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  1. Seatbelt guide on 280z. 1977. Anyone out there make this guide or have an extra they don't need, let me know. Thanks! I guess after 40 + years, it was bound to snap off.
  2. Apparently on the factory line the 280z oil pan were black. Then oversprayed with blue to match the engineblock. Question becomes which is in keeping with factory oem? Black or blue? I vote blue since that is how it was delivered to customers. I also find the 'nissan' blue kinda cool!!!
  3. Oil pan is removed while doing new gasket/sealing. Please feel free to leave links or comments on the blue color paint that one has used. The other option is to just paint it black as well . Would be nice to go as close to OEM as possible on the oil pan color. Thanks!!!
  4. Appreciate the lookover. Let me see if I can just replace these with still manufactured OEM Rear posts.
  5. Yup them be the ones! Rear hatch post. Recommend I replace it based on that corklike mush sitting in the pocket? Can I just get rid of that brown stuff and keep the post as is (not rusty).
  6. I did notice under the brown material is a screw. Wondering if that brown cork material is OEM? Stuffed sponge? Wine cork? All opinions are welcome.
  7. @Racer X; could you have gone with 225-50-15 as well? feels like the '50' vs '45' would fill out the wheel well a bit more on a stock suspension. Thoughts?
  8. cool Thanks for the lookout. Current setup has no rub (stock fenders + suspension; no air dam, no fender rolls), however there is about a 1 inch spacing with wheels turned from back end of front fenders. Looking at the tires it is dated from 2001, holy cowzer!!!!! These need to recycle asap. Not much in the 15" range and NOT tracking or autocross. More likely to cruise and run canyons!!! So looks like 225-50-15; would accomplish 2 things: 1) better tire clearance from fender walls 2) still have that nice looking stance with 225 (would lose approx 5mph on the speedomoter based on the online tire calculator). These look like a solid pr of shoes for cruising. https://www.americastire.com/buy-tires/kumho-ecsta-ast/p/33649
  9. * seems to work fine as it came with the car. No obv3rub. I assume wider is better for straight but how about cornering? Have specific tire brand recommendations? Seems the bfgoodrich radials are popular. Happy to take recs.
  10. No scrub ( I assume you mean rub) along the fender lining/ walls.
  11. New to me 280z, 1977. Stock height of car. No fender wall modifications. Current wheels: Panasport 15 x7 Current tire setup: 225/60/r15 Tire treads look like they don't have much life left. Seems 225 shoes may be a bit big for this wheel. Thoughts on getting another set of 225 vs tire set more appropriate (size 205)? Any tips or experiences with this particular wheel and tire combo is appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
  12. Awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œtips. You guys rock!!
  13. What cleaning products are advised to maintain a 280z front dash (intact) to keep it clean and/or protect? (car is parked indoors and out of the sunlight) Any links to products that people found useful, please chime in. Products to avoid would also help inform us. Thanks in advance!
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