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    I own a 1978 Datsun 280z in racing green. Currently running a Stock L28 N42 block, an E88 head recently rebuilt and ported. Triple Weber 40 DCOE, 3-2-1 headers by TopEndPerformance, Rebuilt 5 speed. I'm on tokico lowering springs, technotoytuning front and rear control arms. Hankook RS4 225/45/r15 performance tires, Gold Enkie Wheels. I drive my car pretty often, occasionally autocross and track events, it's an absolute beast!

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  1. Yeah, I just came across that and said no way in hell am I paying that much for a dampener. I don't have the stock one so no way I can rebuild that, I'll shoot an email to him see what he can do, thank you If you have one in good condition you are willing to sell I am all for it.
  2. Hello, I am in a slight pickle right now. I just ordered and received an Air Condition kit from AutoACSolutions and plan on installing the kit soon as the heat is unbearable in my car. I am unable to find any Harmonic Balancers for sale that have an extra pulley groove for an AC belt! I checked everywhere online and even saw one on Autozone that I ordered and the ordered got cancelled as the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore. The other option I see is potentially mounting up an addon pulley to my current balancer, I currently have the Performance Harmonic Dampener from Motorsport
  3. Thanks I'll check the torque on those rods next time I get it in the air, I'm pretty positive it might be my steering rack, even though I changed to polyethylene bushings, the fitment was kinda weird and I noticed on the passenger side even after swapping my inner and outer tie rods, there was a very very small amount of upwards and downward movement on the passenger side
  4. Okay so I only took one picture (sorry I was on a tight schedule to put the inner rods on). I can confirm zcardepot has the left and right side inner rods. I originally installed the outer moogs with my bad inner rods and just swapped to the new zcardepot inner rods today and they are the proper stock threads. Installed with no problems and most of my shake is gone, I still have maybe 10% left so now I'm a little lost, Ill have to just replace parts or rebuild parts I never touched yet
  5. Ok, thanks, I will be setting up similar to yours then, I went ahead and ordered another catch can to hopefully match my engine bay nicely. Thank you for all your input. When I had the breathers on you can actually see more blow by coming from the valve cover breather which I thought was odd. Hopefully the addition of a catch can helps reduce the amount of blow by though and fumes and overall no more burning engine bays!
  6. Wow that is one amazing engine bay! Yeah I was really scared especially when I opened my hood and the fire engulfed up, I am shocked to see no damage though, looks like nothing was burnt either. 3 Ports? How to do you have it setup? To my knowledge the crankcase hose should connect to the input and the valve cover hose connects to the output? Do you have the 2 input blocked off? I am actually in the works of making my own heatshield for the webers to hopefully help keep fuel leaks off if I have any. Thanks for the response, I believe this is how most people are ru
  7. I have a 280z with an L28 and triple webers, I recently went to the track and my car caught on fire, it looked like the fire was coming from my headers or from the middle weber and the fire started about 3 minutes after I spun out and was idling for about 2 minutes in the pits. For now I want to assume the fire started due to oil dripping onto my headers after spinning out and the fire probably seeped through the middle weber and ignited there too. (The car is okay I drove it home two hours away with no problem just 2 hours after, nothing looks damaged and the car drove like nothing happened)
  8. Actually my bad, I am getting Cusco for the front with the tri bar option from T3. and T3 Tri bar for the rear. Before my sway bars upgrade, the rear end of my car would wobble really bad coming out of a turn. I got ST sway bars and the problem went away. I am sure there is some flex going on that I just can't feel but it's nice to know strut bracing will make a decent difference.
  9. Sweet, thank you for the input. And compression was fine, I did a test about 3 months ago I remember all cylinders were around 140-160 which I know is low for a Z but shouldn't be extremely bad imo. Sweet thanks, I'll be ordering one later today then. Personally I like my engine bay to be clean, but if it means avoiding a fire I'll do it. And I actually just ordered TTT bracing, I honestly don't know if my chassis has a lot of flex or not but I definitely have a good amount of body roll
  10. No damage done, the k&n breather I had for the crank case blew off but that's about it, drove the car an hour home after the incident. I have breathers/filters on the valve cover and pcv, I'm pretty sure oil was coming out of them when I was doing hard cornering so I'll have to get an oil catch can. You can see what I mean in the picture. Question do you know if I can run one catch can for both of would two separate catch cans be better?
  11. I believe I already bought them at zcardepot, they were $20 a piece. I installed the outer tie rods (Moog) just the other day and had the car aligned, happy to say about 70% of my shake is gone but there was still the obvious inner rod play, just waiting to get those delivered with the boots. Only installed the outer tie rods because I had a track day yesterday, aside from a fire starting on my headers or one of my webers, the car ripped and handling felt a lot better too. I'll update with pictures when I get the inners on
  12. I wasn't either, but their website has an option for left and right so I'm just assuming unless they are lying. I'll post pictures when I get them, I already have the outer tie rods I'll be installing at work today to see how much that helps with the shaking Yes, tires are pretty much new only ~2k miles on them. The wheels are enkei from my friends Z, he experience no wheel shaking. I recently balanced my wheels and did an alignment all is good. On both sides you can tell the outer tie rods are bad, but on one side you can see the inner tie rod moving and hear a clicking/clunking kinda
  13. My friend actually just told me this yesterday, he said to just get two Right hand threaded moogs. Found out my inner tie rods are actually bad yesterday when I inspected them. Apparently zcardepot sells the left and right side so I went ahead and ordered that and Moog outer rods. Hopefully after this I have no more wheel shake. Thanks for your response
  14. Thank you, my car only has 75k miles or so but the outer tie rods are shot for sure. I'll be replacing just the outer tie rods tomorrow and redo my alignment aswell at work after that. Nice, I actually just upgraded to 4 piston front, SS lines and all that a week ago. I should've replaced my bearings but they seemed okay so I just repacked them. Just need a bigger master for the brakes. Do you have a link because it only shows one inner tie rod for me and to my mind that would mean Right hand for the driver side
  15. Thanks for the reply, was actually probably going to go with just the moogs however I noticed they only make replacement for the stock inner tie rods which aren't made anymore so now I am debating whether to just replace the outer tie rods only with moog or if I should tackle the inners while I am there. How likely are the inner tie rods to go bad on these cars? If I can save some money that would be good. What I figured but spending another $100 on tie rods doesn't sound too comforting especially if there isn't even a difference. However I was going to replace my inner tie rod
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