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  1. Hello Guys, I am the owner of the Z and not trying to create a war I was browsing on another site and came across a guy looking for early Japanese cars, That's what started the whole deal so I thought I would put my feelers on to see what I have been hanging on to for so long. As I see everybody going ape $^!# over preservation cars I thought this is probably one of the most original Fairlady's out there and they are only original once and yes I realize its no 432 but. And yes my phone has been ringing off the hook I have had a offer north of 30 so I am just taking it all i
  2. Hello, I currently have a 1972 Fairlady Z that have entertained the idea of selling it. The car has been in dry storage since the early 80's only having 29,000 kilometers on the car, I see the early Z market all over the map and I was looking for a honest answer on its value. I know it's no 432 but I believe it has to be one of the most original Fairlady Z's out there the gas tank , carbs and brake's need attention from sitting has great oil pressure alternator charges it runs great considering how long it really has seen the road. I am not familiar how the production number go but the firewal
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