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  1. Been using them for as long as I can remember with good results.
  2. Thanks Cliff. Still struggling a little but am improving.
  3. Those lines look good. Yes, those mirror holes are correct.
  4. Nice car No filter housing decals? I thought it came from the factory with them.
  5. No one feels the pain we feel mbz "almost"
  6. I was waiting for that ^^ I had to wait over 3 weeks just for the cat to arrive. Make sure when you order one it's carb approved. If you do it yourself. I'll have to read up on the ZDDP additives again. Don't recall what the hoopla is about. Memory isn't what it used to be I guess. My 77 has nearly 300k miles and I have owned it since 50k miles and have always used Castrol 10-40. The head looks really good, no abnormal wear of any type anyways.
  7. I know it all too well. Except I don't drive it anymore.
  8. Unless your car can run clean enough without a functioning cat, for emissions testing, then you'll need a new one to pass emissions. That is if it was damaged by using ZDDP additives. I needed to replace mine and it was just under $300 IIRC. My Z needs it to pass. 0.5 percent CO is hard to get out of these cars without a fully functioning cat.
  9. I know how difficult it is to pass smog (Ventura County) so I don't chance it. Your emissions testing is the same as mine, PITA.
  10. I don't use it for the reason above. Hopefully someone will chime in if they have some info contradicting it.
  11. Negative Effects of ZDDP Generally, high levels of ZDDP result in volatile phosphorus being transferred from the combustion chamber to the catalytic converter. Phosphorus can blind over the catalytic reaction sites in the converter, making it less efficient in turning carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide (CO2). Beware if you have a catalytic converter.
  12. I would suggest you relieving the fuel rail pressure just to be on the safe side. Many do not hold pressure long after being shut off but some do. Lets just assume yours does and go ahead and release the pressure as per FSM. Mine doesn't hold pressure so I've done exactly as Patcon described above. The other question is do you have a fuel pressure gauge in line? If so then you'll know if there is rail pressure or not and can adjust your procedure.
  13. The part in question is the cold start valve but, that may not be leaking. From what I can tell in the pic the fuel hose is wet. So it can be the culprit. Try tightening the hose clamp and see if that takes care of it. If not replace it with the proper EFI rated fuel hose. And if that isn't it, it'll more than likely be the CSV Could also be the result of hard "cold" start ups depending on how much fuel is actually leaking out.
  14. .....and I can, if available, help you inspect potential Z car purchases. I'm not too far away from you. I'm not an "expert" but 2 sets of eyes are always better than one.