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  1. You're showing your age there Dave.
  2. Guess I just want to see it work 👍
  3. Muffler and rad at a later date, maybe? Just run it for a few seconds and then decide what to do for exh and rad. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Go for it Dave. I want to see this thing start and run.
  5. I agree with Zed Head on the 2-3 psi, needle is not on zero. I would get a new gauge Haha! mbz, Glad you posted that. Optical illusion.
  6. I believe it was for an ash tray on the 2+2 versions, maybe? Just verified it's for an ash tray via my microfiche zKars is right.
  7. Yes I've been in it to adj. the clock spring CW to lean it a little. IIRC about 2 teeth is all it needed.
  8. Okay, I was thinking of a different AFM Zed Head. So ignore previous post. The one from MSA does have a label. A31-604-000 on the box and AFM.
  9. This is the same one I am looking at purchasing. Thanks
  10. Sorry for late response, just getting back into town. There is no label on it. Neither of the 2 AFM's I bought from MSA have any type of identification. I will verify as soon as I can.
  11. That might be the Bars leak head gasket repair I've just looked at. I might try it.
  12. I am afraid to re-torque the bolts. Last thing I need is to break a bolt. Have already used them twice. So if I replace the head gasket I'll need new head bolts. Had the head off in 96. It did get a new head gasket then. Forgot those details. You can say I have CRS lately. It is the original engine
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