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  1. .....and I can, if available, help you inspect potential Z car purchases. I'm not too far away from you. I'm not an "expert" but 2 sets of eyes are always better than one.
  2. Welcome to the club! Just FYI keep in mind if you decide to go with the 280z you'll have to smog the 76 thru 78. Smog cut off here in CA is 1975. So you can't remove smog equipment. And you need to know what to look for, If any smog equipment has been removed, if its working or not, etc. You've come to the right place though. Very knowledgeable and friendly people in this club. Good luck with your search.
  3. Wow, I like it. Beautiful car! Like Jim said, drive it and enjoy it.
  4. But while your up there can you bring me down a bottle of..............
  5. No dresses Cliff, jeans only for you!
  6. Makes perfect sense to me. I would probably do the same. Here's to no more problems with her
  7. I may be way off here but will this create a lower compression reading?
  8. QC doesn't seem to exist much anymore. Good thing you checked.
  9. .....and is good for those that have to pass emissions testing that requires a functional one.
  10. Charge the battery, reinstall it and verify the alternator is charging the system. If not it is more than likely a bad alternator or regulator. Or just a bad battery, like a dead cell.
  11. rcb280z

    76 280Z

    It does look like some sort of heat shield for what ever that (aluminum?) box is across from it on the shock tower.
  12. Post some pics when you get it Dave.
  13. Post 94 is a pic of the 280 dash. The other threads after that are 240"s.
  14. Cool! Wow, thought for sure I was looking at a cover and not the real thing.
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