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  1. I checked, but it seems like Rockauto no longer offers rubber bushings.
  2. Thanks to all for the comments. That is a good bit to think about. I already have the Prothane in hand and this will just be an occasional commuter/weekend car. Where do you all suggest for the rubber bushings? Any good links that you all would recommend for how to do the subframe mod? Thanks guys!
  3. I am replacing the bushings/shocks/springs on my 12/70 car with Prothane, Eibachs and Koni yellows. Since I had a 2/71 parts car, I thought it might be easier to just prep that suspension and replace that of the 12/70 with refurbished parts (plug and play!). As I go, I will replace the ball joints and steering rack. I plan on sandblasting the old suspension and either powdercoating, painting, or using KBS rust sealer. For those that have done it, what method did you use and were you happy with the results? Any tips for someone who has not done this before?
  4. I had the garage door channels extended so that the garage doors rolled back closer to the ceiling than standard.
  5. I have two Bendpak 4 posts, turning my 2 car garage into a 4 car garage. I only have 10 foot ceilings, so I cannot put one of my International Scouts in the garage and have a car on the lift. It works fine with 240Zs up and Miatas below.
  6. It is time to delve into learning to weld and replace floor pans/frame rails on some of my 240Zs. I have a rotisserie that I picked up locally as part of a trade, and now is the time to look for a welder. I am looking at the Millermatic 211 as a possibility, and a one-year old one is for sale locally. I wanted to ask you guys with welding experience (especially if you have a Miller 211): is this a good machine to learn to weld on and can you 'grow' with it as you learn, or will you be looking for another machine down the road. I have a spare parts body to practice on before I touch a project car. Thanks!
  7. Thank you both. I knew there had to be an authoritative thread out there on this. I would rather rebuild and save if possible.
  8. I need to either rebuild or replace the steering rack in a late 70 build Series 1 car. I have a 2/71 parts car that I can rob the rack from to rebuild without putting mine out of commission. However, is there an online tutorial for this and a rebuild kit, or is it recommended that I find a replacement rebuilt/new rack? Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a good source that details what stock radios came in 240zs and when? Thanks!
  10. That is one from a spare that I had off a parts car. Thanks for the links I will take a look. I did have to put the door back together for a car show. I robbed the window roller off another car, as it was non-existent on the one I was working on. That seems to have done the trick for now.
  11. Zed Head. Here you go. I agree, pics help. The screwdriver is pointing to it.
  12. Thanks Patcon. Maybe my search skills are poor, but I cannot find the post.
  13. I think it was grannyknot, but I cannot find it.
  14. The rollers are intact, but the backing plastic piece behind them are either broken or non existent. I pulled regulators from some of my parts cars and same deal. Any ideas?
  15. I took the door card off. It looks like the edge of the window might be catching on the lock mechanism. See the pic of the bent wire before and after. Any ideas on how to adjust?
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