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  1. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    That is one from a spare that I had off a parts car. Thanks for the links I will take a look. I did have to put the door back together for a car show. I robbed the window roller off another car, as it was non-existent on the one I was working on. That seems to have done the trick for now.
  2. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    Zed Head. Here you go. I agree, pics help. The screwdriver is pointing to it.
  3. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    Thanks Patcon. Maybe my search skills are poor, but I cannot find the post.
  4. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    I think it was grannyknot, but I cannot find it.
  5. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    The rollers are intact, but the backing plastic piece behind them are either broken or non existent. I pulled regulators from some of my parts cars and same deal. Any ideas?
  6. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    I took the door card off. It looks like the edge of the window might be catching on the lock mechanism. See the pic of the bent wire before and after. Any ideas on how to adjust?
  7. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    Patcon, no I cannot grab the window and pull it up. It is stuck when it is up a couple of inches.
  8. loudoun

    240Z Window woes

    I have a 70 build 240Z and recently the drivers window refuses to roll up. It had this problem previously and I got it to work, but the same problem is back. However, before I tear the door apart, I wanted to ask the forum if they had experienced this before and how they solved it. Here are the symptoms: The window will roll up several inches, but them gets jammed and refuses to budge. It rolls back no problem. It also seems to interfere with the door release handle. Any ideas before I go the route of taking it all apart again? Thanks!
  9. loudoun

    Replacing a clutch

    Thanks everyone for their help so far. I have an Exedy 6029 Clutch kit (pictured) and the rear Main seal (also pictured). I also attached a photo of the car in question.
  10. loudoun

    Replacing a clutch

    Thanks all for the suggestions. It does not look like this will be as straight forward as I thought. It is a 70 build car with the original 4 speed. For the job, I have a storage lift (great deal on craigslist), so height is no problem. I have a resurfaced stock flywheel ready and an Exeedy clutch and pressure plate to go in. I also thought, if it was possible, that I would replace the engine rear main seal at the same time. I have redline oil to go back in. However, from what you guys are saying, I should replace a whole bunch of other components while I have the trans out. What would you recommend I replace? I do not want to pull it and then not have done some easy fixes while I was at it.
  11. loudoun

    Replacing a clutch

    I am getting ready to replace the clutch in my Series 1 car. I have all the items assembled, but have never attempted this before. Any advice? Thanks!
  12. loudoun

    Replacing a clutch

    I am getting ready to replace the clutch in my Series 1 car. I have all the items assembled, but have never attempted this before. Any advice? Thanks!
  13. loudoun

    240z Series-1 Hatch Duct Clips - $50/set

    I just sent you the money for a set to go to NC. Thanks!
  14. loudoun

    Spare tire rim question

    I got the rims back from the sandblaster and it is now time to prime and paint. Do I paint the insides as well? Thoughts?
  15. loudoun

    Series 1 brake issues

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I'll have to get a good look at it on the weekend. Short days and daylight savings mean that garage hours are cut short in the winter!

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