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  1. black gold man

    2018 Grassroots Motorsports Mitty

    Mitty on CBS sports Saturday. https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Tune-In-Alert--HSR-Teams-and-Drivers-Featured-in--Trackside-Time-Machines--Saturday-Morning-on-CBS-Sports-Network.html?soid=1109486003219&aid=LaP20BLZ1ZI
  2. black gold man

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    New York auto show 1985
  3. black gold man

    NOS jack tool kit

    Here is pic Lugs are new in bag.
  4. black gold man

    NOS jack tool kit

    PM sent
  5. black gold man

    NOS jack tool kit

    I have them, light cover i have 2 red one good grills needs new cover. Gray one good grills has been recovered. 35 bucks you chose. I have glue and vinyl can cover one for you extra 30 bucks.. I have 3 one like new tan was red dyed it looks good. 50 bucks the other 2 good cond 30 bucks tan or sliver. I think will be 40 or more.
  6. black gold man

    NOS jack tool kit

    It from a 78 Z like new stuff still in plastic bags the bag it self like new cond . 100 bucks shipped

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