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  1. rcb280z

    Server Move

    Excellent Mike!
  2. Hope you are Okay! Oh man that sucks!! Really sorry for you. Hopefully its just worst looking than it is and you're able to use everything. Although that fender doesn't look good. Keep us posted
  3. I also have the e12-80 on my '77 that I found at a junk yard about 3yrs ago, IIRC. But my ignition module was going south was my reason for installing it. I just spent some time on the internet and can't locate a vacuum advance can at all! Can't even offer any advise at this point. I wish you all the luck ensys.
  4. No longer in stock nor will they be stocking it. Was told it is NLA
  5. Engine sounds pretty good. I don't like that your oil pressure gauge is at "0". Pull the valve cover cap a bit and see if there is any oil slinging around in there. Do it quick, your engine will try to stall out if there are no vacuum leaks.
  6. I recommend getting a "pre-test" done and ask for a print out and go from there. Post a copy of it here. But then again, if it looks like it will pass as its being tested then go for it.
  7. Just google catalytic converter and have fun. There is tons of good info out there. If you need one you have to make sure it is CARB approved for Ca. www.hottexhaust.com/californialegal In a catalytic converter, the catalyst's job is to speed up the removal of pollution. ... As the gases from the engine fumes blow over the catalyst, chemical reactions take place on its surface, breaking apart the pollutant gases and converting them into other gases that are safe enough to blow harmlessly out into the air.
  8. All good info here. You will be on the rollers with a 15 mph and then a 25 mph run for a specific time. Pre-check is very important. I would be ready to replace your cat. It's what I had to do 4yrs ago. They also test the evaporative system as well in southern ca. So make sure there are no issues there. I needed a new gas cap for my 77 on my last test. 77 and 78 caps are different as you will see when you go to pay for one if it is needed. Something about a little check valve and thats all I remember. Surprised I remembered this much. And a tune up like ZH suggested wouldn't hurt. Before my last test I took it out on the freeway and blew it out, got the cat hot. Was told it helps. Good luck!
  9. Maybe post pics of all plugs. Your idea of lean may not be lean to anyone else. I can tell you now you will more than likely have difficulty with the smog test with plugs that look like that. Make sure the plugs are gaped right, the right ones, etc. Again pics are a good thing.
  10. My deck lid is flat and my production year is 5/77. I think the 8/77 started the sloped deck as Av8ferg stated. I remembered something Cliff can you believe it?!
  11. I'm with Zed Head, can't believe you found one. I did a search for that same one recently with no success. Congrats on locating one.
  12. It's absolutely ridiculous out here. Went to, or tried to, Costco yesterday and couldn't even get into the parking lot! Ended up going to Smart & Final and they were nearly out of everything but didn't have what we were looking for. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Big Lots, Winco, Riteaid, Vons, Ralphs, Aldi were all out of paper products and water. They are starting to limit people now on how much they can purchase which is a good idea. Going to venture out sometime to look again. Not looking to hoard like I've seen. Just beef-up what we have. Good luck to you all and stay well.
  13. That is correct. I have since corrected my post. Thanks Zed Head, had to think about that one for a minute. Still struggling with memory these days.
  14. It doesn't need to open much to function properly. Only needed for cold start op's. I would be more concerned if it wasn't closing all the way after the car is up to operating temps. If it doesn't close it will increases idle
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