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  1. Hi Dwayne - I own a Fairlady 240Z-L model with production date in 1971 in the U.S. I shot you an e-mail directly, please give me a ring as I might be able to provide some friendly advice. Cheers, Glenn
  2. That car is actually an ex-Bob Sharp car that was owned by Doug Barnhold. Frank Honsowitz and Casey Mollett drove it at the 6 hrs of Riverside. They used Casey's number and colors that week end, since he had the paint. Info directly from Casey Mollett.
  3. In 1974, FAR Performance 260Z piloted by Walt Maas in front of the Huffaker V12 E-Type.
  4. It sounds like this is a period race car. The flares you showed on the TR8 resemble GT2 box flares, which were popular during the 80's. I'm curious as to name of the individual who raced the car. Does the car have any log books or confirmed racing history?
  5. I will be driving down from Northern California.
  6. Neat article. It's great that these types of shops are starting to get some exposure. Rob is an extremely passionate Z fanatic!
  7. The carburetors arrived today! I got extremely lucky with this set. nismospek is correct in that the set (carbs, isolators, manifold, stacks) was sold by Datsun Competition. Everything mentioned by the seller, including that they were only driven for <100 miles, seems true. Only missing a few easily sourced pieces. The throttle shafts have zero play and the carbs look as though they sat for only a few years. They need some cleaning, some of the plating is faded, but all in all they are seemingly an extremely mint and unmolested set! While craigslist can commonly be extremely risky, sometimes you just got to take a leap of faith! In this case, I lucked out.
  8. I was not local. He was open to shipping. Although slow to reply, was very friendly over the phone! They have been shipped so I will post pics ASAP. Here is a pic of the set he sent me.
  9. Didn't see this thread until now. I bought the set. I spoke with the owner for awhile, he explained that he purchased the set from Nissan 8-10 years ago. The carb bodies are the latest type, allowing the fuel inlet brackets to be mounted on either side. He explained that he drove with them on his car for <100 miles but his car suffered some major rust issues (he lived in Chicago at the time). This resulted him parking the car. After speaking with him, he does sounds like a nice guy... I guess I took a risk at his asking price, hopefully the pieces Jerry mentioned won't be damaged. The manifold is a factory Datsun Comp piece, quite rare. I'll update everyone when they arrive.
  10. Racing in the old days required a running start. Upon reaching your car, putting it in first gear at nearly the same time you start the engine ensured a quicker start off the line.
  11. RIP to a truly extraordinary human being. Thank you for all you have done for the Nissan and car community.
  12. You wouldn't happen to have anything from the '78 runoffs would you? I'm desperately looking for footage, as my car raced in the C Production sessions!
  13. Here is a old race Z that I have purchased. Raced by Loren St. Lawrence in mainly SCCA C-Production, ICSCC C Improved Production, and SCCA Trans-Am. It also had one race in IMSA GTU. Raced with VIP's restaurant livery. It also raced against Jim Fitzgerald, Paul Newman, Don Kearney, Joel Anderson, and Frank Leary in the 1978 season all the way to the Road Atlanta run-offs. Wore numbers #39, #33, #39. Goal is to restore it to original state and livery, one day to race at the Monterey Historics. If anyone has any information on either driver or the car - I'd really appreciate the guidance! Steve Epperly @ ZTherapy, as well as Loren's wife, have confirmed that this is indeed the car (based off parts, pics and a plethora of other info). Logbooks missing due to a mishap between owners in the past. I believe they are with Ed Humphrey, who I am trying to locate and understand is now in AZ somewhere. I've researched through the archives and found some good info, but no links to the 33-373 (or 33-378, hard to make out) roll bar number / log book number. I'll be getting a package from the SF Region Archivist today with some race results. I've found pretty much everything online. Laguna Seca SCCA C-Production - 1978 Road Atlanta SCCA National Championships - 1978 Today.
  14. Great start! Always great to see another Z in the Bay Area.
  15. Answering the "now what?" Stay on top of Dave. They are great guys over there, but things don't happen quick. With most quality things, it takes time. It took probably half a year or so for me to get my engine, but you won't see me complaining! Nothing but smiles . Just make sure you stay on top of them, and call in once in awhile to give soft reminders.
  16. Haha - yup. I still have the blue Z, yes. The sourced this P-car for a price I couldn't refuse. So one more 'vintage' car in the garage.
  17. New to the garage: Recently picked up 1977 Porsche Turbo Carrera. 1st iteration of the 930. Lightweight, 3.0L non-intercooled. Lots of turbo lag
  18. Doesn't look like a 'Compe' wheel. Mine is way less concave. Also, the holes in the spokes look a little off. Also - to my knowledge, the 'Compe' wheel doesn't have the grooves on the grip.
  19. Great video and car. It's set up pretty much exactly the same as mine, down to the wheels and tires!
  20. Amazing work! Can't wait to put my hands on a set.
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