if there is no difference would it be better to just put the P90 head on it and run it? Yes it's .030 btw. So the F54 block has siamesed cylinders? Is that the only advantage? I may just build the NA motor and drop it into a 240z or something. We'll see.
  5. Hi, I need your assistance again. @Jeff G 78 @siteunseen @heyitsrama I know I said I didn't want to go turbo, but I found a great deal. I recently acquired a L28ET. It's in pretty great condition. It came with another 5speed, harness ecu, and everything just to drop it i n. Here is a picture of the motor. That is a F54 block. Here is my block from the engine shop, a N42. Anyways, my question is would it be okay if I swapped blocks? What is the difference between the F54 and N42? The N42 block I was building is bored 3 over, with brand new dished pistons and it's balanced. It's almost ready to be put together. Could I use the N42 block, and the P90 head and run it? Would I run into any problems with the N42? Thanks again for helping me guys. BTW @heyitsrama I discovered I did want a turbo, XD
  6. Thanks. I took the engine to the machine shop, same with the head. Letting them check over it and clean it, and making sure all the cylinders are fine. I'm waiting to hear back on the pressure tests and stuffs. Anyways, I got the painters tape and lacquer thinner. Trying hard, and cleaning hard lol. Labeled everything too, just like you said. Waiting to clean the pistons though, want to hear back from the engine shop. Trying to find bolt kits online for the engine. I don't want to re-use some of the bolts. Too crusty. I appreciate all your experience you've shared with me, I hope you guys have a blessed day. God speed.
  7. Thanks man. I grabbed the book, torn it down and had a great laugh when they told me to use a 2x4 piece of wood for leverage to get out the last main bearing cap. I appreciate the advice a lot, I took the engine shop and waiting to hear back. I sadly don't want a turbo, I don't really want to go fast. I just wanna enjoy a stock Z, maybe turbo in the future. Also, the condition of the motor was running but it burned a lot of oil. Every time I'd rev over 3k it would smoke crazy. So I just decided to just rebuild. It had good compression though, 150 in all cylinders besides the second and third cylinder. It was around 130 to 140.
  8. Auston


    Trying to identify some cams I have. Yes, I have too many and I'm only 19. Trying to figure out which one would be the best to use for my engine rebuild, and can't find much information online about any of them. I have 3 heads, I marked in all the pictures what head the cam came from. Which cam would you guys use? The P79 cam has no markings on the back, which I found odd. Couldn't find anything about it.
  9. Hi. I am rebuilding a L28. (N42 Block and N47 Head) I want to build a good NA motor. I'm young, and I am looking for your wisdom. I do not want to turbo, and I wanna make anything above 200hp. How should I go about this? Edit: I forgot to add, my budget is around 1,500 to 2,000 dollars. Any advice would be, very much appreciated. Thank you, and have a blessed day.
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