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  1. Looks great. Wish my engine bay looked half as good.
  2. Happy Memorial Day and much thanks to all that served and continue to serve this beautiful country of ours! Thank You.
  3. Same thing happening here so if you have it fixed share with us Cliff .
  4. So glad to hear the kids are okay. Such a bummer Geoff. Sure hope it's repairable.
  5. That's a good idea. Would be an easy one to make.
  6. Looks like zcardepot sells it with an o-ring but autozone does not. So who knows. IIRC when I was tracing a leak at the switch I fixed it with a new o-ring. But that was about 9 years ago. So I could have installed one to stop a leak if what you say is correct Zed Head, no o-ring Looks like it's one of those "mysteries". I can't find anything that says yes or no on the o-ring.
  7. There is an o-ring on it. Worth replacing, it could be the culprit. Remove the switch from the tranny and you'll see the o-ring. I keep an assortment of o-rings for stuff like this. Hopefully that'a all it is. If not I see zcardepot has the switch as another option to suppliers Zed Head gave you. Even autozone has them for less than $20 amazingly.
  8. Welcome to the club Craig. What a great find! Looking forward to the awakening. Post pics as you go.
  9. You're showing your age there Dave.
  10. Guess I just want to see it work 👍
  11. Muffler and rad at a later date, maybe? Just run it for a few seconds and then decide what to do for exh and rad. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Go for it Dave. I want to see this thing start and run.
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