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  1. rcb280z

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Isn't that dangerous on the old wiring in our Z's? Just curious.
  2. rcb280z

    California 1978 Datsun 280z Restomod

    Maybe MSA will send you the installation instructions.
  3. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    Exact reason why I'm replacing mine.
  4. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    I love the su's. Ran them on my 280 when I was in Nevada. Never had any issue with them.
  5. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    I can just make out a raw fuel smell when coasting now. I didn't have this before. That extra air entering the intake is no longer there while coasting. I would have that with a working bcdd.
  6. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    Yes CO that is what they do, measure while on the dyno. They spin the drive wheels at 15 mph and at 25 mph in the smog test. And I have a complete understanding of its, the bcdd, operations. Or at least I claim to. I appreciate your expertise for sure.
  7. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    Looks like I have one coming, already! I thought it was going to be harder to find. Our good friend Wayne (wal280z) is shipping one out to me for just postage! Will post results and may even, time permitted, open up the entire non working bcdd to see what I can find. And just for fun. There is another thread on it but I want to open mine up to compare.
  8. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    This will increase Hydro Carbons and you could possibly fail emissions. The block off plate does the same thing with one other mod. Really simple. But I did this so I could still drive it. If I were testing emissions right now I would fail visual or HC's or quite possibly both.
  9. rcb280z

    Needing a 77 Throttle body complete.

    Yes long ago you could just remove the bcdd but due to age the gasket is extremely brittle and almost disintegrates when separating the two. I have tried on 2 others that's why my request.
  10. Looking for a throttle body and bcdd complete. A working bcdd. Long story short. I developed a vacuum leak at the bcdd that caused a 2500 rpm idle. After many attempts to repair, what I thought was wrong, I ended up installing a block off plate. Can't leave it that way, won't pass emissions. It has to be either a 77 or 78. These have 2 vacuum ports on the throttle body where 75-76 has one vacuum port. One port is for advance timing and the other is for the egr system. Hopefully someone has one. Here's a couple pics
  11. rcb280z

    Ugliest Z ever?

  12. rcb280z

    I've been looking for a project

    Oh man you scored!! Nice. Is that a crack free dash?!
  13. Now's our chance to be heard. Maybe this time....we can only hope there will be a change California Bill to Exempt Pre-1983 Vehicles from Emissions Inspections Introduced Legislation (A.B. 210) has been introduced to exempt motor vehicles prior to the 1983 model year from emissions inspection requirement. Current law requires the biennial testing of all 1976 and newer model-year vehicles. The bill awaits consideration by the Assembly Transportation Committee. CALIFORNIA BILL TO EXEMPT PRE-1983 VEHICLES FROM EMISSIONS INSPECTIONS INTRODUCED
  14. rcb280z

    KONI Sports for Classic Z's

    I went to MSA's website and they are testing now with results coming soon. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic20b04 Click on the "test pilot" page.

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