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  1. EuroDat

    L24 w/1mm bore. Will N42 head work?

    I have heard the 1mm oversize is not a problem with the 35mm exhaust valve, but I would still do what Siteunseen mentioned and test it for myself. Notching is not hard to do and on a 1mm oversize it would be minimal. I would prefer the N42 head ovrr the L26 E88. The L26 E88 head has emmision chambers and is considered the lesser of the E88 heads. They made some improvements to the chambers on the N42 when they went over to efi.
  2. Good find. And you had to go to Europe to find them. Lol.
  3. EuroDat

    Best Source for preshaped 240 hoses?

    Found it. In Post nr. #129 Hardway changed the vac hose using this method. You could ask him what his experience with this is. @Hardway @Mike This thread might be better in the "help me" forum section? Since it is not really a tech guide atm anyway.
  4. EuroDat

    Best Source for preshaped 240 hoses?

    There is a small company here that makes hoses to suite. They don't actuallt preform the rubber hose, but instead they insert a thin walled copper tube. Then they bend the hose to the shape you want. I have seen someone on this forum do it with his vac hoses to the brake booster using a similar method. Trying to remember his name🤔. It will come back to me aventually....
  5. EuroDat

    Bumper rams

    Happy to help. If you need more details oor measurements on the left one. Let me know. Good luck with repairs.
  6. EuroDat

    Bumper rams

    These shocks came out of my 77 280Z. Comparing them with your units, they don't seem that bad.
  7. EuroDat

    Bumper rams

    I have two rear bumper shocks in pristine condition. Ill can take two photo's like yours, when I get home, so you can compare. The left one in photo does look a little deformed.
  8. EuroDat

    Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    I measured mine by running a piece of electrical wire along the lines. The line going from the front mastre cylinder to rear underdside of brake switch is 300mm. The other line going from the rear of the master cylinder to the front underside of the switch is 310mm. These measurements are give or take a couple of mm and the bends are fairly tight going to the switch. I would look for a shop that can make two straight sections and when back home bend them to suit. If you gl with flexables, make surd they are not to close to the exhaust and limit their movement. After all it is your brakes.
  9. EuroDat

    280z to 280zx

    Tha afm will fit too. The throttle body on the 280ZX has a smaller bore so if you use the 280Z throttle body the hose to the afm won fit. Yes the hoses are different. I wouldn't use the diff out of a 280Z in a 280ZX. Ratio 3.53:1 in the 280Z compared to 3.7:1 or 3.9:1 in the 280ZX depending on year and manual. You certainly wouldn't want that diff behind a close ratio 280ZX transmission.
  10. EuroDat

    Engine Identification

    Your car is right on the borderline where they changed over to the first E88. The change is somewhrre around oct - nov 1970, but some people have a seen them on 240Z in early jan 71. There is no real hard dateline when they changed over. Even VIN numbers can be a little misleading. If yours is still an original E88 head it will have basically the same specs as the E31 with a 44.2cc chamber iirc. Somewhere in August/September 71 they redisgned the ports and lowered the compression ratio on the E88 head. A lot of debate on the E88 head and how many variations are actually out there. Some say 3 and others say four variations.
  11. EuroDat

    Fire Extinguishers

    Be very very careful opening the bonnet with an engine fire. Heat rises and the bonnet traps most of it. If you suddenly pull it open, the heat will excape and draw in a huge amount of fresh air from underneath. You will be engulfed in flames. No fire extinguisher is going to help you in that situation, you can forget the car too. I have a fire extinguisher, but it's there to save my life not the car.
  12. EuroDat

    My Datsun 240Z

    Looking good Bart.
  13. EuroDat

    5-sp Tranny Detents

    Here is a thread about them a couple of years back. Just need read past the OP uncertainty. These detent spring are always overlooked. I don't think any workshops replace them. Such a pitty because it can make a big difference in shifter quality.
  14. EuroDat

    5-sp Tranny Detents

    Their is a trick so you can regain some of the tension on the old spring. I did it on ine and it worked well. Cut a section off the spring and fill behind the spring with a couple of washers. Best to do this with some old springs from another transmission. If you cut too much and have to use too many washers, the spring will bind and jam the selector. The theory: A coiled spring is simply spring rod rolled into a coil. Shorten is and it will become stiffer. A bit like holding a plastic ruler over the edge of a table. Move it out10 inches and it will be flexable and you came move it up and down easily. Move the ruler in to 5 inches and you will not be able to move it as much. It will be stiffer. I just google the parts again to see it they can be purchased anywhere. The original part are NLA. Looks like its time to hunt for and alternative supply. Tranny_Rebuild_FEB2012.pdf
  15. EuroDat

    5-sp Tranny Detents

    This should help you out This is for a four speed, but it is the same layout for the five speed transmission. Fifth is on the reverse fork rod. I replaced all mine in 2012.made the select feel so much better and clicky a bit like new, if you know what i mean. Courtesy nissan list them now as NLA.
  16. EuroDat

    Bumper conversion brackets for 280Z to 240Z small bumpers

    The ones I designed fit great on my car and one other I have seen in person. The rest are mostly foto's others have sent me once fitted. Having said that, I found quite a bit of variation in bumpers and mounting points on the different cars I measured. 5mm here and there can make a big difference in fitment.
  17. I don't know if you have already been back, but easy things to grab that will always come in handy are: - The fusable link blocks on the passenger strut tower. Take as much of the wire wires as possible. Makes it easier to splice into another harnes. (Not just the link, the blocks and the white wiring.) Hint: I would buy them if they are in good condition. One of mine is partly melted. - The ECU behind kick panel drivees foot. 3 screws and the plug and its out. - The TIU (Transistor ignition unit) located passengers side kick panel. Two screws and cut wiring harness. - Engine fan and radiator shroud if its still in good condition - Rear number plate light. Two screws and a plug - Fuel pump + mounting hardware. Good luck salvaging
  18. EuroDat

    Ads appearing on top of content

    Thanks Mike. Working fine now, no ads through the text.
  19. I am recently having problems with the google ads in the threads. They are now covering sections of text. This is happening on my tablet using the normal desktop website. Its just started doing this in the last week or so. Turning off the VPN doesn't help it either. Anyone else having this problem?
  20. EuroDat

    Fuel injection snafu

    I'm not sure what is causing your blinker to play up like that. Hard to believe it has anything to do with the pump. Poor grounding connections can cause all sorts of wierd things in the electrical system. The pump bogging down could be just building up pressure until it reaches FPR pressure or the fuel line is blocked and it's relieving internally. Can you see any + or - markings on the pump? A flow test will tell you if it is right. These pumps will pump when in reverse, but only half capacity. The original pump will only reach about 25psi in reverse.
  21. EuroDat

    Ads appearing on top of content

    Mike, no problem. I have kinda gotten use to it.
  22. EuroDat

    Fuel injection snafu

    The original pumps have two different size terminals to prevent reversing the wires. I would start there, check the flow is good and the move forwad from there. Connect the damper to the pump and run damper to a container and test again to see the flow is still the same. Simple process of elimination.
  23. EuroDat

    Fuel injection snafu

    The standard pump has a check valve. What type of pump are you using? Original or aftermarket?
  24. EuroDat

    Ads appearing on top of content

    @Mike any update on this problem. If I want to read the text, I need ti click on the ad, then it goes away when I come back.
  25. EuroDat

    Fuel injection snafu

    When you say damper, do you mean to fuel pressure regulator (FPR) on the fuel rail above the injectors or the pulsation damper on the side of the pump? You mention disconecting it from the rail. Can you run a hose from the pump into a bucket or container and do a run test. That will tell you if its pumping. A normal 280zx pump will pump about 2-3 liters a minutes. If it's wired in reverse it will be about 1-1.5 liter. That can be different with after market pumps,but you can reverse the wires and see if it pumps more or less.

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