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  1. Because it's a unibody the A pillars flow down into the uprights that the door hinges attach to on either side of the car then that flows into the rockers, on the inside of the floor pan/firewall is the transmission tunnel that ties it all together. You could also add a direct connection between the two and some triangulation.
  2. Have you noticed that one corner of the hatch touches before the other? Possibly a warp in the hatch frame? I don't have a photo of them but there should be to long thin shims that both hinge bolts go through on each side, are they installed?
  3. All the way through reading the above I'm thinking "this is a flood car" and then your last paragraph confirmed it, the only way I can think of possibly solving this problem is to pull the entire wiring harness from stem to stern, lay it out on the shop floor, cut off all the tape and start cleaning, testing for continuity and resistance on every wire. There is also the possibility the water has wicked up the copper wire under the sheath, has corroded the wire but is completely hidden. It might be a better all round decision the buy one of the many aftermarket wiring harnesses kits and s
  4. Absolutely not, geographically they are based in the same area but the guy at showcars has proven himself to be a bit of a scammer. He boasts a huge variety of makes and parts but in reality he has very little in stock. I haven't checked him out in a while but most of what he offers is fiberglass, only when he gets a fully paid order does he start to fabricate the part, then if the parts arrives at all it will be many months away and a pretty shoddy in its fabrication. At one point he was also offering Charlie Osbourne's pans and rails at a sizeable mark up, I don't know if that is still tr
  5. datsunzparts is Zedd Findings, yes it is a real business and he takes orders all the time, Charlie might be too busy to answer you're email immediately.
  6. The pliers are very cool. Could you post a pic of all the tools once you get them all together? I've never seen a whole tool kit assembled before and it would be a good reference.
  7. It looks alive and well, gorgeous in fact. Welcome to the forum, the paint looks amazing for 25 yrs old. Oh yes, mandatory pics are mandatory😀
  8. I didn't say silicone 😉 I can't stand the stuff, it's good enough for bathtub caulking but I don't use the stuff on cars.
  9. You can put a smoog of sealant on both sides of the sheet metal before inserting the the rivnut, then crimp it down.
  10. You get what you pay for, the KFV pans offer a much more correct looking pan if originality is important to you, and a somewhat easier install.
  11. Not all aftermarket headers fit perfectly, you might have to remove the header and make some clearance with a ball peen hammer otherwise the heat could travel up the steering shaft and might cause degradation of the the rubber rag joint.
  12. There's also these guys, https://kfvintagejdm.com/shop/datsun-280z/complete-floor-pans-datsun-280z/ I bought some panels off them last winter for a 510 I was working and they were really nicely made, but like any aftermarket panels they have to be worked and fitted.
  13. Understandable, it's an east coast thing, an amazingly huge spectacle. It would take 2-3 days just to give everything a quick glance, kind of a pilgrimage.
  14. Charlie Osborne makes that entire rail and you could just cut out the section you need. https://www.datsunzparts.com/services/frame-rails/
  15. Sure, a couple of millimeters won't hurt anything.
  16. Yup, just grind off what you need to, it won't hurt the caliper any.
  17. Here's a tool I hope I won't need for a long time but when I do no one's going to f__k with this old man. The handle is 1/8th in. steel plate welded at the edges so it's not as heavy as it looks, the ferrule at the bottom is a spare 9/16" socket.
  18. Good for you Cliff, a week is a long time if it's your daily routine. I did the numbers, I was spending $6,500.00 per year to support my liquid recreation, now I just buy more car parts.
  19. A "Datsun" 8 Track player, that is a rare item. Is that a cruise control unit I spot in the engine bay?
  20. Welcome aboard, yes more pics please, underneath if you can. Well if you're coming from mopar to a 240z you are in for a treat, these cars handle in a very different way to the muscle cars of the same era. So who's car is it? Yours or your wife's?
  21. I have those on the 510 atm, very happy with them.
  22. That head is a work of art.
  23. http://vintageconnections.com/Products/Kits
  24. Lift the car at the center of the front cross member, the one the engine sits on then put a stand on either side of the jack, that will give you lots of room to get in from the sides.
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