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    72 240z. Swapped in a 5 speed, found a R180 3.90 diff. All new bushings, struts, brakes, interior and on and on. Take it out on nice weekends.

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  1. I used POR on one of mine almost 20 years ago and its still fine. Used nuts and bolts and anything else that would help scrape the tank clean before I started the POR treatment.
  2. SledZ

    Engine Dolly

    Ha good ones! 2 x 10's of course!
  3. SledZ

    Engine Dolly

    So I got sick and tired of using 2x4's tires and various things to keep my engines upright since the oil pans are off kilter.. Don't ask me why I even keep them but you never know when you might need something! So I put some painters plastic down on a harbor freight dollie and then wrapped the underside of the engine also. Got the engine so it was as vertical as possible then lowered it till it touched the lowest part of the dollie and then filled it in with spray foam.It worked great and saved space! It's nice and stable and I can wheel it around.I didn't need to use a strap but wanted extra security. Also when I do make use of the engines I can lift the engine out and take out the "mold" and use my dollie for other stuff if needed. Hope this helps for anyone that wants to store there engines also.
  4. Ah ok. Here is a picture of mine. I use a Harbor Freight 3" cutoff tool with a 3/8" arbor. https://www.harborfreight.com/3-in-high-speed-air-cut-off-tool-60243.html I attached a picture of mine.
  5. Yep its here on Amazon. I used only one wheel for dozens of long welds. It's a really good grinding wheel. https://www.amazon.com/3M-1991-Reinforced-Grinding-Wheels/dp/B0002SRLF2
  6. I use the 3M Corps weld grinding wheel with a small die grinder. You can really knock off the high spots with precision then I use the angle grinder with the sandpaper to finish it off.
  7. I took it completely apart and saved the good parts and then had fun with it in my own demolition derby! Don't fret... there was nothing left to salvage on this. The exposed metal was paper thin and worthless so going to take it for scrap. I tried for 30 minutes to pick that lock and now I have given up for good, not fun anymore and not going to pay a locksmith for something I am going to sell.
  8. Good guess on Mt St. Helen's but it was actually 3 years earlier! The car sat in a back yard for 42 years. I'm in Nebraska. It still had Centennial plates on it from 1976! The floors eventually rusted out, the car sank and I believe woodchucks made it there lodge. It was a huge mess to clean out! Every lock was locked and rusted shut so I had to cut out all the locks to be able to pry open the doors and start to shovel out the dirt. After I removed the dash I cut out the backside of the glove box and found a set of bicentennial coins still in the package! so there is hope for ya av8ferg! I got a fair amount of parts out of it like the Datsun 8 track and the whole dash is in great shape believe it or not!
  9. The lock tumbler on the passenger door was rusted badly that I couldn't read the numbers and nothing in the glove box. I just want to get it unlocked so the glove box can be used then sell the dash. I don't want to really pay a locksmith and figured the lock would be like a "general" lock that about anything would unlock it but that's not the case or my lock picking skills are lacking! So I did take the dash out and remove the lock. Even with the dash out and glove box torn out it's a chore to get that lock out since it's locked to the glove box door. I'll give it another go when I find some more patience or someone with lock picking skills can tell us the method they used.
  10. That and the inside of the passenger door were toast to get numbers off them! Believe it or not the dash is in really good shape and I got a Datsun 8-Track too! But no keys...
  11. Anyone know how to pick a glove box lock? I tried all my various Datsun keys and screw drivers to no avail. I ended up removing it but would like to get it unlocked so I can at least use it! I don't have the original keys as this came from a parts car I took apart.
  12. Bid goes on for both 280s one went to 10500. Sent from my SM-G900V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  13. Hope they do well Sent from my SM-G900V using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. apparently... someone delete this topic because it's evidently not for sale in our classified section and wasn't planned to be...
  15. I have the MSA Premium exhaust and I like it. Make sure NOT to use the down pipe exhaust gasket until you have fitted everything. I had to shave a bit off the flange to get it where I wanted. I realized that down pipe gasket is a one time use gasket and it didn't seal it %100 after squishing it a few times.
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