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  1. rcb280z

    Farewell, my Z family!

    Sorry to see you go. I'll never forget the yogurt cup test you introduced me to. If it wasn't for that who knows how long it would taken me to find my vacuum leak. Drop us a line every now and then. Don't be a stranger. Bob
  2. rcb280z

    Series: Building a BMW V10-powered S30

    Agreed, they are talented fabricators. Wouldn't it have been easier to keep the stock interior anyway? And yes, put a hood on it.
  3. rcb280z

    Vintage Air Gen II mini Install

    Wow, such great detail. Awesome job!
  4. Well at least we don't live in Switzerland. Over $11.00 a gallon. Correction; I mean Iceland, not Switzerland. Have some friends that went to Iceland recently
  5. I forgot where you are. Yes its high there as well, $6.00 a gal? Its $4 plus per gal for the 91 here.
  6. rcb280z


    Welcome aboard jonbill. Nice 260!
  7. Must be nice. The highest here is 91! And it cost WAY too much! On top of that its oxygenated 6 months out of the year.
  8. rcb280z

    Legitimacy of AFR gauges

    Try explaining that to the state of California.
  9. rcb280z

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I have the duty of cooking the turkey this year, 20 pounder. Going to inject it with Figueroa Mountains Lizards mouth IPA and other spices. I love this stuff. Its 9% alcohol. Couple of those while I'm cooking the turkey and I'm a happy camper . It's amazing how juicy and tender poultry comes out using IPA. Enjoy!
  10. rcb280z


    Especially here in Ventura county where I live. Too many fires!
  11. rcb280z


    Thank you Cliff, And thank you to all service members / Veterans for your service as well.
  12. rcb280z

    Do not read

    Poor dog. What a disgrace!
  13. Beautiful! Hope it goes to a good home.
  14. rcb280z

    Next Gen Z? I'd buy this....!

    Yeah me too!
  15. rcb280z

    Zup's perfect 73' engine bay

    That is such a beautiful engine compartment. Even if it is with Flat tops 😊. Impressive!

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