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  1. rcb280z

    1978 280z near Houston

    And it looks like the engine bay has been hosed down. We all know what problems that creates.
  2. rcb280z

    Transmission Noise

    And if I remember correctly it was you and CO that told me to check my shift knob when my 280 was doing the same thing.
  3. rcb280z

    1977 280Z intake exhaust gasket

    The one you show Cliff is one I bought for my current 77 280 a few years ago. When I thought I was going to pull my head which I still have not done. I mean intake
  4. rcb280z

    Transmission Noise

    I agree Dave.
  5. rcb280z

    Transmission Noise

    Good deal. Mine is still quiet after re-installing my OE knob.
  6. rcb280z

    Transmission Noise

    I had a similar issue a few months ago. Was convinced to remove my shifter knob and I'm glad I did. It was the culprit. Hope its that easy for you now that you have done all that chasing.
  7. rcb280z

    1977 280Z intake exhaust gasket

    I've used the one from MSA 3 times on 3 different Z's and have had good luck with them. Maybe I got lucky?
  8. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Chiefmd, I can't believe how much these things have gone up in price! Personally if what rockauto has is correct, Bosch, I would get it. JMO.
  9. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Haha! Me too!
  10. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Thats the 75-77 one.
  11. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Right. When you mentioned your "receipt" I figured it was in reference to your 77, not his 78. Sure would like to do the fuel rail update but can't. I would fail the "visual" part of the emission inspection here.
  12. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    The 75-77 is a different one from the 78-83 one.
  13. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Wow, that's a serious price increase now!
  14. rcb280z

    280ZX FPR Wows

    Its the same one Cliff, 78-83

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